The Glazov Gang: Why Europe Surrendered

Three distinguished guests recently joined Jamie Glazov’s tv program, The Glazov Gang, to shed light on why a continent committed suicide. The All-Star cast included Conservative political analyst Olli Majoi, America’s #1 Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet and freedom fighter Nonie Darwish. Below are the three segments to the program, which touched on several themes: Part 1 dealt with Cain’s resignation and Putin’s power, Part 2 is about Europe’s surrender and Part 3 focuses on each guest’s odyssey out of a totalitarian faith.

Part I: Putin’s Power:

Part II: Losing Egypt and Europe:

Part 3: The Road Less Traveled:

To get the whole story on why the Left reaches out to despotic enemies, read Jamie Glazov’s book, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.



  • UCSPanther

    Why Europe surrendered?

    One answer: Feel-good political correctness.

  • jacob

    Seems KGB's Putin used the same system prevalent in USSR's type elections,
    typified by the story of Ivan being summoned to go vote.
    He gets to the polling place, identifies himself, his name checks Ok with the list of
    voters and notices that the pollster takes a sheet of paper from one pile, an
    envelope from another, fold the paper, puts it in the envelope, moistens the flap and
    as he is about to throw it into the urn, IVAN says :
    "But comrade secretary, would you please allow me to see who am I voting for ???
    And comrade secretary answers :
    SECRET "
    Any doubt this was the system used to elect KGB Colonel VLADIMIR PUTIN ????
    And what did OBAMA say on this matter ????

  • AntiSharia

    When a civilizations main philosophical school of thought is Nihilism we shouldn't be shocked that they believe in nothing and care about even less.

  • PhillipGaley

    Just to maybe sketch in a few things: I kind of wonder if the conceptualizations here partly broached by The Gang would not better first, in an article entitled something like: "In a Natural Course of Events, Europe Has Been a Long Time Dying", and for the administrative evil which Europeans—lo! these many centuries—have ignored, or learned to live with, a second one such as, "How and Why All Too Many of the Men of Europe Are Finally Surrendering the Women", this last fork coming from the first, and both from errancy in matters of religion—and, I'm with those who see Islam as being in the first instance, ideological and organizational, and as operating somewhere down the lane, under religious appearance and self-affirmation or mere announcement.

    As next of kin to Islamism, "Hitler's Justice: The Courts of the Third Reich" by Ingo Müller, as translated by Deborah Lucas Schneider, is most informative as showing the rapid invasive predations of democratic socialism through Saxon society. One thing we would know for sure and certain, there wouldn't be any "Nonie Darwish" type people in beautiful tresses falling around their shoulders, chumming around with the guys, aping and joking. No siree, Bob! That little lady would be at home, engaged in something worthwhile and of worth to a man, . . . like peeling potatoes. As in Islam, so in that fascist attempt, women were immediately disenfranchised—that's right, they were to concern themselves with things which were naturally consistent with their being: "Cooking, Children, and Church", and of course whatever else, the old man felt might be proper—no "ifs", "ands" or "buts", about it.

    Interestingly enough, these things went hand in glove with the men of the Reich rapidly becoming less able of discernment in matters of religion, and so turning back to the pagan Norse gods, and sodomy. Then too, in the gradual apparent loss of their humanity, during their Nuremberg trials, they spent a remarkable amount of time and effort in sarcasm, denial, and sardonic jokes—little or nothing in demonstration of sense of the gravity or moment of the occasion.

    As attributable to loss of normal sense of a human being as might have been seen towards others of our kind, the Nazi socialists kidnapped, took, 250k children from Poland, to raise like a crop in the Democratic Socialist Kindergartens, not as any experiment but as sound facts of manifest worth to the Nazi mind, . . . but, . . . those Nazi thinkers(?) did prove the curious intra-personal sociological fact that, whereas, girl children can be reared without their mothers, all of the boys turned out to be misfits as thieves, drunks, unable both for command or for receiving commands.

  • PhillipGaley


    Europe has never recovered from the administrative evil which feudalism was—this in the face of the fact that, there are those intellectuals in support of the various Societal "controllers", who say that, the best of feudalism and what it can be, has never really been tried—hence, the idea of arranging the nations of the world so as to appear and function as disparate units of one farm or village, united in the fact that, though far around the globe, they can be made as unitary in purpose and effect—slaughter and preparation here, the blacksmith shop over there, storage over there, . . .

    And beside this, in feudalistic systems, if in the lord of the manor there is perfect governance, why would any man need to concern himself with penultimate good?

    Drawing upon Paul, the Apostle, and his first letter to the Corinthian Church: "For, after that in the wisdom of GOD the world by wisdom knew not GOD, it pleased GOD by the foolishness of preaching to save those who believe.", G0D having arranged that, man by his own wisdom would be unable to find or to create ultimate goodness, even so, as no man n the old world of present day Europe—not in a million lifetimes—would mankind be able to self-motivate to the extent of ever overcoming the common impulse to survive and prosper through place and position in an administrative cabal; and it was for this reason that, as the only way in which mankind might move forward in the grace of evolving knowledge of decency, a new birth of freedom was necessary, as a city which is established upon a hill, a light set for enlightening of the nations, the USA must be sustained, . . .

    A pure administrative system, functioning not unlike any mere wind-up machine, the cessation or death of a world without hope—however long and agonizing—is a thing hardly to be lamented, and remembering, that, the USA, the child of nations, set as a life-preserver thrown toward drifting souls in a boisterous sea, is not to be spurned or ignored, . . . which, . . . the natural leaders, many of the men of Europe appear to be doing, having given up the pursuit of G0D for pleasure, and having given up their guns all in the name of safety, that, they should then bow their heads and give up their girls can hardly come as a surprise, . . . but, . . . I feel sure in saying that, to those who look for ultimate goodness, and who are willing to put forth any effort which may be necessary to such pursuit, all things will be seen to work forward to their good; so, there we have it, . . .

    • Steve

      Perhaps you'd consider making explicit comparisons between Feudalism and Marxism/Communism.

  • Steve

    An excellent series of discussions…IMO, isn't it the Radical Left in Europe that set up this absurd EC and the destruction of Western Civilization by Muslims? In America, Muslims are a red herring, covering over and obscuring the extraordinarily damaging policy of massive illegal immigration and the setting up by the Radical Left a "nation within a nation", the network of so-called sanctuary cities. It's over, as the Republic is past the point of no return, My advice for all Americans: ; learn Spanglish and change your family name to Chavez.