To Destroy Israel

A member of the Army of Islam escapes from an Egyptian jail amidst the chaos — and imparts his top priority:

  • John

    Oh my. And just when they had almost convinced me that Islam is a religion of peace.

  • DrNona3

    "Democratic protests" = genocide of the Jewish people. So cheer if you will.

  • jacob

    And now it seems our President, the same one apologizing at the Cairo conference
    for the American misdeeds to the Muslim world is, same as JIMMY PEANUT did to
    IRAN's Shah, pulling the rug from under MUBARAK…

    As an Israeli comedian once said, an American politician is so smart, so shrewd,
    it is next to impossible to tell where the sage ends and the fool begins…

    Let this be a lesson for those in Israel believing in pregnant birds…

  • scum

    No one seems to have noticed from whence this video came, because they're too busy reiterating their support for dictatorship: AL-JAZEERA ENGLISH. The very site that FPM is in favor of suppressing in the U.S. As Matt Damon once said, "How do you like them apples?"

  • ajnn

    Do you remember Al-Jazeera running article after article proving that the asian tsunami (tidal wave) of 2002 was caused by the united states on purpose with underwater nuclear explosions ? how about american soldiers in iraq luring children with candy to shoot them and thereby collect and sell their organs on the medical black market ?

    these are but two examples of the hateful anti-americanism that is a staple of al-jazeera.

    al-jazeera is anything but a professional news organization. it is a propaganda factory like 'pravda', 'der sturmer', and many others before it.

    the airways are a public trust and putting forth subversive lies is not a responsible application of that trust.

  • Razorbak Hog

    Yes–killing all the Jews-men,women & children, will make your poor miserable life so much better.

  • Tx_dreamer

    1st of all, we have 1st hand knowledge the these prisoners didn't escape. My Mother in law & sister in law & step daughter are currently stuck in Cairo. No, they're not Egyptians either & we are in daily contact with them & that's what happened over there. They were purposely released by the Minister of Interior. He ordered the opening of the prison to let the prisoners go. We still don't understand why he did that!!!!