The Glazov Gang: Darkness Descends on the Middle East

Ben Shapiro, Lisa Daftari and Austin Dragon join Jamie Glazov’s new television program to discuss the horror of the “Arab Spring.” Part I of this discussion, which focused on the Republican presidential race, appeared in yesterday’s Frontpage. Part II — of this three part episode — can be viewed below. (To see Part III, click here. )


  • ObamaYoMoma

    Should the US be involved in nation-building missions in the Middle East? It's not a difficult question to answer at all. Fantasy based nation-building missions in Islamic countries to win the hearts and minds of Muslims and to democratize the Islamic world is not only a fool's errand, but it's also absolutely impossible as well, and pursuing missions that are impossible is the definition of insanity.

    Not to mention that the notion that we must not leave too prematurely to prevent Iraq and Afghanistan from morphing into terrorist havens and sanctuaries is ludicrous as well, especially when you consider the fact that for all intents and purposes both countries' respective governments are in essence Sharia states, thanks to former Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, who ensured that they would become Sharia states by enshrining Sharia in both countries' respective constitutions.

    Thus, in reality we are in effect today currently sacrificing the lives of our troops and the resources of the American taxpayers on propping up what are really two Sharia states that for all intents and purposes are already our eternal enemies in order to prevent those Sharia states from becoming havens and sanctuaries for terrorists, and never mind the fact that terrorism is a product of Western civilization only and also considered to be un-Islamic in the Islamic world, which should provide everyone a little insight into how totally misguided our thoroughly ill conceived “War on Terror” actually is.

    Anyway, if we know what is good for us, we will drop the totally misguided “War on Terror” conundrum ASAP because it is incredibly fantasy based and counterproductive, and transition to a new strategy of containing the growth and expansion of Islam instead, and the first step should be outlawing Islam and banning and reversing mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage ASAP. Followed by dismantling the humongous Department of Homeland Security and the gargantuan National Intelligence Directorate, which are both jokes in any event, to bring back financial sanity to our current budget woes, which is something we should accomplish ASAP as zero Muslims living in America will translate into zero jihad attacks.

    Indeed, most people blame the financial crisis, Tarp, the bailouts, the $800 billion stimulus package, high oil prices, onerous federal regulations, impending Obamacare, exploding budget deficits, and a national debt that today exceeds 100 percent of GDP as the sources of our current economic woes today. But our responses to the 9/11 jihad attacks also was a big contributing factor as well, as the misguided “War on Terror” not only couldn't have been more fantasy-based and counterproductive, but the massive expansion in the size, scope, and power of the federal government via the creation of the humongous Department of Homeland Security and the gargantuan National Intelligence Directorate, which are the too biggest boondoggles ever in the history of the world, also contributed massively to our current economic woes as well.

    In fact, if we had reacted sanely to the 9/11 jihad attacks by instituting a policy to contain the growth and expansion of Islam, instead of pursuing a totally misguided “War on Terror” that couldn't have been more fantasy based and counterproductive, while also at the same time outlawing Islam and banning and reversing mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage instead of massively expanding the size, scope, and power of the federal government via the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the National Intelligence Directorate, our federal deficits today would be a small fraction of what they currently are and our national debt today wouldn't also be close to exceeding 100 percent of GDP.

    Indeed, we are on the verge of hollowing out our national defense today and although no one has the courage to say it, we are doing it to continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage.

    • WilliamJamesWard


  • Atikva

    "Darkness Descends on the Middle East"

    Not that it ever was particularly bright before! It's more like "all light now being extinguished on a previously dim area".

    • tanstaafl

      Islamoland has been an area of insignificant illumination for 1400 years.

  • Asher

    Thank Muslim Tyranny and hatred for the decline of a civilized World in the Middle East.

  • 13Sisters76

    "Arab Spring"- perhaps the media just wants us to think of Julie Andrews or a bunch of dancers prancing around to show tunes…
    They certainly do not want us to think of the new "Dark Ages" in the middle east, ruled by savages with a 7th century mindset and ideology. But THAT is exactly what it IS.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What kind of analogy fits the religion of peace coming to town, a town never
    having experienced this is like the circus coming to town and never having
    had a circus only some conjecture, the townspeople are invited into the cages
    to meet the animals. How they behave at home in the wild and here will not
    be much different concerning you, the new dinner, peace……………William

  • Anamah

    We should discourage the offensive textbooks and promoters of discrimination and hate to other religions and way of life in every Islamic schools and mesquites. It is time for us at least in America to stop the despicable ideology of supremacy and persecutions of others.
    We should exclude all kind of tax exemptions to those institution where discrimination and /or foreign laws are promoted or mentioned. We just must stop this kind of crap from progressively intent to gain terrain in our country. Out the crap!!! Stop islamization!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I was wondering how many politicians and office holders in American Government
    have financial investments in Arab Oil and make decisions or made decisions
    concerning what we should be doing about Islamist expansionism and evil?

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