Palestinian Wall of Lies: A Genocidal Campaign on America’s Campuses

There is a nation-wide assault by agencies of the Muslim Brotherhood on the First Amendment rights of their opponents. These agencies include CAIR, the Muslim American Society and the Muslim Students Association. Because of its campaign to raise awareness of the danger of Islamo-Fascism and the oppression of women, gays and other minorities in Muslim countries, the Freedom Center is regarded as a high priority target. David Horowitz cannot appear on a college campus, and the Freedom Center cannot post an ad or statement without  coming under attack as “racist” and “Islamophobic” — hate terms designed to discredit the speaker in advance of anything he might say. The Muslim Students Association — a sister organization of Hamas and promoter of Islamic terror against Jews — is particularly upset with the Freedom Center for exposing its ties to the Brotherhood and its shameless support for Hamas.

Recently the Center posted a YouTube video documenting the genocidal attacks on Israel by the MSA. The MSA retaliated not by refuting the facts presented in the Freedom Center’s video, which would require distancing itself from Hamas terrorists and the lies of the Hamas  propaganda campaign to demonize Israel as the occupier of a non-existent Palestinian land, but by filing a false complaint with YouTube claiming that the Center had infringed its copyright. The MSA demanded that YouTube remove the video. Fearing legal consequences, YouTube acquiesced.

The 20 second portion of the video which taken from the MSA website, which was the pretext for their complaint, was a promotional video of MSA students protesting against Israel. It thus falls under the “Fair Use” doctrine without which journalists would not be able to report and/or criticize any political propaganda. Since litigating Fair Use rights could run up legal costs in the tens of thousands of dollars, we took an initial path of least resistance. We removed the 20 seconds and  re-submitted the video to YouTube. YouTube posted the new version. But the MSA immediately filed a second false complaint against the new version in which there was no MSA footage. Cautious again, YouTube responded by taking down the second version — even though the MSA segment had been removed. We appealed to YouTube, pointing out that we had removed the only portion of the film taken from the MSA website. YouTube has now restored our video. Please help to us spread its vital message that MSA wants to silence as widely as possible.

  • kafir4life

    Lies? From muslims? You must be joking! muslims, like Vulcans, aren't capable of lying. Actually, both are just stories. Vulcans (as far as we know) don't even exist. Truthful muslims on the other hand, DO exist. One was just double tapped with a splash a few days back, and their was a delightful (not so) little muslima at the top of the video that was a truthful little tubby. I wonder if she's the recepticle for doug hooper's excess fat.

  • claspur

    Toss YT a thumbs-up for finally reposting this.
    (have forwarded this along now)

  • StephenD

    Time to turn the tide. You tube posts are a great source for this. I would re-post a you tube video to my face book page if I agree with it. I have yet to see anything from David Horowitz that I DON'T agree with…go into mass production! Eventually, the truth will prevail!

  • tanstaafl

    The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind true.

  • dpking

    How? what is the name of your you tube post?

  • Green Joke

    where can we see the full – uncut version?

  • muchiboy

    "The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind true."

    Then there is hope for the Palestinian people,after all? It's been sixty two years of occupation,colonization and ethnic cleansing at the hands of Israeli's.muchiboy

    • MixMChess

      You're an idiot. For over 80 years the Palestinians have been waging a war of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Jews. There is no hope for the Palestinians until they give up their xenophobia, murderous rampages, hatred and lust for Jewish blood. The same goes for you Naziboy.

    • crypticguise

      Apparently you can't read, hear or see and you are either too lazy to study the history of Israel or you are a Muslim Islamofascist.

    • ziontruth

      "Then there is hope for the Palestinian people,after all?"

      There is. There is hope that the Palestinian people, meaning the Jewish people, will see the threat of Arab imperialism, including the masses of rampaging Arab settlers, be gone from their land.

  • The Golani Snowman

    Ethnic cleansing? Did you count the palestinians recently? They insist there are as many "refugees" as there are Israeli Jews, and I do not think there is a lot of immigration to the ghettoes behind the arab barbed wires.

  • Eddie

    From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!


  • Sonshinepatriot

    I was always told; you allow good as well as bad things to happen in your life; being passive to events and changes around you has far reaching consequences that are sometimes lethal. I’m tired of hearing about Islamic demands and shout downs on American campuses; we are allowing it to happen; whether out of fear or political correctness this is not a time to be passive. Our whole social structure is being attacked by a foreign religious ideology; while our government suppresses any expression of Christianity. We as a people are allowing these things to happen.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    The First Amendment protects free speech of citizens from governmental interference, and that protection extends to instances where the police are called to remove speakers when they are breaking no laws. That protection do NOT extend, however, to speakers who are confronted by other private citizens who take exception to their speech. In other words, a person might have a right to free speech, but YOU have a right to get in his face about it!

  • Joe

    The problem is that anyone who opposes the Muslim brotherhood on campus will be accused of inciting violence because the Muslims use threats of death and violence to shut up all apposition. Once the Muslims get established, they will begin spreading their lies. Then know that once they are able to begin their campaigns of lies, no one will oppose them because they fear what will happen when they do stand up in opposition. The Muslim brotherhood uses terrorism (threats and acts of violence) to get their way. This should not be allowed!

  • Fred Dawes

    people are insane if anyone who can see and understands one fact all muslims want all non muslims dead and if any non jew keeps to the road of madness that person will pay with pain/anguish and death in the end game. after all islam means violence against all people.

  • talknic

    The Hasbara busy at work…

    The leader of Hamas actually said he hoped ISRAELIS would go to ISRAEL, (get the hell outta Palestinian territory) so he wouldn't have to hunt ISRAELIS down. // Hamas Charter Article Thirty-One: “As to those who have not borne arms against you on account of religion, nor turned you out of your dwellings, Allah forbiddeth you not to deal kindly with them, and to behave justly towards them; for Allah loveth those who act justly.” (The Tried – verse 8).//

    Israel DOES occupy Palestine and DOES oppress the Palestinians. That is the very nature of Israel's occupation, in contrast to UN Charter Chapt XI

    Israel HAS killed innocent women and children. By preventing them from RIGHTFULLY fleeing a war zone by having all of Gaza closed off (including the crossings with Egypt under the 2005 agreement). Not even into the sea, which Israel also controls.

    The Muslim Students Association is not an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The narrator is a liar.


  • talknic

    "Most of which was an arid desert" And still is, however what was not arid desert was described by Bayard Taylor who wrote of the Jezreel Valley in 1852 “one of the richest districts in the world” By Laurence Oliphant 1887, "a huge green lake of waving wheat, with its village-crowned mounds rising from it like islands; and it presents one of the most striking pictures of luxuriant fertility which it is possible to conceive’ “ By MARK TWAIN “The narrow canon in which Nablous, or Shechem, is situated, is under high cultivation, and the soil is exceedingly black and fertile. It is well watered, and its affluent vegetation gains effect by contrast with the barren hills that tower on either side” .. “Sometimes, in the glens, we came upon luxuriant orchards of figs, apricots, pomegranates, and such things, but oftener the scenery was rugged, mountainous, verdure less and forbidding” .. “We came finally to the noble grove of orange-trees in which the Oriental city of Jaffa lies buried”…“Small shreds and patches of it must be very beautiful in the full flush of spring, however, and all the more beautiful by contrast with the far-reaching desolation that surrounds them on every side”

    So what if the name Palestine is not Arabic? It's completely irrelevant.. That the Philistines were not Arabs is also irrelevant. Arabs did eventually during history inhabit Palestine. (it is a Gold topped Mosque in Jerusalem in case no one has noticed)


  • talknic

    "What they mean is the obliteration of the Jewish State"

    The narrator is a liar. Palestinian territory extends (excluding any of Israel's actual Sovereign territory) from the West Bank, including Jerusalem which was never put under the corpus separatum, never declared as Israel and never legally annexed to Israel. It was and still is legally a part of the Provisional State of Palestine, it's status has not legally altered….. to Gaza (still not including any actual Sovereign Israeli territory) . Look at a map… Palestine does extend from the Jordan river to the sea.

    The Palestinians living in what became Jordan are all Jordanian citizens. They do not want to be liberated from being Jordanian,. The narrator is a liar.

    The Palestine refugees in Jordan simply want the right to return to their rightful place, be it in what remains of Palestine or (a tiny tiny number of very old people), to what became Israel. The narration is simply TWADDLE for simpletons.

    There has NEVER been an official statement by ANY Arab State "to [push the Jews into the sea" It is a fallacy. In fact <a href=""&gt; the Arab States opinion closely follows the Mandate "The Governments of the Arab States emphasise, on this occasion, what they have already declared before the London Conference and the United Nations, that the only solution of the Palestine problem is the establishment of a unitary Palestinian State, in accordance with democratic principles, whereby its inhabitants will enjoy complete equality before the law, [and whereby] minorities will be assured of all the guarantees recognised in democratic constitutional countries, and [whereby] the holy places will be preserved and the right of access thereto guaranteed." The narrator is a liar.

    "Equally between the Arabs and the Jews" It gave the lesser population, the Jews, more territory than the larger non Jewish population. The narrator is a liar.

    The Arab States rejected the offer because the population was not consulted about partition per the LoN Charter or the UN Charter. The narrator is a liar.


  • talknic

    "They did not want a Palestinian State" They stated otherwise, May 15th 1948. The narrator is a liar.

    The Brotherhood in Egypt did not speak for the Arab States or for the Palestinians and he only source for "drive the Jews into the sea" is Israeli in propaganda. An actual transcript, recording or newspaper clipping has never been produced. The narrator is a liar.

    Hasan Al-Banna did not represent the Palestinians, they did not elect him. The Palestinians actually had NO THING to do with Hitler and the Palestinians of today were all children in Hitler's day (maths is not a strong point I guess) It was 70 years ago.

    The Narrator repeats the lie about the Brotherhood creating Hamas and the Muslim Students association.

    The war against ISRAEL has continued for 60 years because Israel has been stealing territory for 60 years. The narrator lies calling it the war against the Jews. It's the usual Hasbara conflation.

    It began when Zionist terrorist groups started usurping the people of Palestine in the months before Israel's declaration under Plan Dalet which escalated the civil war in Palestine. When the State of Israel was declared, zionist forces were already outside of the Sovereign extent of Israel, it became a war waged by a state, Israel, against what remained of the Provisional State of Palestine. The other Regional Powers, under the UN Charter, had a legal right to attempt to expel foreign forces from the territory of their ward. Which is why there is no UNSC Resolution condemning any Arab state for attacking Israel. It's also why there are no UNSC Resolutions calling for 'peace in Israel'. They say "peace in Palestine".


  • talknic

    It is not a Muslim war. It is a war against a state in breach of hundreds of UNSC Resolutions, illegally acquiring and illegally annexing and illegally settling territory OUTSIDE of its actual Sovereign extent.

    "…until Islam will obliterate it" ' Islam' the word translated from Arabic is 'peace'.

    The film then shows an F111 fighter bomber or helicopter gunship… Hamas have no aircraft. It then shows a B52 bomber… Hamas have no B52's!!!! The film is for fools. It LIES!!

    We then have a MEMRI clip. Famous for it's un-corroborated translations. Followed by 'in other words' … words the narrator has made up.

    David Horowitz completely omits what Israel has done and continues to do. When Israel stops it's land theft. When the US stops protecting Israel's intransigence . When Israel for the first time in it's short history withdraws completely to it's actual legal borders. Stops illegal settlements, ends occupation. Then and only then will there be any chance for peace.

    To call this film an expose of Palestinian lies is completely bizarre. It excels in telling blatant lies itself, from start to finish. It is simply propaganda.

  • A. Francis

    be careful with these islam, they are bunch of terrorists and liars, I live in a muslim country so I know. Where ever there are islam then there will be trouble. Southern Thailand & southern Philippine and so on. Oh ya, by d way, Israel belongs to Jews..