The Glazov Gang: The Power of Putin

A distinguished panel joins Jamie Glazov’s new television program to discuss the power of Putin, Russia’s recent rigged elections, the rise of the Russian people against the authoritarian regime — and Obama’s response (or lack thereof). Below is Part I of a three part episode (join Frontage’s next issue for Part II):

  • Mark J. Koenig

    Evan Sayet gets it exactly right when he says that Obama is NOT weak and is accomplishing his objectives. We have in office the first thoroughly anti-American, anti-Western U.S. President in U.S. history. This is a fact which must be acknowledged and taken seriously if we are to remove him from office. Even many conservative pundits are far too reluctant to state this as the fact that it clearly is. This is not reckless rhetoric. We have reams of evidence – Obama's actions since taking office in 2009, coupled with his documented associations and mentors prior to the start of his political career.

    We as conservatives severely handicap ourselves by not stating the truth boldly and without equivocation or apology. Evan understands this as very few do. Bravo, Mr. Sayet!

  • Jim

    How about our sham elections

  • Jim

    Some choice of candidates we have. The one candidate that had a possible solution to our economic problems was laid low by an intense media attack on the limbic system of the public.. It was an intense attack with sex,feminist style harassment accusations, total critique of every thing Mr Cain said to make it look as if even not guilty he was politically incompetent to fight the media lynch blitz therefore should not be president. When they could not defeat him with a 3 bimbo eruption they went for a fourth and claimed "where there is smoke there is fire". They did not mention that the smoke was created by the media fiction machine, We need not mention the malevolent comedy called Obama.

  • Ben

    After R.Reigan all American presidents help Russian authoritarianism and Putin under the pretext of
    Russia`s intergrity.Putin understands this as the nationalism`s support.The real people`s support of Putin`s regime is the imperial nationalism wormly viewing by the West.This support is slowly vanishing.