UCLA Daily Bruin Prints Center’s “Wall of Lies”

Every year, campus hate groups such as the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine join a festival of lies called “Israel Apartheid Week” whose theme is that Israel is an apartheid state (false – Israel is the most tolerant and diverse state in the Middle East) and that its security fence is an “apartheid wall” (false – the wall is a fence put up to keep suicide bombers out and has reduced Palestinian terrorist attacks against Jews by over 90%). These hate weeks are designed to de-legitimize Israel and soften it up for the kill. The declared goal of Hamas and the PLO is to “liberate” Palestine “from the river to the sea” – in other words to destroy the Jewish state and push its inhabitants into the sea. The growing BDS movement on campus (BDS stands for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, which are the steps the movement advocates taking against Israel for its purported policies of “apartheid”) is another element in the jihadist assault.

Until now, there has been no national campaign to counter this sinister agenda which has been financed by student governments and supported by academic departments. (At UC San Diego last year, one of the sponsors of the hate week was the Thurgood Marshall College, named after the famous civil rights leader, thus insulting both Jews and African Americans.) But this year, the David Horowitz Freedom Center is sponsoring counter-protests on more than 50 college campuses, as part of its Islamo-Fascism Awareness Campaign. Taking inspiration from Jumanah Albahri’s admission of a genocidal agenda in her confrontation with David Horowitz at UCSD, the focus of this spring’s campaign will be Islamic extremists’ genocidal intentions and their campaign of lies during the genocidal Anti-Israel Apartheid Week.

As the centerpiece of the Freedom Center’s counter-protest, student groups will confront the “apartheid walls” with our center’s “Wall of Lies,” which is composed of the anti-Israel lies Palestinians promulgate with the intention of destroying the Jewish State.

The UCLA Daily Bruin has just printed the center’s Wall of Lies, which is depicted in the graphic above, and is also printed below. To learn more about the Wall of Lies, visit WallofLies.org.

  • muchiboy

    "Jewish habitats in Palestine cannot, by definition, be settlements. That is because the Jews are the indigenous people of Palestine. The only settlements on Palestinian soil are those of the Arabs, who have illicitly taken the name of "Palestinian" for themselves to pull the wool over people's eyes."

    An extreme and uncompromising position,ziontruth.If not flawed legally or logically,then certainly a morally flawed position.In the end,I think that will be the flaw that will convince the world that change must be imposed on Zionist Israel,as it was on Apartheid South Africa and racial Rhodesia.For what ever reason, I think Israel and her supporters are unable to make the ethical leap needed to acknowledge and recognize the grave wrongs done to the Palestinian people.This is an example of otherwise good people,i.e.the Jews, doing unconscionable acts against an innocent and vulnerable people i.e.the Palestinians.The use of denial and the motive of land greed by Israelis combine to perpetuate this human tragedy.

    "MixMChess is abusive?! What are your standards, man?"

    Civility.Restraint from personal attacks.For starters.

    "He has exhibited far greater calmness"

    You come a close second to his abusive,immature style,ziontruth.

    "do yourself (not to mention us) a favor and relieve yourself of that abuse by getting your miserable derriere off this forum. "

    I should not have to be the one to leave this forum,ziontruth.I do not post abusive replies nor comments.Disagreement with legitimate,reasonable opinions does not justify abusive,personal attacks.While this forum is somewhat moderated,i is apparent from your posts that self restraint and moderation is lacking on your part.Perhaps immaturity,perhaps just plain bad manners.Again,in the school yard such bad ,impulsive,immature behaviors and words would get you a bloody nose.muchiboy

    • ziontruth

      "An extreme and uncompromising position,ziontruth."

      Says the one who thinks Zionism is a European colonial project and that all Europeans Jews should have set up their state on the banks of the Rhine. Pot, kettle, black.

      "…,I think that will be the flaw that will convince the world that change must be imposed on Zionist Israel,as it was on Apartheid South Africa and racial Rhodesia."

      Boycotts, divestment and sanctions? Go right ahead. All that would achieve would be the Israeli Jewish population shifting even futher to the Right.

      "I do not post abusive replies nor comments."

      Oh. My. Gosh.

      None so blind as those who won't see. None so unaware of his abuse as the one who can't recall that each and every one of his comments, on every thread, even those not related directly to Israel, consists of vile, diabolical abuse against the core Jewish idea of the right to sovereignty on the Land of Israel. None so demonizing as the one who compares Zionism to Nazism is nearly every post. I rest my case.

    • MixMChess

      I told you Ron, you stop lying about Israel and I promise to stop telling the truth about you. Try not to get all salty eyed on me now!

      • muchiboy

        "I told you Ron, you stop lying about Israel"

        I'll try.pinky square.muchiboy

  • muchiboy

    "All that would achieve would be the Israeli Jewish population shifting even futher to the Right. "

    You're right,of course.So what would you suggest?You know them better then me.They're your people.I try to think what the whites in Rhodesia could have done different to survive.muchiboy

  • ChristopherInFlorida

    I's so sad seeing 'educated' young adults posting out of what they believe to be enlightenment and truth. Some of what I'm reading is SO far from thruth. READ, READ, READ! History is no longer being taught in our schools, nor is creative thinking, so I must give them a sliver of understanding. They're being told what to believe rather than looking this stuff up themselves to verify. They'd be AMAZED if they'd read things NOT suggested by their professors or liberal friends. Until they can put forth a little effort to learn history they'll continue to believe the rediculous liberal skewed view of it. It's truely amazing, and frightening, the ignorance spreading throughout the world these days.

  • http://www.liesaboutisrael.org/ Rafi

    For those interested, I’ve created my own version of the Wall of Lies:


    “For decades, the State of Israel has been the victim of a propaganda campaign intended to delegitimize its existence. This campaign must stop for there to ever be true peace. Learn the facts today!”