Voices of Palestine

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  • Red McGraw

    Let's for once stop kissing Israel's a$$. They have been driving our foreign policy since the Balfour Declaration. If they get pushed into the sea, our oil prices drop. Anti-Semite? anti-Zionist, yes.

    • Red Mcgraw

      Should read anti-Semite, no.

    • MixMChess

      You're an idiot Red. Israel doesn't drive American foreign policy, and America didn't even officially start giving military support to Israel until the late 1960's and early 1970's. Oil prices rise because of greedy Arab states, not Israel. And yes, to condemn Israel alone among all nations or blame it for all of America's problems (oil) reeks of antisemitism.

  • Trent

    Red, did you sleep through grade school? Or have you just been asleep for the past 3 weeks? Did you miss out on what is happening in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, etc. The mask is coming off. The Arabs' travails have nothing to do with Israel or the U.S. The source of their travails is the corrupt style of Arab government. The rest of the world, including the U.S. is trying to help them sort out their problems, and everyone is starting to realize that Israel has nothing to do with it.

  • tramky

    Have you noticed that all the Muslim thugs are ugly, ignorant, vicious men? It is time the civilized world rose up and decimated the Muslim world. It is a festering sore on the face of the earth, a deep and broad cancer on humanity. Islam hold no redeeming values; it is brutish, thuggish, intolerant, and destined for annihilation. It must be reformed, and initially that will only occur by violence.

  • tramky

    And the Western, civilized world MUST take over all the Middle Eastern oil fields, including those in Saudi Arabia. The Muslim do not deserve them, and they certainly do not deserve the money. OPEC must be dismantled and made to completely disappear. No more Arabs dictating oil prices to anyone.

    No, NATO should take over all the Muslim oil fields of the Middle East and sell it for $20 a barrel–that will ramp up the global economy very quickly. We'll pass $1 of that $20 to the Arab oil-producing nations, pretty much just as a tip–that is all the money they get from the oil–the amount that WE dictate to THEM.

    We must avenge the Arab oil embargoes of the early & late 1970s, cancel out OPEC, and get the world moving again. It was the Arab oil embargo of 1973 that ruined the world and set the stage for the horrors that have transpired since then.

    • http://dachte.org Pat Gunn

      @tramky: It’s hard to tell whether you’re providing a caricature of someone with a bizarre political perspective or if you’re somehow serious.

      Are you suggesting Western countries prove how civilised they are by invading the Middle East to take over their oil fields? How could you justify that? Is foreign policy to be reduced to “We want your stuff, we have a gun, give it up”? That seems pretty brutish to me; that’s not how countries relate to each other in modern times, and not the standard to which we should aspire.

    • Ageofreason

      Well put, tramky. Completely agree. However, a great deal has to happen before that will be possible. The inevitable war made possible by the appeasers, enablers, and anti-Semites of Europe will happen first. If it happens during Obama's term, Israel's survival may not be possible. Israel must stop thinking of the United States as an ally, just as the United States must stop thinking of Saudi Arabia as an ally. Wishful thinking cannot rule foreign policy. Just as cowardice and denial of reality led to WWII, it will lead to war in the ME. All of the Muslim ME must be subdued and pacified harshly, with no quarter given. The world has become a very dangerous place largely because of spinelessness by the West. The vultures of Russia and China would love to pick over a weakened North America. The left is organized and ruthless within our ranks. Freedom-loving people are at great risk, and the lights are going out.