Gays Against Israeli Apartheid

What would be the fate of anti-Israeli homosexuals if they lived in Palestinian society?

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  • stern23

    They frame it as a question of "free speech". And yet here we see these ghastly "queers" refusing to allow pro-Israel people to march alongside them. "Please leave our contingent". Ah well, once again, it's free speech for me but not for thee. As for the flaming queer interviewer, I gave up wishing he would shut up and did it for him by clicking on the stop button.

  • Monty Lasovsky

    Under the circumstances, can these "people" be taken seriously about anything as inane as accusing Israel of being an Apartheid State? I'm not sure that they understand what Apartheid means or perhaps how to even spell the word correctly. They have so many problems world wide peculiar to themselves (pardon the pun) that Israeli Apartheid is the last thing that should be on their minds as it applies to many other countries but not Israel. So let them start by getting their own affairs in order or perhaps apply for residence in any Muslim country they choose and see if they can hold a "parade" of this nature in the Muslim country they choose and test their ability to survive!

    • Charles

      Way to go Monty. Could not have said it a well let alone better.

  • yrd4soundingoff

    They don't care about their "brethern" in an Islamic state. Just like NOW and other feminist groups who scream and shout about liberating Palestine and don't give a hoot about the fate of women in an Islamic state. There is no intellectual honesty, no thoughtful processing of the situation, no scholarly debate. Just screaming, shouting, emoting and the comfort of each other. Unfortunately, they have the media's attention.

  • g_jochnowitz

    The universality and power of anti-Zionism can't be explained. I wrote about the subject in 2006,

    but I am much less optimistic today than I was then. Anti-Zionism is a miracle–a negative miracle.

    • Guest

      Anti- Zionism is a sickness that is at its worse when it includes Jews, Americans and Israelis.

      I will never understand anti Semitism, which is what anti Zionism is today, but coming from Jews it is a betrayal beyond comprehension!

  • dawning

    Queers against Israel have to be the MOST brain,soul spirit,emotion dead creatures on the planet.

    • Steve

      I'm gay and I agree with you. These gays protesting Israel are SO misinformed. Even gays have there crazy groups like this one. We have enough problems with out these idiots making things worse.

  • USMCSniper

    Gays have put their querrness above all else and have no shame. For example in the USA, Chief Judge Vaughn Walker of CA who is gay, had a gay group support a class action suet against the Constitution of California that does not allow marriage licenses to be issued so he could rule it unconstitutional and go out and marry his gay boyfriend the next week.

  • elihew

    Anti-Semitism is of the Evil One; plain and simple…

  • Andres de Alamaya

    1. Queers against Israel apartheid is another example of the total irrationality of the Homosexual mind. One can only wish them Sharia Law treatment.
    2. In a sense, queers taking a stand against Israel is to rational people an endorsement of Israel's worth. If Nazis or inmates of a mental institution or any sort of marginal, worthless group tells me they are against apple pie, then I know that apple pie is good.

  • The_Lord_Regent

    The pink swastika crowd showing its true nature once again, like its prior version led by Ernst Rohm and Adolf Hitler (both homosexual child molesters-the psych profile of both generated after WWII is creep-tacular stuff).

  • Michael,Canada

    Perverts in body and mind!

  • Steve

    Any chance we can send the homosexuals to the Palestine territory and see how it goes?

  • Dvir Yaakov

    The Jews accusing Israel of Apartheid are self loathing! Why aren’t they protesting Syria where over 83,000 civilians have been killed in two years?! OUTRAGEOUS!
    Mr. Prager’s video is irrefutable! Every last person supporting the Israel Apartheid Fiction should be forced to watch this video and to try to dispute ONE thing he says.