War Breaks Out on the Glazov Gang

A heated exchange about capitalism escalates into pandemonium on Jamie Glazov’s television show.  (This is Part II of a three-part episode. To see Part I, click here; to see Part III, click here):

To get the whole story on why the Left hates capitalism, read Jamie Glazov’s book, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.

  • Jim

    The issue has been led astray if Capitalism yes or no is the debate.

    The real issue is to return democracy to to congress. As it is congress has become owned mostly by financial interests . These interests create one sided laws that damage the public well being.

    Capitalism under control is beneficial to America. Out of control it becomes a raging monster.

    Restoring democracy will save Capitalism and bring back economic hope.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    The mere fact that the capitalism in America is now being questioned (while the Marxist talk points became a default standpoint) testifies about the erosion of the American citizenship, about the human baseness and misery… It is especially ugly because America came to this state on its own, and due to negligence and inability to recognize and confront the Marxist infection for more than 100 years:

  • theleastthreat

    I would call it something different, Complex Capitalism. When the Gov't is tied to an industry or entitty such as Fannie Mae or Solyndra or GE or GM… things aren't opened up to competition or normal business behavior. Solyndra was failing on its own and fell even after it was "helped". Fannie Mae shares are selling now for about 40 cents, down from around $60 per share. BAC shares were under 5 dollars yesterday. AONE at IPO was around $20 and is now under $2. The Gov't to Industry Complex doesn't work. More control over industry appears to always favor certain companies which ends up hurting everything.

  • SwampFox2U

    Neither Socialism nor Capitalism are evil but one finds people produce the evil associated with the " -ism".

  • mrbean

    If a detailed, factual study were made of all those instances in the history of American industry which have been used by the statists as an indictment of free enterprise and as an argument in favor of a government-controlled economy, it would be found that the actions blamed on businessmen were caused, necessitated, and made possible only by government intervention in business. The evils, popularly ascribed to big industrialists, were not the result of an unregulated industry, but of government power over industry. The villain in the picture was not the businessman, but the legislator, not free enterprise, but government controls.

    “Notes on the History of American Free Enterprise,” Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

  • Niku

    I won't be watching another Glazov "moderated" screaming match.

  • Mike

    Leon and Evan were right. Government IS the problem! Did anyone notice how Rob couldn't come out and state a simple fact that government was the problem with the Freddie and Fannie bailouts? No matter what he did, saying "government is the problem" was just way too difficult for him. People like Rob are the reason I've become so heavily involved in politics. They're so scared to envision a life without government interference and being independent.

  • Curt

    Glad Jamie is doing this but it gave me a headache. Great guests, all but poorly matched to each other and to topics. Would really like to see an interview with Leon alone.

  • Gamaliel

    No one blames the voters but in a democracy the voters are the real culprits. Everyone in
    Congress and the Senate knows that if they make the necessary cuts in entitlements to save the economy they will be voted out of office. The Republicans can't oppose Obama's extension of unemployment benefits or they will be voted out of office. So the debt keeps getting bigger and bigger until the inevitable will happen which is hyperinflation and starvation. You can't borrow forever. People are not willing to take the necessary steps now so we're going off the cliff.