Soros-Backed Jews at Wash U Can’t Handle the Truth

Editor’s Note: The Freedom Center’s ad below was published in the Washington University in St. Louis student paper, “Student Life,” as a paid ad and run on September 20th.  The letter that follows it , written by “J Street U & Wash. U. Students for Israel,” appeared in the September 21st edition of the same paper.

The Freedom Center’s Ad:

The Palestinians’ Case Against Israel is Based on a Genocidal Lie

It is true that the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza are suffering. But they are suffering because of sixty years of Arab aggression; sixty years of Arabs rejecting peace, and sixty years of Arab wars to destroy the Jewish state. They are suffering because whenever the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza were given the opportunity to hold free elections, they elected corrupt and terrorist regimes to rule over them.

The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the Hamas Government of Gaza both claim that Israel is “Occupied Palestine.” This is a lie. Israel does not occupy “Palestine.” When Israel was created in 1948, there was no Palestine nation to occupy. There has been no state, no country, no nation called Palestine in the Middle East since Roman times. Palestine is a geographical region of the Middle East. Its status is identical to that of New England in America. It is not and has never been a nation.

The derivation of the name “Palestine” is Roman, not Arabic. It was a name affixed to the Jewish homeland as an insult and punishment when Rome conquered Jerusalem and dispersed most of the Jews who lived there to the four corners of the globe.

The land on which Israel now stands is not Arab and is not Palestinian. It was part of the Turkish empire for four hundred years when the Jewish state was created. The Turks are not Arabs and there was never a province, nor entity in the Turkish empire called “Palestine.”

In fact virtually no Arabs called themselves “Palestinians” until 1964 when the “Palestine Liberation Organization” was created – sixteen years after the creation of the Jewish state. In 1949 Jordan annexed the West Bank and Egypt annexed Gaza. But these annexations of the so-called Palestinian homeland called forth no protests from the Arab world nor the “Palestinians” themselves.

In 1964 Jordan ruled the West Bank and Egypt ruled Gaza but the Palestine Liberation Organization did not call for the liberation of the West Bank or Gaza. It only called for the destruction of the “Zionist entity.” That is because the Palestinian nation is a historical fiction invented in 1964 as a rationale for destroying the Jewish state.

Throughout human history, people have suffered deprivation and oppression. But never before in all of human history has a people waged a calculated war on women and children, and honored the murderers who targeted innocents as heroes and martyrs. This is the moral truth of the war against Israel: It is a genocidal war and its motivation is hate.

The lie that Israel “occupies” Palestine is an expression of Jew-hatred and its goal is Israel’s destruction. Israel is bordered to the east by the Jordan River and to the west by the Mediterranean sea.

The slogan – “Palestine Must Be Free From the River to the Sea” – is a slogan of Jew-hatred – a demand that the Jewish state and its citizens disappear.

This September the Arab League will attempt to take another step in its sinister sixty-year effort to erase the indigenous people of the geographical region called Palestine. They will attempt to establish a theocratic Muslim state called Palestine. They will do so unilaterally – that is without signing a peace agreement to end their sixty year aggression – and their leaders will continue to claim the territory between “the river and the sea.” The civilized world needs to stand up and oppose this latest genocidal campaign against the Jews, who have created the only democracy, the only tolerant society and the only nation that seeks peace in the entire Middle East.

Published as a public service
by the David Horowitz Freedom Center


Letter from J Street U & Wash. U. Students for Israel:

Ad-ing Nothing

September 22, 2011 J Street U & Wash. U. Students for Israel

As many students are aware, in its last issue, StudLife decided to print an inflammatory paid advertisement by David Horowitz entitled, “The Palestinians’ case against Israel is based on a genocidal lie.” As representatives of the leading pro-Israel groups at Washington University, we would like to respond to that decision.

We certainly recognize David Horowitz’s right to express his opinions, no matter how abhorrent we may find them. We also recognize StudLife’s right to print the advertisement. We believe, however, that it was inappropriate for the paper to choose to do so. We emphasize the word choose because there is ample legal precedent indicating that it would have been within the paper’s rights to refuse to print the ad. We seek to advance the argument that just because printing the ad was the paper’s legal right, it does not mean that it was the right decision.

In the disclaimer published four pages away, StudLife exhibited several deficiencies in its justification for printing its ad. The paper claims that it ran the ad in order to “generate a conversation that this community should have.” To achieve this goal, StudLife could have requested that Wash. U. Students for Israel or J Street U submit op-eds explaining our opinions on the situation. However, StudLife instead chose to import a radical opinion on the conflict from outside our community. This demonstrates that StudLife attempted to create a controversy where none had previously existed. It is our position that, from a journalistic perspective, it should be the task of a newspaper to report on controversy rather than manufacture it.

Even assuming that fostering debate is a legitimate journalistic pursuit, it was still inappropriate for StudLife to publish the ad. First, and most fundamentally, the ad was blatantly racist and the use of the label “genocide” was extreme and malicious, especially coming from an individual who has made previously problematic statements. StudLife suggests that the ad will “cause anger in some people while eliciting admiration and respect in others.” If we, the pro-Israel groups on campus, find this ad offensive, who exactly does StudLife believe will “admire” the opinions of the ad? The StudLife disclaimer does little to assuage our anger—do the benefits of creating controversy or debate outweigh the deficits of offending a strong majority of the student population?

Furthermore, the printing of this advertisement is counterproductive to StudLife’s stated goal of fostering campus discussion. As previously mentioned, StudLife could have asked the pro-Israel community for its responses to the Palestinian effort to seek recognition of statehood at the U.N., which would have fostered a respectful and reasonable debate. Instead, StudLife chose to expropriate the voice of the campus pro-Israel community for the radical, racist and outsider opinion of David Horowitz. As a result of this usurpation, the campus pro-Israel position has been misrepresented as unfairly extreme. By printing the ad, StudLife has forced us to write this op-ed distancing ourselves from the bigoted opinions of Horowitz, in the hopes that the general student body will understand that his position does not reflect the position of our community. By radicalizing the issue, StudLife has detracted from the fairness and dignity of our campus debate.

  • Flipside

    I agree with most of this. Israel does not occupy “Palestine.” Israel occupies Israel (which is fine) and part of Palestine, which is not fine. Eretz Israel and Eretz Palestine have to be given up.

    • Anamah

      The so called Palestinians must go to claim a piece of Jordan to make there his land. Thats means the land Est to the Jordan River today named Jordan it was the Mandate land to create Palestine. Funds donated by Soros network or Islamics can not replace the truth with fictional causes as the today called anti Zionism, to hide antisemitic, anti Israel using the false tale of Palestine to deny reality. History will judge you all. The UN General Sec. and rest of authorities allowing the scam against Israel and promoting a criminal dangerous indoctrination , abusing, perverting kids brainwashing with false, antisemitic issues to build irrational hate against Israel, Jews and America. Instead you should force the UN and Islamics countries to stop true genocides and the killings of president Bashir of Sudan, Somali, Yemen, Syria to name only some of what is happening right now in Africa and Middle Est. You should try to be honorable.

      • Flipside

        So you are in favor of ethnic cleansing.

  • The Infidel

    Before arab palestine was made, who was its president? what was its national flag? what was its currency? what was its national language? what was its national boarders? Where is it in historical history books? Bring you evidence for its existance prior to 1948, any evidence at all. Time to put up or shut up. (waiting for the normal lefty abuse and diversion tactics)

    • maturin20

      "Historical history books"?

      • A_Nonny_Mouse

        I believe the commenter was referring to contemporaneous-with-1948 history (and geography, for that matter) books, not newly-created propaganda circa 2011.

        • maturin20

          Belief is a wonderful thing.

    • Robby Martin

      Funny how those that made one part of history illegal to deny, completely deny all of Palestinian history. How pathetic are these Zionists. Israel was invented in1948 and did not exist as a state before then. Verbal diarrhoea is rampant with Zionists.

      • pagegl

        Quite to the contrary Robby, Israel existed as a country in Judea, what is now called Palestine. Sure, it was a very long time ago, but it was an independent country way before Mohammed and the start of Islam.

    • Anamah

      Never had been a country or Kingdom named Palestine. Never in all history. Never had a Capital, a royal family, not a coin currency, not a language, a flag or symbols, never had science or arts, any kind of artisans, or jewelry, less any kind of books.. Nothing, zero, NADA! The name was used by in Christ Era the year 73, a Roman Emperor (I believe it was Adriano) after winning the war against Jewish on Judea and Samaria. As punishment to the Jews one more time slaving them (one more time) and prohibited the use of the real names Judea and Samaria, changing the name of their land to Philistine. Now Arabs and people like Soros wants to create a false history of Palestine and steal Jewish history but it won't be easy to lie so much. Be aware!!! Help to save the truth!

  • Roland

    This text is essentially accurate. That doesn't mean that everything Israel has done is ok, or that everything the settlers do is ok, or that the settlement strategy should have been followed at all. It is true though that "Palestine" was created by the Romans as a type of propaganda to erase Israel as punishment for their rebellion. Look it up. I think a two state solution is the only solution, too bad so many really don't want it, including left leaning Americans.

    • taxpayer

      The two state solution was to create Israel and Jordan. Jordan is the "Palestinian" state.

      • Jim

        you betcha

      • pagegl

        Entirely correct.

    • Anamah

      But for two States solutions Palestinians need to act as honest human beings, they need to recognize Israelis rights to live in peace in his land, they need to stop indoctrinating their kids with hateful lies against Jews and Israel. They need to decide to live in peace and demonstrate it. Is hard to believe them Palestines are so liars!!! Not more promises, they must demonstrate with the facts.

      • Flipside

        No they don’t. The Liar’s Paradox is not the basis for statehood.

  • Yuri Dikulus

    So….if New Englanders attempted to secede from the US and form their own country, your argument would be, "there's no such thing as New England"?

    • taxpayer

      Wasn't that called the Civil War when the South did it?
      New England is a region, like the South [in the United States] or like the Middle East [in the Middle East].

    • Brianna

      He was referring to the fact that the area is a geographical region, not a state or a nation in its own right. His reference had nothing to do with the legal status of any state in the area or the nation of the United States.

    • Jim

      each state in the area nick named new England would have to vote individually as New England is not even a legal fiction. In fact if Palestine had been a legal fiction then it might have been so in Roman times. The area the powers of WW1 called Palestine had been inhabited by Jews before the Muslims arrived. While there were not many Jews there they descendant from the originals until other Jews arrived.
      Conquest of the area by Muslims does not mean it is now owned by Islam.The area was re inhabited by Jews from other places in the world. If Muslims chose to argue ownership by right of conquest then by Right of Conquest it is now the restored Israeli state.. The Reconquista has been established. In fact by Right of Conquest the west bank is part of Israel and not an occupation of Islamic land.

    • Former Democrat

      No, This argument is bad logic…. Would the inhabitants of Conn, Mass, RI, Maine, and VT claim that they are the rightful owners of VA, NC, SC, and Georgia? That New England includes those areas? That they (the New Englanders) have the right of return to VA, NC, SC, and Georgia? That the inhabitants of VA, NC, SC, and GA should go back from where they came from?

      BTW, the Indian tribes of the North America have just as much right … perhaps more right … to demand the return of all of North America to them. (However, they do not control much oil). The US was taking land from Indians just a few a few years before the state of Israel was founded.

    • Bill


  • PW Virginia USA

    I noticed that the U Wash student reply did not answer one of Mr Horowitz,'s points in the ad…their response was just another ad hominum attack with no substance…They accuse Mr. Horowitz of using inflammatory language yet throw in their own (typically leftist) epithet of racist…usually the end all of any thought process…there is not one false statement in Mr. Horowitz's ad…

    • Ageofreason

      Exactly right, PW. It's amusing (and frightening) that students at an institution of higher learning where professors time and again insist that they teach students how to think, simply are unable to manage anything resembling objective thought, and can manage only a sort of atavistic "emoting." They believe what they believe and will not let reality get in the way of the rule of their emotions. I doubt that one can fence off the lack of rational thought into one area of the intellect and not have it bleed into everything else. They must have very unhappy lives. Perhaps this is what these people are all about: they "feel" that if they want something badly enough even though it flies in the face of reality, it should come to pass regardless. Somewhere in there must be a definition of madness. All I can say to J Street U. and Wash. U. Students for Israel is to please give facts to support your position. All you give is tiny puffs from a fly's wings.

  • rulierose

    funny that facts are considered inflammatory by JStreet. btw, I'd really like them to stop describing themselves as "pro-Israel"–with friends like JStreet, Israel doesn't need enemies.

    • stern

      What's even worse is they seem to think they are "the true pro-Israel" folks!

  • rulierose

    from my daughter EG, posted by rulierose:

    How can JStreet continue to proclaim a "pro-Israel" stance when they are all for succeeding to Palestinian interest?
    The point is that in reality, this land is NO ONE'S land. Today the land of Israel can only be agreed upon as 'Israel's' because it is the Israelis who purchased it, and it is the Israelis who won it in wars, (most of which they did not start)! JStreet, in its essence, is an anti-Israel organization because it denies this inevitable truth.

    There are a million places fundamentalist Muslims can call home. There is no place a Jew can call home, other than Israel, a place that has been ripped away from the Jewish population again and again since the beginning of recorded time.
    Finally, I ask you to consider the morals of the Jewish population in comparison to those of the Muslim population. The Jews preach peace and happiness, the radical Muslims advocate (for no legitimate reason) the destruction of the groups that see the world in a different light than they. Just because the Palestinians are currently the “marginalized” group in this area of the Middle East does not mean they are righteous in their attempt to wipe out the (deservingly) more powerful, influential population.

    • taxpayer

      "Palestinians" are marginalized by the Muslim world, not by any other group, religion or nation.

      • kafir4life

        You are correct. Nobody hates the alleged palestinians more than muslims. It's muslims that keep them down, it's muslims that refused to accept them (can't blame them really. Even Egypt needs a fence to keep them out.

        allahu snackbar!

    • stern

      Great post except for one statement "most of which they did not start". Israel did not start ANY of the wars she has been forced to fight, not even the 1967 Six Day War. Before Israel made its preemptive strikes against Egypt and Syria, Egypt had:
      * Kicked out the UN Peacekeeping force in the Sinai
      * Blocked the Suez Canal to Israeli shipping
      * Massed its armies along the borders with Israel
      * Called loudly and repeatedly for Israel's destruction.
      Syria had continually used the Golan Heights to rain missiles down on Israeli communities, as well as a staging point for terrorist infiltrations.

      Any one of these actions is a causus belli – an act of war. All of them together make Israel's response not only logical, but perfectly legal too.

    • jacob

      We don't have to watch Muslim's feeling towards Israel….
      Just read what the "HOLY" Koran, the same one the OBAMA administration ordered the Guantanamo guards handle with kid gloves and which Muslims must abide
      and obey to a "T" or else… says about Jews, like that if a Jew hides behind a rock or a tree, the rock and the tree will tell the faithful to come and kill him…
      Is this also stated in a figurative way, Mr. Gestapowitz SOROS and your JSTREET ??

  • A.brender

    Go David
    As all the fact are correct, j street is the pro one state solution. As Mhnud Abas stated today palestian in the borders prior to 1947.
    One big Palestinian state

  • NotaBene

    David Horowitz says "Jews Can't Handle he Truth'

    You heard it here first.

    • jacob

      Sorry NOTA BENE, but if I read English right , Mr. HOROWITZ said SOROS JEWS, which are a totally different specimen, as said SOROS JEWS are those of SOROS same kind, that is, the Gestapowitzes and Kapos

  • Brianna

    If a single commenter here can refute a single thing Horowitz said, I would be happy to hear it.

    • NotaBene

      My pleasure.

      "In fact virtually no Arabs called themselves “Palestinians” until 1964 when the “Palestine Liberation Organization” was created – sixteen years after the creation of the Jewish state."

      No. Even a cursory review of history of that time will reveal numerous references to the Palestinians as such. The national newspaper, Filasteen (founded in 1911) always addressed its readers – almost all of whom were Muslim and Christian Arabs – as 'Palestinians'.

      Its also worth remembering that nationalism is a fairly recent, mostly European invention. Practically all the 'peoples' we think of today did not exist about 200 years ago, at least not in the sense of sharing a common national identity. Even Massimo D'Arzeglio said, after Italian unification (in 1871!), 'Now we have Italy…now we must make Italians".

      Anyway, it's irrelevant. Whether the Palestinians meet your arbitrary standards of nationhood or not doesn't mean they lose their rights as individuals.

      "The land on which Israel now stands is not Arab and is not Palestinian."

      Now this is really odd. Pieces of land do not 'belong' to racial, ethnic or religious groups at any time, much less for all eternity. There is no Arab land, no Jewish land, no Chinese land or Rwandan land. Populations move, states come and go. Do you want to give Iraq back to the Sumerians?

      "The derivation of the name “Palestine” is Roman, not Arabic. It was a name affixed to the Jewish homeland as an insult and punishment when Rome conquered Jerusalem and dispersed most of the Jews who lived there to the four corners of the globe."

      Nope. The first recorded use of the word 'Palestine' or its derivatives appears in ancient Egyptian glyphs from around 1100 BCE. There are also references in the famous 'Histories' of Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian who lived in the 5th century BCE.. Herodotus, by the way, never mentions the Jews at all – possibly because he wasn't interested, or possibly because the Jews were a very small part of the local population. Ancient kingdoms, of course, were highly unstable and had unclear boundaries.

      • Jim

        Palestine truly belong to people from ancient Turkey called Philistines. They were driven out by either Israeli or Egyptians and do not seem to exist any more.
        I think they desirver

        • Raymond in DC

          The Philistines didn't come from ancient Turkey. They were referred to as "sea peoples" because they came from islands in the Mediterranean, likely from Greece.

      • Bellus

        I'll take that cheeky glove, DamnWellAreABene :)

        Anyway, it's irrelevant. Whether the Palestinians meet your arbitrary standards of nationhood or not doesn't mean they lose their rights as individuals.

        Individuals have no rights to wage a genocidal war.

        If that wasn't your point, you had none. If you were about to declare the Palestinians victims, you pulled your punch, made no arguments, and offered no evidence.

        Now this is really odd. Pieces of land do not 'belong' to racial, ethnic or religious groups at any time, much less for all eternity. There is no Arab land, no Jewish land, no Chinese land or Rwandan land. Populations move, states come and go. Do you want to give Iraq back to the Sumerians?

        Now this is odd. To so cheekily toss out something that is so demonstrably false that all one has to do to disprove it is walk outside. Welcome to a world—first time?—where every single, solitary square inch of surface “belongs” to someone, sometimes multiple someones, i.e. “groups,” a great many of these racial, ethnic or religious groups. One of these groups we call “Jews,” by the way. And these own—wait for it—Israel.

        In fairness, I can't speak for eternity. But it looks to me like eternity is speaking pretty well for itself.

        Its also worth remembering that nationalism is a fairly recent, mostly European invention. Practically all the 'peoples' we think of today did not exist about 200 years ago, at least not in the sense of sharing a common national identity. Even Massimo D'Arzeglio said, after Italian unification (in 1871!), 'Now we have Italy…now we must make Italians".

        You realize your example negates your own point?—which seems a little silly anyway. Your Massimo certainly had a sense of common national identity. As did every author I've ever read, reaching back into the ancient world, from Cicero to Shakespeare to . . . Palin. The side argument you seem to have blended in is that the map changes. I am not sure anyone has ever argued with that.

        You can't be arguing that Jews are a recent invention . . . are you arguing that the Palestinians are a recent invention? Oh! You are agreeing with the paper!—my bad.

        Nope. The first recorded use of the word 'Palestine' or its derivatives appears in ancient Egyptian glyphs from around 1100 BCE.

        This seems to be pure invention. You are arguing that what is effectively a picture of a stick man holding a Menorah translates "Palestine." I suppose you meant antecedents, not derivatives, anyway.

        You might note that we receive the word “Palestine” from Rome, Rome having named the province “Palestina,” Rome having borrowed the Hebrew word we write “Pelesheth” for that name, “Pelesheth” meaning something very close to “Land of the Philistines,” or more literally “Philistia.” This was done as an insult, exactly as described in the paper.

        If the ancient Hebrews—known for consorting with Egypt here and there—had a common understanding that the word “Pelesheth” and the Egyptian stick man holding a Menorah both meant "strange blond sea-people living on the coast," the paper's point that no peoples have ever walked around until the post-modern era ranting about their ancestral home “Palestine” remains completely intact, as does the point that we received the word from Rome, the word having nothing to do at all with either the Arab world or the lineage of the people who are currently claiming it as a nationality.

        The only thing you wrote that isn't blatantly false if the bit about some paper called “Filasteen” using the word “Palestinians”—and I have no real reason to believe you about that, considering the rest. The paper was founded in 1911, you say. I suppose I would have to order the back-issues and read them and see if they were actually calling themselves Palestinians in 1911, or if that came later. But in lieu of that impending hellish weekend, I'll just concede the point.

        I don't know what to do with you, NotaBene. You can't just declare yourself Atheist and drop the occasional "BCE" and be vaulted as an intellectual power in the real world. Occasionally, you have to say something intelligent. Maybe Academia is for you. Everything you said would make several excellent peer-reviewed papers, once expanded. There is a whole philosophical book in that "no one owns the land" bit. I'm thinking Oprah.

        … but it won't get you a Kosher hot dog on the street.

        • NotaBene

          Oh my Bellus. Thanks so much. not many posters here are as open about their laziness and complete lack of intellectual curiosity.

          I'll take my fancy book-learnin' and chuck it into the fire; because you say actually studying history won't let me buy hot dogs (or something; you were pretty incoherent most of the time).

          • Bellus

            I wondered if you'd check back!

            … but quickly … on the off chance you check back again … my close is ad hominem, of course, but please believe me when I say it was written in the spirit of the duello. Nevertheless, it's chafing a bit.

            So … I apologize for the overly personal nature of the close.

            I'll give you any last word you might like. You probably don't care; everyone's skin seems thicker than mine. It even seems strangely selfish to bother you with an apology.

            Ah, well. I'm off to see if there is any other fancy book-learnin' going on so I can put a stop to it.

  • voted against carter

    If you are Jewish,… Obama and the DemocRATS want you DEAD.

    Just like his ARAB buddies do.

    They want you DEAD. The SOONER the BETTER.

    Barry just said so.

    What part of that do you NOT understand.

    Oh, and FYI,, to all you LEFTY NON RELIGIOUS JEWS,.. the KEY part of your name is JEWS.

    Barry and his ARAB buddies WANT YOU DEAD TOO.

    You are a USEFUL IDIOTS to them,…

    WAKE UP. Before it IS to LATE. again.

    fyi I stand with Israel

    • Norasein

      I'm a democrat but I stand for Israel, my mother was Jewish but I stand for Israel, I voted for Obama [boy, did I make a mistake!] but I stand for Israel, – NO but's – I stand for Israel!

      • Former Democrat

        If you stand for Israel, you should reconsider whether you really are a Democrat….

  • Ben

    Any leftist declaration is a mixture of lies and stupidity.This one after all bla bla sums up:
    the ad is racist(no explanation), it`s contrproducive for the discussion (why?). That`s all!

    I`m always astonished how the ordinary people swallow this scum

  • Ellen

    Sad products of our educational system, that is infiltrated ….part of the MB project, which they are 50 yrs into our of their 100 yr project to take us down.
    The two state solution already exists……Jordan and Palestine. If you were getting taught the truth instead of lies, you would be able to critically think.

  • yossibarnegev

    Simply amazing! Horowitz systematically lays out Israel's position point by point and all J Street U & Wash. U. Students for Israel can do is attack Horowitz with the usually "Argumentum ad hominem" – the logical fallacy of attempting to undermine a speaker's argument by attacking the speaker instead of addressing the argument.

    • jacob

      Trying to argue with leftists is as useless as arguing with Muslims…

      When cornered, Muslims lock up in the "ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE"
      mantra and leftists will try to kill the messenger

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    Those that say that Israel must give up the West Bank("Eretz Israel for Eretz Palestine")
    ignore two things. First, the root of the problem in the West Bank is that Palestinians don't want Jewish neighbors. Period. Traditionally, Judea and Samaria is Jewish land, and it is necessary as a buffer zone; because Israel between the Mediterranean and the
    West bank is only about 10 miles wide. Second, they ignore what happened when Israel gave up Gaza. Has peace resulted from THAT?

    • Raymond in DC

      Actually, it's Israel that's about 9 miles wide at its narrowest point. The West Bank is wider, but still not too large. It's an easy walk from refugee settlements in the West Bank to Netanya and Kfar Saba, an easy mortar shot from West Bank overlooks to Ben Gurion airport. In the early 1970s I'd heard of adventurous Israeli hikers doing overnight treks between Jerusalem and the Jordan river.

      Let's get real. The natural boundary between Israel and a Palestinian state is the Jordan River.

  • stern

    As others have mentioned, the response is no response at all, just a typical ad-hominen leftist attack. It's also something else: It's an attack on the publication for daring to allow anything but a left-wing voice to be heard. That's another typical leftist belief: free speech for me but not for thee.

    When they don't like an argument, they don't believe they have any need to refute it. They do believe they must do everything in their power to silence it.

  • pagegl

    The "Palestinians" have about as much claim to Israel as they do the Iberian peninsula.

    • jacob

      But we must always remember that to MUSLIMS, anywhere a Muslim ever set foot belongs to them for ever …
      Henceforth, SPAIN is to them still "EL ANDALUS" and the whole Middle East as
      What would be interesting is for the many "scholars" we have in this country, to
      investigate whether President OBAMA's assertion that the USA is indebted to
      Muslims for our independence holds any water whatsoever or does it hold as
      much as his apology to the Muslim world for all American "misdeeds" at the
      CAIRO meeting…

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