Obama – The Anti-Israel President

Below is the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s new video: Obama – The Anti-Israel President.

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  • David M

    I had considered Jimmy Carter as the most despicable WH occupier (even worse than Bill Clinton) for many years. But this Barack Hussein Osama, eh…..Obama is not only the most corrupt but also the most despicable WH occupier, far worse than Jimmy Carter.

    • ze-ev ben jehudah

      Nicely put. You said it all for me thanks.

  • dr.music

    The world's number 1 agenda today is the leveling and complete wipeout of Mecca and Medina and any other islamic city where this poison bubbles and comes out from. Mecca and Medina are the 2 cities out of which nearly all the poison that is ruining our planet is oozing out from. Iran must be made to wipe out Saudi Arabia once and for all. A non-muslim is dangerous when he does NOT follow his faith.
    A Muslim is dangerous when he DOES follow his faith.
    Islam is a non stop blood-bath invented by a pschopath and a pedophile and a mass murderer . Just because a death cult becomes too big does not mean it turns into a religion. It remains a death cult. Islam's death certificate is already signed and sealed. It just has to be delivered.

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    I could never figure out why David Horowitz never just moved to Israel. Is it because we have more college campuses here? Otherwise, why should he, a purported American spend all his time doing Israeli Nationalism?

    • American Thinker

      Fool, you are a tool.

    • guest

      He's here because he has work to do educating people and putting Jew hating trolls like you in their place

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        I don’t hate The Jews just because I am criticizing one obnoxious Jew.

        • Flowerknife_us

          Making note of ones Jewishness is obnoxious. You seem to be admitting to having a great number of reasons to hate Jews. Obnoxious or otherwise.

          • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

            No one makes a note of one’s Jewishness more than the creeps who write the articles here. They are Jewish Chauvinists, although it is hard to believe such an oxymoron exists. They are on here advocating war and genocide while pointing at how Jewish, how righteous and how persecuted they are. Do you think you are going to tie my hands and deprive a political discussion of the ability to name things? You need to get your head out of the 20th Century. In this century, people speak their mind.

    • Ted G

      Another MB troll alert! Brought to you by people that can read.

  • voted against carter

    If you are Jewish,… Obama and the DemocRATS want you DEAD.

    Just like his ARAB buddies do.

    They want you DEAD. The SOONER the BETTER.

    Barry just said so.

    What part of that do you NOT understand.

    Oh, and FYI,, to all you LEFTY NON RELIGIOUS JEWS,.. the KEY part of your name is JEWS.

    Barry and his ARAB buddies WANT YOU DEAD TOO.

    You are a USEFUL IDIOTS to them,…

    WAKE UP. Before it IS to LATE. again.

    fyi I stand with Israel

  • joy52

    The self-hating Jewish useful idiots are the ones you have to reach.

    • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

      But those are the good ones.

  • Dispozadaburka

    The "devil" is in the details.
    Smoke and mirrors,…
    Smoke and mirrors.

  • http://www.funnyjokes7.com/ funny jokes

    They want you DEAD. The SOONER the BETTER.

    Barry just said so.

  • Guest

    What a bunch of Bull!! President Obama is using 'intelligent' diplomacy and a little pressure to address the current, basic problem with Israel and the Palestinians; FIGHTING FOR THE SMALL AMOUNT OF PROPERTY AVAILABLE…. Of course there are differences in ideology and religious beliefs, but the main focus of the building tension IS the battle over PROPERTY!!! Israel is our FRIEND… Of course, but building farther and farther into the West Bank is just pushing and scaring desperate people into a desert hole of no opportunities.. A lot of Hatred is GROWING around this… Our President has a brain and is courageous enough to dare ask Israel for participation in compromise. President Obama’s goal is for peace and security for Israel and the Palestinians and avoidance of more war and mayhem in this area of the world. .. Horowitz and his extremist influence in this country has NO PLACE HERE !!!!! We need the world to honor leaders who work through mutual efforts and a coalition of non-radical, intelligent, non-corrupt leadership, for fairness…. Extreme radical religious views are dangerous……even Christian extremism!!! Thank you God we have separation of Church and State in our Constitution!!!!!!!

  • jonesstefan

    i dont think so that obama is anti israel.Apology Quotes

  • Del

    Jordan is the Palestinian Arab State. It resides on 4/5ths of Mandate Palestine.
    Gaza will become another Palestinian Arab State.
    Any President who wants to see peace will give the Arabs a dose of reality in that they need to recognise Israel between the sea and the river. Everybody knows that the Palestinian Nationalism in Judea & Samaria is exclusively a stepping stone to Tel Aviv. Without the IDF there, it becomes Hamas overnight.
    Obama has not chosen to give the Arabs the reality. So he has killed the Peace Process.

  • MaknyrmKny

    I think biggest terrist country in this world is Israel.the majority of world population hate Jews isreal.they are the biggest fuses creates.the make policies to defame Muslims n. Islam.no body likes them.everyone hates them.they really need one more hitler to punish them.they deserve.