What Some Muslims Are Thinking

Muslim Professor Abdallah Nafisi dreams of an anthrax attack on America:

  • Celestine

    What a despicable human being. Unfortunately, he is no lone wolf. This type of hate is endemic in the muslim world.

  • kafir4life

    Now is islam that gutter cult that was invented by the pedophile mohamat? The one who shat the most holy of terror guides, the koran?
    Just curious.

    allahu snackbar!!

  • Daren

    A true seed of the serpent – Genesis 3: 15 – satan !!! allah-al-llahi (satan) the moon god must be so proud of him !!! allahu a snackbar !

  • Rob Lotz

    How do we fight them or defeat them without ourselves becoming just like them?
    Our military members are committing suicide at very high levels (which indicates that they will be suffering from others maladies as well) and I'm afraid it's because they are so close to the evil that pollutes the minds and souls of the Middle East.
    This type of evil/hate wants to spread its infection to others, friend and foe alike. Evil is like an infection of the body, it wants to spread and multiply to all weak or willing hosts.

  • Asher

    We would like to help the troublemakers meet their maker!

  • tanstaafl

    And this is a religious leader?

  • Rather Dan

    “How do we fight them or defeat them without ourselves becoming just like them?”

    How do we fight them at all? What does one guy like me do?

    1 Letters to politicians
    2 Money / support to web sites and associations that spread the truth

    Where pIslam is strong: deliberate out-breeding program and low Western birth rates, P C intimidation, Left wing alliance, oil wealth, momentum, immigration to West,

    Where weak: abject poverty and bad government, in fighting, short life expectancy,

    Strategy: deception, “crisis what crisis,” pIslam is peace, “moderates” who do nothing to help us, “defense of religious dignity” gambits, lawfare and intimidation

    We must: defend the right to discuss it openly (utterly vital), find ways to get information where muslims not just us will be exposed to it,

    and….? Let’s start moving strategically…

  • Fudgepackin Mohamed

    Soon America will join the sharia compliant nations. BHO is leading the way towards a caliphate. There is not a Christian bone in his body, only a racist hatred of everything American. May G-d be gentle when he corrects this nation.

  • xog

    if this guy is so aggressively supporting a biological 9-11 against us we should kill him just like we did OBL

  • pyeatte

    Another job for Seal Team 6.

  • Guest

    …..and the world sympathizes with these monsters because?…..they are in contention with the jews maybe?
    We in our ignorance have let a baboon troop into the launch room.
    I sincerely fear that civilization will not survive this.

  • Sound&Fury

    What's his mailing address? We need to send him a postcard.

  • palidin 911

    "muslim professor dreams of anthrax attack on America:.

    I dream of mushroom cloud over Mecca.

  • al Kidya

    "muslim professor dreams of anthrax attack on America"
    I have a contrary dream…my dream is where an American jet drops a battlefield nuke on Mecca during the hajj at the end of Ramadan. I wonder what Dr. Carl Jung would think of that dream? I do know that Freud would attribute it to a sexual fantasy of sort.

  • guest xyz

    The false prophet Mohamad was a molester, maimer, mayhemmer and murderer, those who follow him and his allahmonster become like him.

  • MaoYing

    Its not just "some" Muslims who feel the way Nafisi does. There are a whole slew of Muslims that want to bring down America. I think this goes without saying. But, guess what? A whole slew of them are right here in America, too, and many of them are our NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS–

    After considering the information given in the articles that are shown above, it appears that Anthrax just might be the least of our worries.

    • CAROLE63

      The terrible thing is you might never find out as they practice TAQQIYA, which means they are pleasant to your face so you wouldn`t suspect any thing and the next thing you know they are carrying out suicide attacks etc!

      • MaoYing

        <DIV>Carol–</DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV>You are so right about TAQQIYA. Also, know the arabs (muslims) are the enemy of God. The Bible makes this clear. In the original Hebrew texts, the arabs are referred to as “Arbeh”.—

  • Tom

    The real enemy are the Marxists who now control our media and government. It is only their protection that allows this kind of insanity to grow, both within the united states and overseas. The media cover up allows the cancer to grow.

  • MaoYing

    Yes, Islam is indeed insanity. And it is a cancer as well. And it surely is a growing cancer at that. With this in mind, there is NO WAY, just NO WAY that Islam is anything close to being a religion. NO WAY. If Islam is not a religion, then what is it? Well, I say it is more of a POLITICAL MOVEMENT than anything else. Obviously, the Islam POLITICAL MOVEMENT is very dangerous to say the least..For the United States, the Islam POLITICAL MOVEMENT (cancer) is allowed to grow because it can easily manipulate government and society in the United States via THE GREAT RACISM SCAM.

  • MaoYing

    As for THE GREAT RACISM SCAM, I say THE GREAT RACISM SCAM is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on United States citizens in the history of the United States.
    Enter the Muslims here. You see, In the United States, your basic muslim qualifies as a minority. Consequently, as such, government and society must be "sensitive-to-their-needs". Even if such muslims are terrorists, government and society must still roll out the red carpet and give them anything and everything they want simply because they are a minority. Anything less, would OFFEND the muslims. And when muslims become OFFENDED, they get all upset and start screaming RACISM. On top of that, when Muslim become OFFENDED, you will see all the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons and Jeremiah Wrights coming out of the woodwork and start screaming RACISM as loud as they can, too. Everybody but everybody knows, when the big "R" word surfaces, everybody but everybody runs for cover. In the end, the muslims get to continue doing what they do best–going to their friendly neighborhood mosques and planning terrorism on the United States simply because they are a minority and cannot be OFFENDED in any way, shape, or form.

  • CAROLE63

    This man is a sorry excuse for a human being and just pure evil comes from his mouth!
    These men who are caught out in our western nations saying these things should be deported to a muslim country!
    The West should bring in new laws to this effect! This goes for banners carried by these misfits in protests on our streets with barbaric words which indicate using violence and murder in our countries! Why is nothing done about this? Appeasement will only embolden them more as they know they can get away with it!