Rep. Bob Turner at Restoration Weekend

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And they’re being told quite the opposite.  This nonsense going on down in Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street, the 99-percenters, is not playing well in the 9th District.  The working people there are saying — who are these clowns?  How dare they?  And the more they do it, the better it is to awaken the greater population to the insanity of this position.

What do we do?  Well, throughout my campaign, I’ve been banging away on some basic issues.  Who are we?  What are our values?  And it’s very simple.  We are the inheritors of the greatest society in the history of the world.  I think historically there are about 5,000 civilizations have existed in this world.  This American experiment is the only one that has been as successful in creating freedom, prosperity for all — the greatest good for the greatest number — time after time.

To me, it seems mindless that it would be under assault the way it is, from academics and other collection of well-meaning fools.  They’re going to fix our society.  Indeed.  Well, I have a moderate approach, some of them say.  I’m a communist, but I’m a moderate.  What does that mean, no firing squads?  What the heck — what are they talking about here?


You can’t seize people’s property without seizing their rights and without imposing a power structure that takes those very rights away.

So, I’ve asked for a return to common sense, a return to our values.  These values spill over into everything we do.

As a recent member of Congress, I’m involved in foreign affairs, and the Foreign Affairs Committee.  And too often on the other side, I don’t see the fundamental starting point — what are our values, what are we here to defend, and how are we going to defend it — even who are our friends?  Everyone can say who our friends are; it’s politically expedient.  But identifying those who aren’t is always a little harder.

We have a United Nations.  I can’t really find how anyone could determine that they are our friends, in any capacity.


And we support them, we give them foreign aid.  And our dues are often without strings.  Well, at least we have a few people in this Congress — well, maybe now the majority — who are going to do something about that.


And the bills are being passed, and they’re in the Senate now, that on foreign aid and UN we’ll put strings, big strings, to identify our friends and to promote our own policies.

Recently, you may have heard — and not even on a major part of the papers — an assassination attempt on the part of some Iranian operatives was going to take place in Washington. They were going to kill the Saudi Ambassador at the UN — at Washington, in a restaurant populated by politicians.  Well, the plot was thwarted.  And what many of the media reported was kind of a silly attempt.  But upon examination, this attempt was orchestrated by the Iranian secret police, the [kud], at the very highest level.  And it was thwarted because they had the misfortune to hit a double agent.  That’s how we found out.  Had we not, the plot was to give them, the Iranians, enough deniability.

But think about it.  This is nothing short of an act of war.  What’s our response?  Right now, I think we’re working on it.  It’s been awhile.  It’s been awhile.


But what this bespeaks is the mentality of our Iranian enemies.  If they would do a major attack in Washington, DC, planned at the highest level, what are they going to do with a nuclear weapon?  And they’re only a year away, once they hit the button to proceed.

We’re not sure that process has begun yet.  At least, so our intelligence agencies tell us.  But where is the leadership to see that this doesn’t happen?  Are we doing everything we can covertly — information-wise, technology — to thwart this attempt?  There’s only one thing that’s going to solve this, and that’s a regime change.  And we’d better be working on it.


The things I’m saying here have not been lost on what I call the man in the street.  I’ve got my ear to the ground.  By the way, I’m one of them.  These people know.  There’s a great sense of unease, distrust.  The media says it is all politicians.  I don’t think so.  I think this is coming down increasingly against the Democrats.

This last election was just a start.  Obama had won this by 56 percent, which was not great in a Democratic district.  But nevertheless, people are waking up on all levels.

If we don’t blow it, we Republicans — and by the way, we are capable — I suspect we will win in November in a massive way.  Everything is going our way.  It is ours to lose.  We need to define ourselves better, define our values better, organize, and get the job done under the right leadership.

I think we needed Carter in 1980 before we could get Ronald Reagan.  Certainly, Obama is providing the groundwork for us to get whoever we need in November of this year.


And let’s remember, Ronald Reagan wasn’t Ronald Reagan till after he got in.  So we’ll have to take our candidate on some faith.  But this election in ’12 is probably the most important election of our lives for the economy, which can tank everything we stand for if it’s not salvaged with proper and responsible attitudes.  That sense, I think, is there.  This is not one to lose.  You know it; you’re here for that reason — to find out what we have to do to win, and make sure that doesn’t happen.  Well, I applaud you for being here and working hard on it.

I’d like to take some Q&As, because there’s some strange things about this district that I couldn’t cover.  So if you’re ready to rip — and because I’m a new politician, you might even get the truth out of me.


All right.  Well, thank you.  God bless you.


Yes, sir?

Unidentified Audience Member: Ed Koch was so stanch in your support.  And then, after the election, he went to Washington and came back a changed person.  It was almost inconceivable.  Can you comment on that?

Bob Turner: Yes, I will.

A week after the election, the President went to the UN and gave his most forceful pro-Israeli speech of the campaign.  Coincidence?  I think not.  But now, that was at the UN.  At that time, he called Ed Koch to come to the UN, where the two of them met privately for a half hour.  And following that meeting, later that day, Ed called me to tell me about it.

By the way, we’ve become friends.  This is an odd couple.  We agree on not too many things.  But he told me that the President had a major change of heart, and — wait — and he also said — oh, by the way, the President knows your name.  I said — well, that’s nice.  Gee, not too many freshman congressmen — and then I said — Ed, do you trust him?  No.


So Ed is a pretty cagey, smart guy.  And he has his own agenda.  He knows what’s important.  And he’s not to be fooled.  But he still is a Democrat, sadly.  So, thanks.

Yes, sir?

Unidentified Audience Member: (Inaudible — microphone inaccessible)

Bob Turner: The question was — what is my assessment of the balanced budget chances?  Well, the amendment has already tanked.  We did not have enough votes to get the two thirds needed for the balanced budget amendment.  That — we’ll have to take another shot at that in a year.  That is singularly the most important piece of legislation that I will certainly be involved with.  And it is extremely important to you.  These guys, Congress, cannot be trusted.  This generation or next, we need a balanced budget amendment.

As far as the select committee — I am becoming increasingly convinced that the Democrats have no interest in doing anything, other than being obstructionist and seeing nothing happens.  And we will try.  And we’ve been a little extra nice to them on this.

Irene Alter: Hi, Bob.  Irene [Alter], from New York.  And I can’t tell you how excited New Yorkers are, especially with what you were able to accomplish, and any of us were able to do in any small way to help you.  So we are so excited.  We are also aware of a lot of the corruption of Republican politics in New York.  We’re from Long Island, and we have experienced it tremendously.

So my question to you is — Gary Ackerman is ours.  And we were hoping that —

Bob Turner: Oh, God bless you.

Irene Alter: — you would be the one to be able to go against Ackerman.  What do you think is going to happen with that district?

Bob Turner: Yeah.  New York, as you know, will lose two congressional seats.  We’re at 28; we’ll go to 26. When Mr. Weiner, following his exposure —


— that was a cheap shot — but the idea was that they would divide the 9th.  The fact that it’s now won by a Republican, and with a strong showing, has the Democrats scurrying.  Ackerman, Mr. Crowley, want to come down further south into the Queens area to take — well, I would be the opponent — take me on.

So it is becoming far more possible that those cuts would be taken in upstate.  And by the time we’re done here, we’ll have a stronger Republican district in what is now most of the 9th.  So we’ll see our first map in a month or so.  But there’s a lot of talk here.  So we’ll see.

Unidentified Audience Member: (Inaudible — microphone inaccessible)

Bob Turner: I think she would be in the mix as well.  So the district would affect me, Carolyn McCarthy, Ackerman, Crowley; possibly a bit in Brooklyn.

Unidentified Speaker: We have time for one more question.

Unidentified Audience Member: Yes, sir.  Thank you so much for your service and what you’re doing for us.

I understand that Anthony Weiner’s wife, who works for Hillary Clinton, is part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Is there any truth to that, and what can we do about it?


Bob Turner: What I have only heard is that Huma, Mrs. Weiner — mother runs the Arab Sisterhood in Saudi Arabia, and that her brother runs the Arab Brotherhood at Oxford.  They’re a prominent Saudi family, connected to politics.  Huma is an aid to our Secretary of State, perhaps with the highest level of security clearance, perhaps with none — I don’t know.  That’s someone else to worry about for the time being.  Thank you.

All right.  I’m done here.  Thank you very much.


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