Two Million Egyptians Chant Death to Israel

Two million Egyptians in Tahrir Square chant “To Jerusalem we are heading, Martyrs in the millions”:

  • John

    Well, since they've tried to destroy Israel on several occasions only to be routed each and every time, it should be an interesting contest. I just wonder where Israel is going to put all those prisoners of war they'll be taking. 2 million. That's a lot of prisoners. Just so Egypt knows, this is what happened in '67 when they forfeited their land by attacking Israel. Does this mean that in another 40 years they'll be crying and want back, through the UN of course, what they lose by foolishly attacking G-d's people?

    • Remember 911

      I agree with you, John. If facing extinction by the armies of the Grand Pedophile of the Moslems, then Isreal will just turn out the lights of their cities permanently, in about 15 Minutes, And deservedly so. Let them scream for blood, but if they act, they will be sorry.

      • go f yourself

        what do you mean be sorry U.S,U.K and France are the whole reason there is a Israel and right now the U.S is losing support the whole reason Jordan,Egypt because they are giving them weapons and if they declare war on Israel. U.S bases will be gone all over the Middle East and pretty much annihilate western help to Israel and when they attack 10 to 12 Arab nations and fully developed to are going to attack Israel even if they have nukes Arab nations could take it so it is the other way around Israel will be sorry and i bet your racist or you are Israeli or a Zionist.

    • screw you

      what do you mean attacking G-d's people there are attacking Palestinians and naming any resistance movement a (terrorist) organization) but they are defending what is there and i am pretty sure that Israel could stop man-made rockets and also they do not have accuracy Israel is the bad guy period and Egypt has more advanced weapons and when they attack Jordan,Syria,Lebanon, and maybe Turkey or Iran will attack and in 1967 Arab nations were less ready and have more experience. The U.S,UK,and France are the whole cause how they won all those wars death to israel and i say that with pride.

  • Bert

    It seems inevitable that the Muslims will feel strong enough to finally destroy Israel by sheer numbers plus their immense missile arsenal. The world and the west will do nothing and may even justify their own moral cowardice by blaming Israel. At that point it will seem that Israel is lost and even their nuclear weapons will not assure their survival.
    The Muslims and the world are all making a fateful bet, namely that the Torah is wrong. If the nations are right this is the end of Israel. If they are wrong they will pay a terrible price. I fear that Obama's betrayals will also bring terrible punishment upon America as per Genesis 12:3.

    • intrcptr

      Jeremiah 30:11

      Babylonian Empire
      Spanish Empire
      Imperial Russia
      Imperial Germany
      Imperial France


      Baruch Adonai

  • kafir4life

    They are muslim, so it's to be expected. It seems to have begun back in the day when mohamat the peodophile invented allah the moon god, then later shat the contents of the terror guide the koran following sex with and a meal of his favorite pig, that they later learned he called "ma". mohamat was angry that them pesky jooos wouldn't follow him and his disgusting islamic preachings. Today's muslims are just trying to emulate their perfect pedophilic maniac, and from what I have seen, they're being successful.

    Allahu Snackbar

  • davarino

    It looks like Israel will have to go it alone. The opposition has to know it will be very dangerous because they have nukes and if they are afraid of being annihilated they will use them in a last ditch effort to save themselves. But if the mooslims lose in this contest I hope they wont be like little bitches and cry to the UN for help.

    • Stephen_Brady

      At least, they'll have to go it alone until January of 2013!

  • bawawa mawango

    put the bible on a side please!
    israel is to strong for this arab`s .

  • tim heekin

    about this "democracy" in Eygpt: Benjamin Franklin "democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for lunch. Freedom is a well armed sheep." ……………I find it beyond irresponsible that the Obama crowd, three weeks into this Mid. East turmoil, have one destroyer in the Mediterranean.

    • Raymond in DC

      … or that Obama intends to continue military aid to Egypt to the tune of some $1.2 billion this year. We're talking F-16s, tanks (made locally under license), Apaches, smart bombs, and myriad other advanced weapons. Does anyone think they're training for conflict with Sudan or Libya?

  • jacob

    If push comes to shove, the West will do exactly what it did when HITLER and Co.
    enforced the final solution and killed six million Jews : ZERO, ZILCH, NOTHING

    Even FDR, idol of American Jewry, wept more by them than if MOSES himslef
    would have died, refused to order the concentration camps bombed because
    they weren't "of military importance"…

    But if ISRAEL sticks to the same defensive crap that brought the almost disaster
    of the YOM KIPPUR war precisely with EGYPT, it might be in for big surprise and
    I guess that, like in the case of the IRANIAN ships as somebody pointed out
    above, it better reads the riot act to the SINISTER MIDGET and tells him he either
    calls them back or they will be sunk, even if the White House occupant opposes it
    and of course the UN, of which people forgot already no less that GADDAFFI's
    LYBIA was a member of its Human Right Commission and CUBA as well…

    So much for respect due to this rotten institution….

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      The West's biggest problem with Hitler was letting him become powerful in the first place. Nothing was done about him when it could have been done between 1933 and 1936 or 1937, as Churchill lamented. Flying over Germany and German-occupied territory was costly to bomber crews, and on nearly every raid at least 50 bombers would get shot down with lost crews (and most bombers had 8 – 13 crew members). Bombers could be replaced, but replacing pilots was much more difficult. Germany's industrial and transport links had to be cut repeatedly at high cost to air crews.

  • SoundDoc

    Jer 31:35 ¶ Thus says the LORD, Who gives the sun for a light by day, The ordinances of the moon and the stars for a light by night, Who disturbs the sea, And its waves roar (The LORD of hosts is His name):
    "If those ordinances depart From before Me, says the LORD, Then the seed of Israel shall also cease From being a nation before Me forever."
    Cursed are those who fight the living YHWH.

  • patsjc

    It is ironical that we have helped arm Egypt only to have them destroy or try to destroy Israel.

    • azdebi

      "Ironical"? Oh, I think not…more like "purposeful"…

  • NYC Parent

    While Torah must be respected, and is a source of strength, the whole point of the modern State of Israel is that Torah will not save you when evil men are in your house, trying to kill you.

    Israel stands for the proposition that free men of good will must arm themselves, and count on themselves, and prepare diligently for war, to either preserve peace through deterrence, or ensure their own survival if forced to fight.

    The Israelis understand this, and will not be caught unprepared.

  • Felsen Stark

    All this insanity because Mo hallucinated in his sleep, riding over the land to Jersusalem on a genetically modified donkey to visit a temple that no longer existed.

  • anolesman

    It is time for Israel to destroy the Muslin Nations. ALL OF THEM that preach hatred towards the Nation that God brought forth from the seed of Abraham.
    There can not be peace as long as one Muslin walks the face of the earth. History speaks for its self.

  • Ollie North fan

    I'm not Jewish but have a great admiration for their faith and country. That being said, I'd hoped that the Israelis could just "wait out" the Obama admin and it's foreign policy advisors.
    Sure as hell didn't figure on these Arab revolts to come in and mess up the waiting out period. Not a fan of Mub but he wasn't about to tear up a peace treaty with Israel at the drop of a hat.
    Now we have multiple situations completely out of control and it's anyones guess as to how they will play out. If we found foreign policy difficult in the new era (post Communist/ muslim terrorism), we sure as hell have a problem now.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    I have a direct Skype line to God and we discussed today’s comments. He wanted me to inform you that he has had nothing to do with the b.s. in the bible or all the other so-called Holy books which were written by imaginative if confused people. In fact, and He told me this some time ago, he has had nothing to do with people. Adam and Eve are pure fabrication. What God did and is proud of was to create the mountains and rivers and lakes and oceans and the creatures that inhabit these. He admits that he is not perfect and his creations are not perfect and man is the result of an accidental pairing of two species of monkeys who were unfit to survive in nature. They thought they were superior to the original creatures and went off by themselves and though he admits that some individuals in this new type of creature achieved excellence in many respects, overall, mankind has been a failed experiment. (Cont’d)

  • Andres de Alamaya

    God has taken an interest in the Middle East because the people there are descendants of some of the earliest creatures to walk on two legs. He feels sorry for the vast number who call themselves Muslims because they became enslaved 1400 years ago by horrible political ideas masquerading as a religion which has kept them impoverished and unable to progress in civilization. God is impressed by little Israel but feels that here, too, there are confused people who divorce themselves from reality which could be their undoing. They defend themselves against intruders and then, after defeating them, they return to them captured lands which the Israelites consider to be just but which in reality is plain dumb. God tells me that Israel will have to deal very harshly with future attacks by the enslaved Islamic mass, as Harry Truman did with Japan, to put an end to their sick ambitions. (Cont’d)

  • Andres de Alamaya

    God also feels that we, in America, must face reality and realize that we are being attacked in various subtle ways in our own country by these Jihadists who have been programmed to bring the entire free world to its knees. God tells me that he is deeply saddened by the man who should lead us but who seems to be trying to punish our friends while supporting our enemies. God has found a man who he feels seems to have the potential and certainly the right knowledge and attitude to lead us in the future. He is a Congressman named Allan West.

    • mmm

      Enter text right here! Just how lost are you when you claim to hear from G-D you had best at least understand HIS word

  • tagalog

    Are these "martyrs in the millions" who are marching to Jerusalem moderate Muslims or radical ones?

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Iran under the genocidal regime of the nuclear-to-be mullahs is an expansionist power driven by the ideology of imperial restoration and Islamic world peace. From the beginning of its revolution in 1979 which stated the unification of Islam (return of the caliphate) as its goal Iran has targeted Israel and its main ally the United States for defeat and destruction; it has also been the bitter foe of Egypt for making peace with Israel and keeping it for an impressive 30 years. Now the era of hostility between Iran and Egypt seems to be over, signaled by a sudden change of policy by the pro-Islamist military junta on Iran's use of the Suez Canal by its military ships.


  • ApolloSpeaks

    Just days after Hosni Mubarak's departure Iran wasted no time testing the new regime by sending two of its warships into the Red Sea for passage through the Canal. Some reports say that the Syria bound ships entered the Canal this morning; other reports say their journey will start tomorrow. Whatever, this policy change is a dangerous concession to Iran; a gesture of blind appeasement and goodwill; a sign that Egypt is prepared to go radical, to break its peace with Israel, turn against the US and the West and join the growing Axis of Evil Islamist States on the belief that America's days as a world power are numbered and the Pax Americana in the Middle East is near its end. No doubt about it, the successful pro-democracy revolt against Hosni Mubarak is going the way of "democratic" Gaza and setting the stage for a regional catastrophe.

    Click my name to read the rest of the article.

  • Debz

    God? The same God that supposedly stood by while 6 million Jews were slaughtered? Or are you referring to one of the hundreds of other Gods that humans have created out of thin air? Israel won't be waiting for any God or Gods to come to the rescue if she is to survive. Survival is about knowing what the human is capable of and preparing a defense from same, not waiting for some mythical mystical being to save the day.

    If Israel goes, NYC is next, then North and South Americas, then the rest of the world. Muslims, if they get their way, will have no enemies left — so they will then prey on themselves — their culture's mandated sexual frustration inevitably begets violent aggression. Eventually they would destroy themselves and the sick culture that encouraged hate over love, death over life. Save Israel, save the potential of humanity. If not, humans will burn out their dna in a overpopulated glut of gore.

  • Wesley69

    Sharia and death to Israel – if this is was at the revolution's core, Egypt can no longer be trusted!!!!! If the Muslim Brotherhood will transform this country into an Islamic Republic, US aid to Egypt better end. Arms we give to Egypt will wind up being used against Israel. Another nasty fact is the Egyptian army is American trained. At least, Israel has nukes.

  • UCSPanther

    Something tells me that the ghosts of Gamal Nasser and the Grand Mufti still haunt Egypt…

  • 080

    Death to Israel? Only on the other side of a nuclear holocaust which would place Cairo and Alexandria in the upper atmosphere.

  • Yetwave

    mohammedans reflexively come to a froth and begin to holler about the damage they are going to do to the Jews when more than two of them get together. As Israeli soldiers have learned through the years from fighting the Egyptians and the Syrians, ad nauseum, all that is required is a some well directed live fire to put a lid on the empty macho boasts.
    Despite what the bravado of the mob may have the world believe, once the actual shooting starts, there are more brown stains on the back their thobes than there are proscriptions against eating pork in the koran.

  • irandissident

    Tahrir square cannot contain more than 20-40 thousand people depending on how packed the population is.

    Go to Google Earth, measure the dimensions and the area (it is no ore than 350,000 square feet),… deduct the unusable area (structures, curbs, obstacles, etc….) you will end up with about 250,000 square feet… now assuming that all of that is covered by people and the people are packed like sardines with a little breathing space (one per 5 square feet, which is not likely- try it at home) you will get 50,000 people. A real number based on tighter density in the center, and more spread out in the periphery, a realistic number of 25,000 will be reached.

    In Iran in early 1979, non Islamic revolutionaries, estimated their rally participation at 100,000 which took place on a sub-standard soccer field inside the Tehran University (now the site of Friday prayers), no bigger than 100X50 meters or 45,000 square feet. This propagandist self delusion, had a terrible backlash when the Islamic regime began filling the field and all the surrounding streets and alleyways with many times more people, during rallies and Friday prayers: The anti Khomeini forces , based on their own propaganda, now dreaded that the regime was gathering MILLIONS every week, whereas the real figure was below a 100,000 beyond the first months.
    Those of you who (perhaps by the dictates of the "non violent" revolution handbooks), exaggerated the anti Mubarak Tahrir square population as "hundreds of thousands" (real numbers 10-20,000) now have a hard time sleeping, fearing the "millions" chanting anti Israeli slogans.

  • Max

    When will we americans sing the same in washingthon? The people in the Egypt are now more free than us. We are still controlled by the Israeli lobby.

  • Stephen_Brady

    I agree, Spirit. The outlook is grim, purely fram a secular standpoint. I also agree with the analogy of the modern Left & Muslims being the heir to Hitler, and his genocidal aims.

  • Tony Redgrave

    Actually in the Bible it states that Israel will never be defeated because it is guarded by the Archangel Michael. So yeah they will never defeat Israel because our Father in Heaven will not allow it!

    Im a Christian by the way.

  • Prince David

    bloody arabs go to hell,no weapons will's raise against god's people and nation(Israel) will be deafeated.

  • mohey rawhey

    you all dont know what the hell you are talkin about and obviously dont read arabic OR THE NEWS!!! the writing at the bottom clearly states that the mass of people was celebrating the success of the revolution and the acceptance of their terms by the military. this is a breakthrough in Egypts history. and all you people are doin is implanting false ideas in peoples heads…. conveying a false image of anti-westernism and anti-semetism which both do not exist in post-mubarak Egypt. if anybody is the instigator. its the israellis moving their troops closer and closer to the border and breaking the terms that held the camp-david treaty together. that truly distinguishes the antagonist from the protagonist.

  • william f mcdonagh 3

    death to israel,is my only christmas wish

  • John

    In the natural it's easy to make this argument, however, in the Bible that I read, you simply do not discount what G-d is doing or what His outcome will be. Read Zechariah 12, Ezekiel and Isaiah. You might feel a little different and more hopeful after that. G-d protects his promises and Israel is definitely one of His promises. Never discount the miracles of G-d. They will never wipe out the Jews.

  • aspacia

    Ah, Israel was attacked by five Arab armies in 1948 and won. Historically, you are incorrect.

  • ziontruth

    We the Jews have received guidance from all the custodians of the Torah throughout the ages, that we are not to hatch plans based on End Times scenarios; that we are not to treat the prophecy of Gog and Magog as any kind of fortune-telling; and that we are not to rely on miracles, and yet to stay open to the possibility of their taking place.

    I believe HaShem will glorify His name by saving His nation. I believe His nation, for all their faults, is capable of uniting in dire straits, and then we see deliverances both natural and miraculous. But no one knows the future except God Himself–no one, no sage, no intelligence officer, no climate modeler, no crystal-gazer. No one knows which nation shall rise and which shall fall, which shall prosper and which shall turn destitute, which shall overcome its enemies and which shall fall to the sword, except God alone. This last we say every year at Rosh Ha-Shanah, when all pass before Him in judgment.

  • intrcptr

    Actually there is, by its absence. As even the rabbis make clear in the Talmud, the TaNaKh mentions only two diasporas. There is no third. And with the re-entrance into Zion in 1967, the Jews are home to stay.

    There is also the destruction of Cairo and Damascus (Which by the way is the oldest city on the planet never to have been ruined in war)…

  • tagalog

    Tarrytown, New York? I used to live in Tarrytown when I worked at Westchester County Medical Center. Is the Lock, Stock, and Barrel still a popular tavern in town? Or was the Lock Stock and Barrel in Pleasantville? It was a long time ago…

  • M Robs

    You are wrong – read Ezekial (sorry if I misspelled) and the book of revelations. The bible states that Isreal will be sorrounded on all sides by it's enemies and that ultimately Isreal will triumph over the Islamic Antichrist. Good book to read that puts the whole scenario in perspective is "The rise of the Islamic Antichrist – the true nature of the beast".

  • mmm


    you really have not read the bible have you

  • Gloria

    Here is a link to a movie that depicts the biblical story of "Gog-U-Magog — The Last War" in present day context:

    The film brings together the history of Israel with it's dynamic end of time prophecies and gives hope and meaning to our times. It's 48-minutes and quite well done.

  • Nobody

    "you really have not read the bible have you "

    You nailed it. It's apparent that poster hasn't. Doesn't know Amos 9:15, Jeremiah 31:8, 10, 35-37, Zechariah 12, Zechariah 14 nor Ezekiel 38/39.