To Hate a Sarah Palin

Welcome to FrontPage Close-Up with Jamie Glazov, a new video series of provocative interviews with the leading thinkers and newsmakers of our time.

Our guest today is satirist, lecturer and writer, Evan Sayet.

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  • kafir4life

    I've contacted LOVE (Liberal Owners of Vaginal Entrances – Formerly known as the misnamed NOW) to find out why those political whores (language that LOVE finds acceptable if directly properly) don't support women. They had no answer, and in full Klaven on the Culture, told me to shut up.

  • Amused

    Again , another meaningless interview with a sycophant . To "hate " Sarah Palin ? Really ? __ To call her incompetent ? is not to hate her / To call her uninformed ? is not to hate her . Even for Maher to call her a tw*t , is not to hate her . Hate is a word you people like to throw around , and use as a hammer on anyone who doesn't fit your mold . Sarah Palin has backpeddled on a number of issues and on a number of statements that she has blurted out . She has changed positions after seeing which way the wind blows on the following day .Therefore she is deceptive , incompetent , and a last minute bandwagon jumper. And yet realising that is not to HATE her . Not to consider her as a credible or viable presidential candidate is not to hate her , it is simply a realistic conclusion . But AGAIN , because all you nimrod REPO-CONS "love" her , anyone who doesn't therefore , " HATES " her . You are like little children . Oh and of course , the " LEFTIES " all , every single one of'em hates Palin .


      Sarah Palin has backpeddled on a number of issues and on a number of statements that she has blurted out.

      She has changed positions after seeing which way the wind blows on the following day .

      "Like the typical liberal that you are I'm actually AMUSED AT YOU MR AMUSED. You as a typical liberal will do, put out a blanket statement with no facts or examples. The rear of the mule which currently guides the Democratic party definately suits you!

      • USMCSniper

        No doubt Amused is a hysterical fan of the post menopausal hag Hillay Clinton who has failed at everything she has ever tried from being a wife to" fencepost turtle" Secretary of State. Hillary Rodham Clinton has never done anything significant in her entire life and her inflated opinion of herself is downright laughable. If she had not chased and married Bill Clinton and hung on his coat tails she would never be a "carpetbagger" New York Senator from Arkansas, and for damn sure she would never have been an also ran failed contender for the Democrat Party 2008 Presidential candidate nomination. Great job she and the other two hags UN ass kisser Susan Rice and in-way-over-her head Samantha Power did getting us involved in a civil war in Libya, and yes, it is all about oil for Europe this time!

        • Eugene Levitzky

          Exactly, USMCSniper. The picture you paint of Hillary as a "fencepost turtle" Secretary of State is one for the ages. Bravo!

          And thanks for your service.

        • Truthteller

          OK, Snipe, even for you, that's a ridiculous post. Get a grip, man!! Great god in Heaven

          • USMCSniper

            Bet you didn't know that Hillary Clinton was SDS, involved in the BobSeale Black Panther murder trial with lawyer Garry funded by CPUSA, articled under Truraft Chief Counsel CPUSA, rejected by JAG as unfit to be an officer, failed DC Bar exam twice, fired by Chief of Watergate lawyers for incompetence and unprofessional conduct, passed bar in Arkansas under suspicious conditions, go positions at Rose law firm only because of Bill, should have been indicted in 1994, obstruction of justice in so-called Vince Foster suicide, receiving illegal monies from ChiComs at WH in 1996, stealing whitehouse articles as she left in 2000, perjury in Whitewater scam, obstruction of justice by burning Rose law firm records, and worse yet, a nutcase that held seances at the whitehouse channeling with Eleanor Roosevelt, Ghandi, and get this Jesis Christ so she told Bob Woodward.

  • zsqpwxxeh

    O Amused One, to spit obscenities at her, to threaten her and her family with death and torture, to denounce, disparage, discount and dismiss her every hour of every day in scathing language in forums ranging from open-air rallies to blogposts, to virtually froth at the mouth at the mention of her name–this may not constitute "hate" in your view, but for the rest of us here on planet Earth when a politician is attacked so viciously for years on end there is something about it that rises above the level of mere distaste. Exhibit A: a comment that calls Palin supporters "nimrod repo-cons" (whatever that means), instead of making a reasoned argument that she is "deceptive, incompetent" and presenting proofs.

    You may or may not be a hater, but you are undoubtedly a fool.

  • FrankS

    Better than a survey-because leftism is the dominant mouthpiece and fools a lot of people-Lets just count words. Sorry I am an engineer. I live on actual real numbers not perception.

    • Amused

      LOL….and you think that gives you a lock on objectivity or common sense ? LOL….I work with electrical engineers several of which couldn't BUY common sense . They never realize their mistakes until their plans are put into the field…then its back to the drawing boards . So , no , I'm not impressed that you are an "engineer " . Next time , as an engineer , try to construct a statement that is coherent .

    • Jim_C

      It is good to find a conservative finally interested in facts.

      So what are those numbers, then?

  • Amused

    O man with the silly name , which I'll refer to simply as zsqp , do you mean people that do the same at the mention of Obama's name ? As your ilk has been doing incessantly soince 21 January 2008 ? Copmparing him , his wife and children to monkeys , and depicting them as such ? That the kind of HATERS you talking about ? You mean the ones that come to town hall meetings with guns an alluding that "they may just be necessarry to change things " ? Thosae kind oif people ? Well it takes ONE to know ONE , now don't it , Z ?
    I need not make the case for palin's incompetence , deceptiveness or backpeddling , they are a matter of fact , merely lost down the rather LARGE memoruy hole , which is the minds of those I mentioned . " nimrod" aka dimbulbs , aka dullards / repo- cons ,republicans for all practical purposes who jump back and forth between conservative and republican , dependinbg on the soup-de-jour .

  • Amused

    And quite frankly Z , yes ,anyone considering her as a presidential candidate , is truly a nimrod repo-con . And I'm sure the Dems are praying that thje nimrods nominate her , ensuring another 4 yrs of Obama ….then you can start all over again , lol….will you start about the birth certificate ?

  • Amused

    BTW , Z , I lost all respect for The Donald , when soley ,for the sake of pandering to the idiots in the Republican /Conservative /TeaParty [ and I say republican because that bis no doubt the Party in which he may seek a nomination] , he sold out his own intellect , for he is much more intelligent than to be a birther , but he's astute to a fault on how to play people , especially nimrods . So for that and that alone The Donald loses my vote , I dont vote for intellectual prostitutes .I have no doubts you would .

    • Laura Latini

      Do you mean, Amused, that you had any respect for The Duck before? That, in itself, rules you out of serious debate, however verbose you may get.

  • zsqpwxxeh

    You know, like most conservatives I look at Republican politicians and wonder, "How can these guys compete with Democrats who have the networks, the unions, Hollywood, universities, and the lefty netroots spinning and covering for them?"… and I feel myself sinking into despair for our country's future. But then suddenly, miraculously, almost as if on cue, someone like Amused invariably appears to raise my spirits. With tears in my eyes I thank the Good Lord who once again is teaching me that I can move forward with confidence, for He has revealed the truth that will save us:

    Liberals are much, much stupider than we are.

    • cjk

      Although I agree, the problem is that those amusing leftist fools vote.

      • Jim_C

        Fair enough, but the people who think Obama is a Kenyan Muslim usurper also vote. So there really are a lot of brain-dead people amazingly functional enough to cast a ballot.

    • cjk

      Although I agree, the problem is that those amusing fools vote.

    • Amused

      yea Z – "stupider " , yup , that's it .

    • Truthteller

      Z, the way they compete is that the vast majority of corporations are controlled by Republicans, and they control your mind as well.

    • Amused

      Glad to be of help Z , now dry up them tears .

  • Amused

    Oh dont worry fellas , I 'll be there with y'all cheering on any Palin / Backman ticket . And I look at the wide support such incompetence so easily garners , whilst those supporters are completely unaware of their political BLUNDER which , just as last election , will guarantee a loss at the voting booths .. In the microcosim of your narrowminded political ideology , unable to see beyond your little bubble , lies the great majority of centrists , who ultimately decide any election . Oh some states will be duped . like Florida which elected a convicted medicare fraud perpetrator , as governor , and the word recall is echoing there . And yes your little group calls them "leftists " but in actuality they are simply people who disagree with the radical elements of either party , and when the candidates get to be ridiculous , as will most defintely be the case should , Bachman , Palin , Huckabee or Trump , be nominated , the centrists on either side will cast their vote , for the LESS stupid . You folks like to call it " hatred " ….but in reality , it just plain ole' COMMON SENSE .

  • Amused

    And keep in mind , those Republican Governrs , recently elected on the platform of " cutting spending " many of which are displaying the fact , that spending cuts means tax increases for the middle and lower class , and tax breaks for the rich ,will be something to be remembered in the 2012 election . And all those "brave words " about gutting Social Security and Medicare ? Are alreasdy not playing well with anyone , let alone those terrible "commie -leftist -socialist -marxist who are retirees or close to being retirees . Repo-Cons sneeringly call these programs " entitlements " , in the vain of something undeserved and worthy of cutting . Well SURPRISE , SURPRISE , at the recent Tea Party rally in S.Carolina , every single teebagger , fox news/glen beck devotee /palin & bachman lover , when interviewed- were vehemenly opposed to ss or medicare cuts …lol…they called that UN-AMERICAN . And rightly so , these benefits have been bought and paid for by working people .Psssst -dullards ! look at your pay stub .

  • Amused

    Funny though , at the recent teebagger rally in S.Carolina , every teebagger /beck/fox news devotee / and Palin -bachman lover , when interviewed expressed, extreme disfavor on cuting or gutting Social Security and Medicare . Inb fact many of these same folks called it UN-AMERICAN . Yet Wisconsin's Ryan is proposing just such cut ! And that's Tea Parety folks ! What do you think the rest of America's retirees and soon bto be retirees think ? Do you think a Palin , or a Bachman , or a Trump will pick up that gauntlet in the upcoming 2012 race ?

  • Amused

    There seems to be a strange view amongst Repo-Con-tea baggers , who sneeringly refer to S.S. and Medicare as "entilements " ,underserved handouts to greedy leftists . Ignoring and glossing over The Fact that these are PAID FOR by Americans who WORKED their entire lives paying into , yea , with THEIR OWN MONEY . Does anyone even bother to look at their paystubs ? S.S. and Medicare are victims of political finagling as the US Politicians through "borrowing " [theft by any other definition ] owes that system atleast ONE TRILLION DOLLARS . LOL…I'm just waiting gto see the reaction when Ryans "plan " filters down to the point where even the teabaggers become aware of it .

  • tdmoeller

    Liberalism is a disease. Amused you need medication for cure or comfort. Try applying your dismissive tone to the current administration… I'll help…

    "Oh don’t worry fellas , I 'll be there with y'all cheering on any Bambi/ByeBye ticket . And I look at the wide support such incompetence so easily garners, whilst those supporters are completely unaware of their political BLUNDER which, just as last election, will guarantee a loss at the voting booths .. In the microcosm of your narrow minded political ideology , unable to see beyond your little bubble , lies the great majority of centrists , who ultimately decide any election …

    Now that wasn't so bad.
    In fact I bet you are much betterer now than you was before not now.

    Glad to help. :-)__

    • Amused

      I think you'd do better treating the clap at a walkin clinic . You knw , since you're so good at diagnosing disease . Have you determined yet that yours is congenital rather than pathological ? No cure for you bunky .

      • tdmoeller

        "Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded."
        "Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave."
        Dr. Lyle Rossiter: The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.

        I forgive you Amused. Your anger at me is not your fault. But it is your responsibility to accept the consequences be they self generated of otherwise.

        Just trying to help.

  • Jim_C

    "Hate?" I always get a kick out of Palin, and I can assure you, nothing would make me happier than to have her run against Obama.

  • Truthteller

    Personally, I love Palin. It's going to be hilarious if she runs. But why would she? Can anyone give me one reason why she would actually run?

  • Jared

    Amused, a fun game to play on this website is to see how many dislikes you can get for one comment. My best is -79. And it was a message of reconciliation. However, if I pretend to be filled with anger and say very cliche statements like Liar, and stupid liberal they love me. I am betting someone is reaching for the thumbs down button right now :)

  • Amused

    I think I might have you beat Jared . If some one gave me a thumbs up , it would have to be due to a broken thumb . LOL….I gave you thumbs up merely based on sanity .
    Ah , but back to the subject matter -Shrill Sarah the TWIT , I say give Sarah her own reality show and she'll be gone from the political scene . A caveat to Sarah though , if she does run , her soap opera governorship [ or half -governorship] back in Alaska will come back to haunt her . But I agree , it will be quite a show .