The Audacity of Dopes Band Proudly Presents: “Guns, Guns, Guns!”

After its international hit “We Con the World,” Latma, Israel’s premier satire website (run by Caroline Glick), brings you The Audacity of Dopes Band singing “Guns, Guns, Guns” in honor of this year’s attempted flotilla to Hamastan in Gaza:

  • Samatha

    When I viewed the latma video an add appeared at the bottom that said Israel is evil and the BBC. I wonder if an advertiser can have their add attached to a particular video or if it's just keywords that attach the ad to the video. Either way it tells us something about BBC's propaganda regarding Israel.

  • Misfit

    Satire and comedy is one of he best way to deal with very sensitive and difficult things and this video is great!! I love it! It will become a classic. I hope they send it to the UN, CNN, MSBC, and the Obama Administration.

  • violent23

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  • elixelx

    Caroline was that you? Kol Ha-Kavod on the dancing!


  • skulldiggerin

    I'm sure the Haniyeh-Nazrallah boys would rather have "Girls, Girls, Girls !"