The Glazov Gang: Simple Solutions For America’s Biggest Problems

A distinguished panel goes toe-to-toe about what America needs most on Jamie Glazov’s television show. (This is Part III of a three-part episode. To see Part I, click here; to see Part II, click here):

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  • mrbean

    Of course, almost 40% of Americans think that the government must supply FDR's "freedom from want" and regulate the economy so getting rid of the massive entitlements and freeing up the American economic engine from massive regulations
    is unlikely if not impossible.

  • 080

    I think the main problem is that democracy has been somewhat diminished. I trust the American people to set things right but first they have to make their votes count for more than they do now. One way to make sure that you've been heard would be to do away with the electoral college. The Supreme Court has decreed one man one vote. It would not be possible to win the majority of votes and still lose the election in the electoral college. Also we have to do away with gerrymandering and leaving the electoral districting in the hands of the state legislature. A computer program set up by experts following the rule of one man one vote would liberate democracy from some of the obstacles that it now faces.

    • mrbean

      Too stupid to even realize he is stupid. A direct election would also catch the eyes of millions of Americans, especially those who live in the Midwest. The 2000 election year was about having every vote counted; this is America and when people vote we count them. In a direct election who ever wins the popular vote wins the whole election. In all actuality the nominees for the major political parties would swarm to the more populated cities and states. After all this is where they will get their votes to win. This then leaves out the Midwest because it is not heavily populated. For example, a presidential candidate would pay more attention to Chicago than traveling to Iowa because of the population factor. To keep fairness between states, we need the Electoral College so that all Americans are represented. The President represents all Americans not just the big cities and their unions.