Voices of Palestine: Abdel Aziz Rantisi

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Speaking to several thousand supporters in Gaza on March 27, 2004, Rantisi said: “America declared war against God. [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon declared war against God, and God declared war against America, Bush and Sharon. The war of God continues against them and I can see the victory coming up from the land of Palestine by the hand of Hamas.” Added Rantisi, President George W. Bush “is the enemy of God, the enemy of Islam, an enemy of Muslims.”

On March 22, 2004, upon the assassination of Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin, Rantisi was named as his replacement. Less than a month later, on April 17, 2004, Rantisi himself was gunned down by an Israeli army helicopter. This was precisely the manner of death he had desired for himself: He had once been asked how he wished to die, to which he responded, “It’s death whether by killing or by cancer; it’s the same thing. Nothing will change if it’s an Apache [helicopter] or cardiac arrest. But I prefer to be killed by [an] Apache.”

Following Rantisi’s death, Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat declared three days of mourning in all Palestinian towns and villages. He also instructed schools to devote the first half-hour of lessons to reading from the Koran in remembrance of Rantisi.

In an obituary that appeared in the April 19, 2004 edition of the United Kingdom newspaperThe Guardian, journalist Derek Brown, who had met with Rantisi on occasion, wrote that the late Hamas leader had “said he condoned the murder of Israeli children, if that would secure the future of young Palestinians.”

In the 2007 Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) trial, which looked into evidence of HLF’s fundraising on behalf of Hamas, the U.S. government released a list of approximately 300 of HLF’s “unindicted co-conspirators” and “joint venturers.” Rantisi’s name was on that list, as were the names Omar AhmadAbdurahman AlamoudiYousef al-QaradawiAbdallah AzzamJamal BadawiMohammad JaghlitMousa Abu Marzook, andAhmed Yassin. The list also included groups such as the Council on American-Islamic RelationsHamas, INFOCOM, the Islamic Association for Palestine, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Arab Youth Association, the United Association for Studies and Research, and the North American Islamic Trust.

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  • ziontruth

    "They [the suicide-murderers] will teach the Jewish mothers in Haifa, Tel Aviv and everywhere that our blood is not cheap."

    Au contraire, it has taught us exactly the opposite. That, and their willingness to exchange one Jewish prisoner for over a thousand of theirs. But far be it from an Islamic imperialist aggressor to have any sense of irony.

    "…he condoned the murder of [Jewish] children, if that would secure the future of young [Arab colonists]."

    Just like one commenter we had here for a time. As well as, tacitly, tons of Marxist Islam-sympathizers in the entire Western world, including, I suspect, the one occupying (pun intended) the White House.

  • Marty

    Happily, rantisi is dead, killed justifiably by the very people he wanted and worked hard to murder. There is a bit of justice, even in the middle east. This creep did serve a purpose, though. rantisi is a poster child for hamas and the obsession to slaughter all Jews. He publically indicated he wanted to kill every Jew in palestine. It was one of his life's disappointments that he didn't get the chance. But cowards and thugs such as rantisi are still living (and dying) in the mindset that views Jews as completely defenseless and helpless just waiting for the next progrom or Holocaust. There is no better argument on behalf of Israel's continued existence regardless of the fact that success in defending Jewish lives distresses and "offends" muslims.

  • StephenD

    I would love to see Abbas called on to either refute these statements by Rantisi as being abhorrent to him and his beliefs or to embrace them ~ one or the other, for the world to witness. Even though it is acceptable for them to lie, I bet it would be fun to watch him squirm as he tries to placate what he thinks the world wants to hear and what those that believe the same way want to hear.

  • LindaRivera

    The Muslims can never win, because it is the Creator who has divinely brought back large numbers of Jews to the land He promised to Jews as an everlasting possession. Why do the Muslims provoke God by claiming the Holy Land belongs to them and not Jews?

    Jerusalem is mentioned 700 times in the Bible, not once in the Koran. At the time of Mohammad's death, there was not a single mosque in Jerusalem.

    There NEVER was an Arab country of Palestine and Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity.

    The hate for Jews and what is happening right now has all been foretold by God in the
    Bible, thousands of years ago. The Bible makes it clear that the enemies of the Jews are the enemies of God. Who will not fear and revere this Great, Mighty and Awesome God?

  • LindaRivera

    Rantisi lauded those suicide bombers who had lost their lives in the process of murdering Jewish civilians: “I congratulate them. They will teach the Jewish mothers in Haifa, Tel Aviv and everywhere that our blood is not cheap.” “This is the answer to the Zionist terrorism,” added Rantisi. “In the future we will multiply the suicide bombing attacks and we will carry out operations that will shock the Jews.”

    The Muslim HATE for God and INTENSE HATE for God's, eternal, unchanging Laws is horrifying:


    • ben jabo

      Linda, you should know better

      They are NOT "suicide bombers", the proper term is "HOMICIDE BOMBERS"

      When they kill ONLY themslves, that's suicide, when the kill others it becomes an act of HOMICIDE

      • LindaRivera

        Hi ben jabo,

        It was NOT me that called them that! The entire first paragraph of my comment is a quote from the article!

        Actually, I call them human bombs. Muslim human bomb killers might be a better term than human bombs.

  • sod

    It's apparent that Israel made a mistake in 1992. And the mistakes are repeated by the west many many times over.

    Rantisi obviously think his blood is more precious than his fellow Arabs, while encouraging them to kill themselves and others, Rantisi is enjoying the result of his chaos. He also thinks Arabs' life is cheaper than that of Israeli by exchanging 1000 Arabs for 1 Jew.

    • ziontruth

      "It's apparent that Israel made a mistake in 1992."

      If you mean the Oslo Accords of 1993, it was only one, and not the earliest, in a series of mistakes.

      Israel's first mistake was in the aftermath of its Independence War of 1947–9, when it left quite a few Arab colonies standing "on good behavior"—rewarded for not taking part in the fighting (how kind of them) and not choosing to flee at their leaders' behest. The descendants of those are now a 20% minority within Israel's pre-1967 borders, and getting more and more seditious every day, less and less reticent of expressing solidarity with their brothers in the post-1967 lands.

      The second mistake, of course, was in 1967, when Israel took back Judea and Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights (and the Sinai, but that isn't part of the Land of Israel), but opted to leave all the Arab settlers residing on the land to show itself to the world as an "enlightened occupier." Given the fear struck into the Arabs' hearts by the results of the 1967 War, Israel could easily have sent all the Arab colonists packing, as well as cleared out the cow udder built on top of the Temple, but its leaders squandered the opportunity, and now all this is going to be much more difficult.

      You're right, lack of will and the desire to be seen as merciful are the undoing of the entire free world in this war against those who are least deserving of any show of clemency. Leadership has betrayed the free world again and again.

  • Ghostwriter

    Rantisi was a creep who got what he deserved. End of story.