Purdue College Republicans Stand Up For Israel

This video was created by Mike Cunningham the head of College Republicans at Purdue University, who organized the Wall of Lies protest at the school:

  • Jim

    Just to get the run of the mill Republicans to stand up for any thing but lower taxes is quit an achievement.

    Let us hope they gain even more spunk as time goes by.

  • http://gabriellahoffman.wordpress.com Gabriella Hoffman

    Mike is a great activist! Kudos to a job well done exposing these Obama Zombies and lost souls at Purdue.

  • Chezwick_mac

    1) The chick who claims she's a Republican and is embarrassed by the 'wall of lies'…I'd lay 10 to 1 odds that she ISN'T a Republican at all.

    2) How about the articulation and cogency-of-argument coming from the guy in the baseball cap? Obviously the product of a liberal education.

    • http://theoldgeek.com Bob Madden

      I don't completely discount the possibility that she might be a republican. After all, if you look at history the progressive movement was started by republicans. I am a conservative who usually votes republican. I look forward to the day when I can once again call myself a republican with pride.

      • MixMChess

        Chezwick, she might be a "Buchanan" Republican. Bob, have you read Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism"? Its a great read and really delves into the topic you raised via progressivism and roots of conservative/liberal values.

        • http://theoldgeek.com Bob Madden

          I lost track of where Buchanan was headed long ago, and I have no inclination to follow his lead wherever that might be. From what I have read up to now I do like Jonah Goldberg's work, but have not read that particular item.

    • welldoneson

      You're right, Chezwick, we see this sort of thing a lot in Canada as well.
      "I used to vote Tory but not any more…".
      Yeah. Sure. It seems almost everything the left put forth are either
      arguments of convenience or outright lies. Another of their tricks is
      to sign up for meetings with the sole intention of disrupting them.

  • welldoneson

    It's fascinating to see the left continue to vilify Israel and defend the "palestinians".
    This despite the "palestinians" regularly kidnapping and brutally murdering supporters
    who visit them from Western countries. Most disgusting of all, many young women
    who go to "palestine" in "solidarity" end up confined to one room of a house, popping
    out babies for the men they admire so much. Not that I'm in favor of a rescue…

  • http://www.fxexchangerate.com/ fxgeorges

    I just think it is specifically interesting how this history element is not taught or is overlooked. Where freedom occasionally takes root and is fiercely championed, the Human spirit of innovation thrives.

    Cultures that stress personal responsibility, and individual excellence through achievement, are cultures that owe a lot to a certain specific civilization that first fostered those values.

  • Fred Dawes

    More people must stand up or this nation will have its legs cut from it, but that may have already happened.

  • crypticguise

    We need more students, both Christians and Jews to learn about these Palestinian Lies and to support Israel. The Muslim Student Association is a off shoot of the Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim students in MSA are Islamofascists in support of the intolerant Politics of Islam.

    The video was less than dynamic in that it did not ask the student/s exactly what was NOT TRUE about this Wall of Lies.

  • morristhewise

    Libya is just the beginning. International bankers have recently been shying away from investing their dollars into indigenous populations that produce negative returns on investments. This is bad news for hundreds of millions in Africa and Asia whose people are dependent on investors willing to take a loss.

  • Fred Dawes

    Bin Laden is dead but watch out this to is a game And obama maybe a puppet but we all know who is behind obama and who is or was behind bin laden.

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