The End of England?

British police allow Islamists to celebrate 9/11 — while disrupting a counter-protest by the English Defense League:

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  • Jim

    The English has become the enablers of Islam and the repressors of the English people.

    Protestors should target the English Government as the true enemy of the English people.

    • Beth

      "The English has become the enablers of Islam"


      English politicians are/were the enablers of Islam and the repressors of the English people.

      (And now we are witnessing the results)

      • PatriotX

        Well, Beth welcom to the PC parallel universe where backwards logic is the norm. You see, Islam is not responsible for it’s actions in a PC universe and I’m willing to bet in the media the peaceful demostrators will be portrayed as the villains and the cause for any civil unrest. Never Islam, no, why…..that would cause undue attention to what it really is.

        If you think our msm is left leaning, you should listen to theirs.

    • Toryblue

      Geez, i wish you guys would make your bloody minds up! We just elected an extremist right wing government here in england and they've been in power for a year. What more can we do? Vote in the Nazi Party?

      • Flipside

        Get rid of them. Elect UKIP.

    • Questions

      Including the Monarchy? If mainly by omission, the Monarchy, from the Queen on down, has enabled this Islamification of the UK. Any comments from out there?

  • Beth

    The muslims start a fire on the street – and the opposition puts flowers on the street – and yet, the authorities (cowards) demand that the opposition leave. (makes sense – not)

    There is something seriously wrong with the authorities (which has been evident for some time now). (May they reap 'the benifits' of their work)

    No wonder so many are leaving Britain.

  • Kuffar

    The people all over the western world have to get rid of such impotent cowards of leaders! I'm afraid that there's not much chance to get rid of these kind of so called leaders on a democratic way.

  • medoctor

    One good thing about england though is that there's a sign as you go through customs saying, "leave the trash at the door." Thankfully that keeps out morons like spencer and horowitz. Extras in this world…. people we could all do without and wouldn't be missed at all if they went to the boneyard today.

    It's also cheaper than building a wall around the whole country. Like some backward countries are doing now LOL! Idiots! … and have done in the past with the berlin wall, great wall of china for eg. It leads to isolation, stagnation and in-breeding.

    • Cicero

      Are you advocating murder of people with whom you disagree? It is already an outrage that the Brits — out of fear of Muslm lunatics and craven surrender to Arab oil — have sentenced their own democracy to death. They've silenced free discourse; now it appears you wish to silence your enemies permanently. You are a fascist maniac in multicultural disguise.

      • medoctor

        I do wish to slience my enemies …exactly like you do. do you have a problem with that?

        • Stephen_Brady

          You not doctor. You are a murderer wannabe.

          • medoctor

            Really? This is totally unbelievable!!! I better go and have a pizza or something before I do anything rash. With peperoni and green peppers.

            man , that was close, i didn't realise i was a latent murderer. WHewwww! Thanks pal.

            BTW you mr birtenshaw?

          • Stephen_Brady

            What other conclusion am I to draw, other than the fact that you are a murderer wannabe? This is the age of the internet … a time in which everyone has their say. This obviously doesn't sit well, with you.

            Longing for the good ole days of the KGB, are we? Not had the opportunity to make a midnight knock on someone's door, recently, or do you just think it would be "cool" to drag someone off to Siberia?

          • medoctor

            what other conclusion are you to draw? LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL!!! Well it all depends on whether that mustard seed size of a brain you have has stopped growing or not. unfortunately only your cousin/wife/he/she/dog could possibly answer that.

          • Stephen_Brady

            While you are lolling about, it might do well for you to consider that not EVERYONE who dsagrees with you is mentally challenged. As to your referring to my wife of 37 years, the internet is well-suited to idiots like you. Saying that to someone's face could have delterious repercussions to your health …

          • medoctor

            if you had any respect for yourself or your wife of 37 yrs, you wouldn't be agreeing with stupid propagandists like spencer and horowitz.

    • matt

      medoctor…you are an idiot…must be the inbreeding. So you would prefer some people die??? YOU are the trash at the door!!

      • medoctor

        who's gonna die? Oh NO!

        In-breeding? … sorry I come from a multi-cultural family. You must be thinking of someone else.

    • granddad

      medoctor thinks deep thoughts – she's a real philosopher….

      • medoctor

        why thank you! That's very kind,… so kind. Are you doing anything special tonight old man?

  • C"H"Martel

    My book, "Satan's Trinity: Hitler, Stalin & Muhammad, available at For the first time in history "HSM" appear together on a book cover. The idea behind the book is to make headway against the ludicrous idea that Muhammad should be conjoined with any religious leader/founder. This book uses the specific names of Hitler and Stalin to efficiently identify the nature of Muhammad and by extension Islam. It compares the personalities and approach of each man to such categories as; war, peace, sex, torture, slavery, women, their respective childhoods and deaths, the critical affects of geography and timing, each man’s anti-social and narcissistic personalities.

    • lothianburn

      Chip Martel? Is that you??? This is totally unbelievable! I have all your books! My favourite is 'How to Make Money: An Analysis of How to Tap into the Right Wing Hate Market".

      You're a genius. In fact you inspired me to write my own book. I'm not finished yet… but it's going to be called,..wait for it… "I hate the Dallas Cowboys. Why that Communist Star Bugs Me." I've only written the title so far but I want to prove that the blue star is actually red underneath and is masking a great communist plot that goes right to the top of the organisation. I also want to prove that the reason the Steelers beat them in the Super Bowl in Jan 1976 was because Dallas had more closet communists ….and subversive gays on their team.

      what do you think Chip?

      Any advice from a great literary hero like you would be wonderful!

  • Flipside

    The UK, like the United States has gone so far into
    using the Threat Of Islam to oppress its own people that they have to team up their police with the Muslims to protect the Threat of Islam from being taken apart by the citizens.

  • myohmy

    How long before we see the same thing here in USA? Our leaders are selling us out to their moneybag muslim benefactors. They keep transferring our wealth to our OPEC, terrorist sponsoring muslim enemies instead of cutting them off and drilling our own oil reserves. We could end unemployment and cure our economy if we started producing our own oil… jobs for everyone if we export oil and bankrupt our muslim enemies. Sarah Palin wanted to do that. She said Alaska wants to provide the oil and gas we need and she meant it. Look what happened to her. Our corrupt media ruthlesslessly attacked her and her family and took her down. Herman Cain has said he wouldn't have any muslim in his administration without extreme investigation to be sure he's ok. He later had to appologize for saying that. But at least we know how he feels. Vote for Cain and kick Obama out of office. We must elect a non politician this time. Someone not owned by the political establishment. Herman Cain is the only candidate speaking for we the people. Vote Cain.

    • kafir4life

      One only needs to look to the kapo chuck schumer, and his recently minted islamo-protege Tony Da Weiner. The kapo senator presided at Tony's wedding to Huma of the ummah, and his shahada where he swore allegiance to the moon god allah and his satanic "prophet" mohamat the pedophile.
      Dey ain't no moon god like da moon god allah, and the pedophile momo is his guy.
      Dey ain't no moon god like da moon god allah, and the pedophile momo is his guy.
      Dey ain't no moon god like da moon god allah, and the pedophile momo is his guy.
      There! I said it!!

      • Stephen_Brady

        I don't respond to you, often, but I always enjoy your posts. Thumbs up, freind!

        • myohmy

          Thanks Stephen…. gotta keep trying… good luck

  • Philip Smeeton

    How are we going to prevent Islam from achieving its objectives?

    • lothianburn

      keep backyard chickens. 100 per cent gauranteed to scare and then anger your white redneck neighbours.

      • medoctor

        I don't get it

        • lothianburn

          white people are easily distracted. Keeping their small brains focused on something like chickens will allow muslims to live in peace, thereby removing the threat.

          • medoctor


          • Stephen_Brady

            You seem to be distracted with white people. Could this be the focus of your small brain?

          • lothianburn

            distracted with white people? To be honest I get distracted with all kinds of people. I generally take an equal opprtunities approach to distraction.

          • Stephen_Brady

            Then, you are in favor of an equal-opportunity, existential approach to the red herring, correct?

          • lothianburn

            Frankly I'm not a big lover of fish. Apart from Tuna in a can perhaps. and even that needs to be in spring water as opposed to oil.
            So after some reflection perhaps I'm not into equal opportunities afterall… when it comes to fish that is.

            but thanks for asking. I'd never considered that specific principle when it comes to fish. I wonder If i'm pro 'the death penalty' when it comes to fish? hmmm……. very interesting.

          • Stephen_Brady

            As a person who grew up in a large city, I was shocked to find out what carrots and peas actually looked like, and where they came from. I realize that tuna comes from a can, but … did you know? … it was actually a fish swimming in the sea, once.

            However, it might be interesting to note that your comments, though fascinating in the extreme, were also a "red herring", which some people call a "distraction".

            I could give you some really good websites to learn about philosophical logic, if you would like! :)

          • lothianburn

            What a kind offer.

            I've read a number of books on logic in my time… are these sites you're suggesting anything like this stupid site? i mean are they full of morons posting propoganda to be lapped up by other gullible morons?

          • Stephen_Brady

            Then why are you here?

    • stuart Parsons

      By continually telling our politically correct Parliament were are totally opposed to Islamic supremicism. M.Ps must be bombarded with e-mails pointing out Islam is a far,far, greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism and communism ever were.

  • StephenD

    Let’s take a breath and consider…"Muslims (in England), celebrate 9/11"

    THIS is ok with you medicatedoctor, lowerthan, and flipper?

    Nothing else need be said. Your colors are showing and they ain't pretty.

    • Murray Schwartz

      if you took a deep breath…you'd float away.

    • lothianburn

      OK! Big Breath! NOW!


  • medoctor

    LOL! you're not that bright are you. i.e. hitler and goebels would have loved you. a real sucker for propoganda.

    the headline should read …..0001 per cent of musims in britain wave signs condemning america's reaction to 9/11 .

    Who's the idiot?

    • tony

      Apart from you?

      • lothianburn


    • matt

      medoctor YOU are the idiot…to answer your question. Talk about giving in to propaganda…useful idiots like you!! Please shut up and stop making as ass of yourself.

      • medoctor

        So once again, no facts then. Like I said Hitler and Goebels would love you!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Globalization baby. Nation states are relics of the past. Criticizing Islam is a crime against humanity. Jihad is legitimate resistance. Up is really down. Down is really up. What else is new?

  • BS77

    Read Melanie Phillips LONDONISTAN……..England is now in deep decline….a marginalized economy, roiling social problems……..England is toast.

    • Murray Schwartz

      I read that melanie phillips is a closet lesbian. The short cropped hair, big chip on her shoulder. not exactly a man's woman. In all fairness, at least to me, she just looks like a miserable old hag. If that was the face you saw first thing in the morning, you'd shoot first and ask questions later! lol…

    • Questions

      What England needs right now is a man like Alfred the Great, or failing that, Enoch Powell.

  • I hate government

    England is now in deep decline….a marginalized economy, roiling social problems……..England is toast.


    Are you sure you're not mistaking the UK for the US?

  • patsjc

    We have just published a new book on the subject of the Islamization of Europe and England is a prime example. The book is called "The Dark Side of the Crescent Moon" and is available through Amazon either as a paperback or an ebook (kindle). The link is

    • alphakilosingh

      Well done! Sell your book while you can, for time is fast running out for such books.

  • yossibarnegev

    Can the good ol' USA be far behind? I think we all know the answer.

  • tagalog

    The sign in the picture says "Ummah of Jihad."

    Well, doesn't that say it all about moderate Islam and fundamentalist Islam?

  • Ben

    Comments of this post show clear that leftists like Flipside exchanged with nazies as the Islamists do. Police as allways on the nazi-side. The only feature that unites the old and Muslim nazi is the Jew-hate.Zieg hate!

    • medoctor

      what you mean to say is . i just the front idiot door lost get no me doctor no me birtenshaw mister.

      Moral of the story?

      Learn to write first then post a comment. See you in 10 yrs once you graduate from high school.

  • Marty

    The United Kingdom has become an enclave of dhimmitude on steroids. The British tried appeasement in 1938 and an admirer of the pedophile mohamad was enabled to destroy 50 million lives. Europe is probably finished and the United States needs to accept those few who remain on the continent with any courage as legal immigrants to prepare for the struggle with islam that will surely come and may already be here.

    • I hate government

      Marty. Your stupidity and gullability is quite remarkable.

  • guest

    Doctor Muslim;

    He is a doctor, and so is likely a Muslim. What do you expect from such an inbred disgusting child marrying woman stoning proponent?

    Would you seriously go to a Muslim doctor? I won't eat anything prepared by Muslims, like Tyson meat. Could you imagine being a Jew and going in? I would fear for my life.

    I hope he takes his own drugs. Trash? His whole culture is trash. Leave Islam at the door.

    • Murray Schwartz

      wow, that was a clever post.


      Are you jewish then?

  • crypticguise

    Unless the citizens of the United Kingdom have a revolution they are finished. Brits no longer have freedom of speech and their right to bear arms has been taken away.

    Western Civilization is dying in Europe. Will the United States stand up to the IslamoFascist hordes?

  • AlexaL

    This is Anjem (Andy) Choudray and his Merrie bunch of Cretins. We Brits know Andy quite well for his exploits at University which, by his own Islamist rules, would have him simultanously lashed, hung, stoned, beheaded and subject to just about every punitive rule known to the Shari'a. He starts up organisations, gets banned, and promptly changes the name of his organisation in order to continue his rants.

    I can't say for sure but this may not be as dire as it seems at first glance. Under Freedom of Speech laws, Andy can say what he wants provided he doesn't incite violence. He would have had to have obtained permission for his demo – and it is possible that the EDL didn't obtain permission for a counter demo hence the police dispersing the crowd. The EDL have held demos themselves, with full rights and protections, sometimes in areas with high muslim population. It really isn't the case that UK citizens have no freedom of speech.

  • LindaRivera

    In Britain, Sheikh Bakri: "We will use your democracy to destroy your democracy."
    This is precisely what is taking place in Britain and throughout Europe. Using our freedoms to DESTROY our freedom.

    Violent Immigrants to the Free World-Their Goal is Conquest
    Savage Muslim mobs – immigrants welcomed into our countries call for the murder of innocents:

    "UK, you will pay"
    "7/7 on its way"
    "Slay those who insult Islam"
    "Europe, you will pay, your 9/11 is on its way!"
    "Jihad Against European Crusaders"

    Violent Muslim Protest Outside the Danish Embassy in London (February 3, 2006). Ferocious screams:

    "Death to you, by god."
    We want Danish blood."
    "May they bomb Denmark! So we can invade their country! And take their wives as war booty!"
    Threats are made against Jews: "The army of Mohammad is coming for you."

  • LindaRivera

    In Britain, Muslims and Islam are elevated above All other People and religions and given special rights and privileges not given to others. Polygamy is against the law in Britain and punished by up to seven years in jail. Muslims are allowed to break this law. If Muslims marry multiple wives overseas, Muslims are rewarded and given welfare benefits for their multiple wives and large number of children. Some Muslim men maintain two separate homes, driving between each home. Britain is Islamic paradise for Muslim males.

    The UK and other European governments have set up many supremacist Islamic sharia law courts revealing Western leaders' hate for women and utter contempt for the Western justice system of equal rights for all under the law. Under Islamic law, women are inferior and defenseless non-Muslims have no human rights. Unless a drastic change occurs, due to extremely high Muslim immigration and very high birth-rate, Muslims will become the majority and cruel sharia law will replace Britain and Europe's justice system.

    In Sweden, many Muslim youth wear a t-shirt proclaiming: "2030-then we take over"

  • LindaRivera

    In UK, Violent Muslim demonstrators chase police for blocks: "Cowards!" "Run!" "Run you cowards!" "Run you swine!" – Is this what brave Britishers sacrificed and died for in the world wars? They died for our freedom – a freedom which Western leaders no longer guard. With many no-go Muslim areas in the UK, Europe, Israel and India where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter – we are neither safe or free.

    Metropolitan Police humiliated at the hands of Muslim demonstrators in London 1-2

    Anti-Israel demonstrators in the West support Hamas:
    Hamas declares Jihad to America and Europe

  • vlparker

    Hard to believe these are the progeny of the English people that weathered the Blitz and fought the Nazis. What a bunch of gutless cowards.

  • alphakilosingh

    And to think that the Government in Britain is led by 'Conservatives'!

    • Perturbed

      I have read all of the comments , and like most forums where comments are seen, hate speech and personal insults are the norm. When is one going to see logical, hate-free , intelligent debate? It would be refreshing indeed. These comments show that people are panicking, allowing emotion to rule, rather than logic. No problems will ever be solved in this way. Get a grip people, let’s see some dignity in these forums!

  • perturbed

    I have read all of the comments , and like most forums where comments are seen, hate speech and personal insults are the norm. When is one going to see logical, hate-free , intelligent debate? It would be refreshing indeed. These comments show that people are panicking, allowing emotion to rule, rather than logic. No problems will ever be solved in this way. Get a grip people, let's see some dignity in these forums!

    • Toryblue

      it's not panic… it's children.

  • alphakilosingh

    One is compelled to be reminded of Mark Steyn's prophetic work 'America Alone' published in 2006. Events are occurring just as he had predicted 5 years ago. Will the Americans take the warning, and heed to his suggestions given in 'After America'? I doubt.