The Glazov Gang: Gingrich Rising

A distinguished panel joins Jamie Glazov’s new television program to discuss Newt’s surge in the polls. Below is Part I of the three segment show. (To watch Part II, click here.)

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The meaning of Gingrich's rise in the polls, which is courtesy of Fox News, is Fox News is adamantly against Romney because Romney is anti-Amnesty. As Fox News is the RINO news network of record for establishment Republicans, as establishment RINO Republicans have advocated for years throwing conservatives and conservative principles and values under the bus in favor of pandering to liberal Hispanic voters because Hispanics will become the biggest demographic in the future. Thus, if you support conservatism and conservative principles and values, support Romney. On the other hand, if you are a RINO establishment Republican that supports dumping conservatives and conservative core principles and values, support that has-been Gingrich.

  • Mark J. Koenig

    Thank you Jamie, for at least pointing out the double-standard with regard to black conservatives, female conservatives, gay conservatives, et. al. The Left would like to claim all "minorities" as victims in need of their warped utopian vision. They rely on the public's tacit acceptance of their false premises. One of those premises is that there is no such thing as a member of a group they consider an oppressed minority who is politically conservative. Such a notion is akin to showing a cross to a vampire, or speaking Jesus' name to a demon, or whatever similar metaphor you'd like to evoke.

    The very idea of an articulate, thoughtful, conservative member of one of the Left's artificially-constructed precious "oppressed" groups threatens to explode their entire world-view. It risks exposing the huge fallacy and conceit of collectivism. It undermines the foundation of class warfare and resentment upon which the advance of statism depends. Thus, such individuals must be destroyed. Conservative gays are "self-hating." Conservative blacks are "Uncle Toms." Conservative women are either evil shrews or idiots or both.

    What really infuriates me about this whole Herman Cain 'scandal' is that NO PROMINENT CONSERVATIVES, other than Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Newt Gingrich, nor any 'journalist' even bothered to investigate the merit of the allegations against Cain, or the credibility of his accusers. With all due respect, two of your panelists – Sonja Schmidt and Austin Dragon – evidently believe falsely that Cain admitted to giving money to Ginger White OVER A 13-YEAR PERIOD. WRONG. SHE claimed that she has had an on-again, off-again affair over the last 13 years. Cain stated he had given her money over an unspecified period for "month-to-month expenses." 70 text messages? Really? And just what were the contents of said messages? We don't know. No investigative journalist appears to care.

    What we do know is that Ginger White has a long history of questionable behavior, has been struggling financially for years, and had a restraining order issued against her by a former female business partner who produced evidence White was stalking her. Curiously, there appear to be no other people who were aware of this 13-year "affair," or of Sharon Bialek's claims of sexual harassment until a few weeks ago. Bill Clinton's philandering was common knowledge in Arkansas while he was Governor. Ted Kennedy's was legendary. But Herman Cain keeps his a complete secret for 13 years, during which he was President of the National Restaurant Association, ran for U.S. Senate in GA, hosted a talk-radio show on the station with the largest talk radio audience in the nation (WSB in Atlanta), AND traversed the country speaking to tea party and other conservative organizations? Seriously? Has anyone other than the three conservatives previously mentioned actually LISTENED to any of these women's stories and noticed the multiple and glaring inconsistencies therein?

    It is also well-known that Cain has helped many friends and family members financially over the years, and is very soft-hearted when it comes to those struggling financially. He stated as much a few days ago in his response to White's allegations.

    Cain's evident lack of foreign policy knowledge is fair game. His choice of campaign management and his manner of response to various attacks is also a fair subject for criticism. Baseless allegations from patently non-credible sources are not. And yet far too many conservatives are content to allow Cain to twist in the wind, hoping for and then practically celebrating his exit from the race, because they have their money on another horse. We saw this same scenario play out with Mike Huckabee about two years ago over his commutation of a convicted felon's sentence while he was Governor of Arkansas. I'm not a fan of Huckabee because of my political differences with him, but this was an all-out media feeding frenzy which included prominent conservatives like Michelle Malkin who should have (and I believe actually DID) know better. There were plenty of legitimate reasons not to want Huckabee to be the Republican nominee in 2012, but this was not one of them.

    Why do conservatives continue to eat their own, or at best stand back and and watch the leftist vultures pick at their compatriots' carcasses without uttering a word in their defense? The spectacle is sickening to me, and it is frankly very difficult to be optimistic about the prospect of saving our nation as founded when so many conservatives refuse to proudly proclaim these principles and continue to accept the Left's false premises instead of forcefully and loudly rejecting them. As Rush Limbaugh wryly observed recently, "It seems that virtually the only Republicans with gonads these days are women."

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Where is the headline that demonstrates that Ron Paul is an unhinged self-hating loon and suicidal anarcho kook?