The Glazov Gang: When Egypt Fell

A distinguished panel joins Jamie Glazov’s new television program to discuss the Islamists’ victory in Egypt. Below is Part II of a three part episode (To see Part I about Putin’s Power, Click Here; to see Part III, about The Road Less Traveled, Click Here.):

  • Marty

    Welcome to the sunni response to iran's shiite menace. The muslim brotherhood and salafists will institutionalize an anti-semitic frenzy that will be the main feature of the genocidal theocratic regime. Israel is already becoming the propaganda target of choice to divert egyptians from their hunger, unemployment, and overall miserable lives. Before attacking Israel, the islamic regime will murder or expel the christian community. That will take a few years. Hopefully, by then, what is left of the democratic west will appreciate the sinister and accelerating threat of islam.

  • StephenD

    We'll see another uprising and a strong military push back within months. Cheap are the words that cannot fill their bellies.
    My fear is that instead of stepping back we (the U.S.) will shore up the M.B. by way of our tax dollars through humanitarian aid (Which will be distributed by the heroes the M.B.). After Hillary saying she "looks forward to working with them" this will be the least of it.

  • Almarri

    I've said it elsewhere; the simple solution is give us your Coptic Christians as long as you take our muslims. However, we know that no muslim in their right mind would change the soft West for an autocratic islamic state no matter how much they rant on about how wonderful islam is!