Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

A telling slide-show:

  • davarino

    Isnt that nice, their so much alike……….

    Actually polar opposites. One that believes America can be fixed, and the other that wants to trash it and build something that has been shown over and over again not to work………..just like them

  • SomeWhiteGuy

    I'm still trying to figure out when a job became a right. I was taught that a job was an opportunity to better yourself and your family. You worked hard to keep it and to move upward through the company. Nothing was guaranteed and it was to the business's discretion whether you had a job the next day. Where did that kind of teaching go?

    • StephenD

      Your problem is that you think they WANT a job. Listen close. They want what others have earned already. They don't want to have to earn it themselves. "Redistribution of Wealth" means taking it from those that have (earned it) and re-distributing it to those that have not (earned it). I know, I know; we already have a term for that. It is called ROBBERY.

      • http://onenationposts.blogspot.com Obie

        How about the high earners learning to be honest and not cheats for once ? When they scam and cheat the country out of Millions and Billions of $$$ its business when its the other way round and less figures then its robbery. Some people think they r perched high up and wouldnt be affected by whats sweeping the world but think twice, at the rate its going America would be working for China soon and those hoarding the wealth instead of investing it back in the system would be targets of those that dont have, yes thats I know THAT IS ROBBERY

    • http://onenationposts.blogspot.com Obie

      That kind of teaching is what got America to where it is today, when the president takes oat of office and swears to uphold the dignity of Americans what does that mean ? A job is mans dignity and it is a right, it is not a right for him to keep it. I am going to hear more words like human rights, right to vote and freedom of expression are not rights but choices from you next>

  • http://baersart.com Jane Larson Baer

    I think Occupy was thought up to counter the Tea Party. I think the Tea Party came in existance by itself. I think Occupy Wall Street was thought up by Community Organizers.

  • StephenD

    The OWS folks will go away for the winter and re-establish themselves when the weather breaks. What will be most telling is that I predict they won't have then, as they don't have now, a "system" of governance with which to replace what we have now. It is ok to want to change what is there for something better. But to want to tear down what is there and have nothing to replace it is madness. It is ANRACHY. This only serves those enemies of America that wish to see us lost to history. I choose Freedom over Dictatorship which is all that could come from such "protests" if they were successful. This coming year will get ugly I think.

  • Sound&Fury

    OWS = the Teat Party, not the Tea Party.

  • xlent

    OWS-Obwamas Willing Slaves, The battle is between good and evil, the lie and the truth, building and destroying, hate and love, hope and hopeless. …

  • 080

    It is ironic to see young people who seek jobs hanging around with union workers who refuse to countenance any change in their working conditions. The tea party consists of home owners who are paying state and local real estate taxes that are about equal to their mortgages. The OSW has cited with the mostly government workers who do not want those taxes reduced. Wisconsin and Gov. Scott Walker is the paradigmatic case. There are many more homeowners than government workers so the coming election will be a royal battle.

  • Herman Caintonette

    Are tea party signs racist? Or just offensive? After the NAACP, Huffington Post, and protesters circulated photos documenting both strains, tea party activists launched Diverse Tea, a website designed to bring more minorities into the fold. "There is this nagging perception that we are not diverse," tea party leader Matt Kibbe told the Washington Post's Dana Milbank. Diverse Tea will highlight "the African Americans, Jews, Hispanics, others that have come to this movement."

    As of Tuesday, there were 13 self-identified minority tea partiers publicly registered on Diverse Tea, including one who lists himself as "Welsh."

    I'd refer you to the website, but the last word starts with a N, and is misspelled with an "a". http://motherjones.com/slideshows/2010/09/tea-par… [add word here]

    • obie!

      Why create a sinistr name like diverse tea ? are they less American or what ? It just gives credence to the argument that its based on racial principles, now they want to salvage themselves after so much uproar and come up with more damaging nonsense like diverse tea…. I suggest they drink this tea first then see how it tastes.

  • intrcptr2

    Even with the labels, I'm having trouble telling them apart…

    Hey, Flip, a little help here?

  • Carol Setliff

    Heard that OWS was complaining about having some of their nice items stolen. Well, THEY are the ones who think everything should be re-distributed. So what's the problem? Then they were upset about bums (homeless) showing up to be fed. What a learning experience this can be for the 'redistribute everything' crowd.

  • Obama_FTW

    about this?

    OWS correctly believes that the disparity between the wealthy and everyone else
    continues to expand, while their taxes have been slashed over the last 30
    years. Ditto on corporations.

    The Tea Party incorrectly thinks that government has grown and that taxes have
    increased over the last few years.

    Not that any of this will be effectively captured in a few cherry-picked