The Glazov Gang: Frontpage’s New Video Feature

Ben Shapiro, Lisa Daftari and Austin Dragon join Jamie Glazov’s new television program to discuss the events of the week. See Part I — of the three part episode — below:

Join us for Part II in Frontpage’s next edition.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    After watching this I became more convinced that Ben Shapiro is a buffoon and thus I will continue to avoid his articles like the plague.

  • 080

    If Glazov's name is on whatever you can be sure that it is of high quality.

  • frankk

    Just seeing this (Friday). Don't know why you devoted so much time to Cain, an obvious amateur. What's needed is someone who can beat Obama. I'm pleased that Herman's campaign is going belly up.

  • JRT

    I think it's a great idea! There's lots of potential. But 240p? Come on! High Def please =)

  • Anamah

    Jamie you must solve the problem with the sound. Is impossible to understand what are you taking about.. Ask an expert, put some fabrics there please!