Where’s the Party in the Muslim World?

Welcome to FrontPage Close-Up with Jamie Glazov, a new video series of provocative interviews with the leading thinkers and newsmakers of our time.

Our guest today is Robert Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch and the author of ten books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Truth About Muhammad. He is coauthor, with Pamela Geller, of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War On America.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    I love Jamie, but this particular interview was a very awkward, clumsy utilization of the invaluable insights that a scholar like Robert brings to the table.

    • jbtrevor

      I agree, Robert scarcely got to answer the question before he was interupted by an ''okay''. And if Jamie is going to be a serious interviewer he's got to learn to sit still. Jaime draws all the attention to himself and away from the person being interviewed. These are likely comments difficult to read (for Jaime), but my hope is that he grows into the next great TV personality….

  • Gregg

    Islam is a disease of the soul. After living in Egypt and seeing the depravity firsthand I know that of which I speak. If you fished in a toilet you would find better food for the spirit than the queeran offers. Lies, cheating, murder, rape, pedophilia, beastiality, slavery are just the big players. Islam destroys those that worship the beast moohammed.

    • Arvin

      I don't think youi ever set foot in Egypt, and there are millions of people that visit Egypt each year, that would know that you are a lier. You choise of words are only reflective of your hatred and obviousley your upbringing

      • Drckol

        Nice spelling rag head

  • Truthiocity

    The interviewer has a unique voice (I don't mean the way it sounds) but needs to develop his interviewing skills, pre interview skills and post interview skills.

    He asks a lot of semi related questions and then interrupts the interview subject as he is speaking, often before the question was answered to my satisfaction as a curious viewer. It is always possible to let the interviewee have their say and then edit the whole piece later.

    Many of the questions were semi related and could have been the subject of an entire interview. The interviewer could have thought up several questions along one theme rather then jump from theme to theme. It results in a lot of little points that are not so easy to mentally organize.

    There is room for improvement in lighting, camera and sound. Editing too would have strengthened the video.

    I saw signs that the interviewer definatly has a unique voice and should analyze his performance and ask for critiques with the goal of enhancing further what can make him unique as an interviewer.

    • posse 101

      you're exactly right on with your critique. i wrote basically the same thing you did in the comments section. i even sent an email to Glazov himself regarding same. he was nice enough to respond too. perhaps you could/should do the same.

  • Mo_

    It was impacting to hear the litany of the lack of contributions to society and the world that the Islamic world has for a track record. (But wow, this did come across as rushed!)

    One question that just came to me and that I've never seen asked, much less addressed, is: Why has there never been a worldwide, continued, mass-revolt against Islam? Of course the threat of death is a deterrent, but you would think that after so many hundreds of years and in so many countries that people en masse would simply decide that death is preferable to be enslaved in this way.

    • Chezwick_Mac

      You underestimate the power and allure of a religiously-driven and validated supremacism. The Muslim male is given sanction to dominate and control both his woman and his non-Muslim neighbor. For one with a perpetually immature world-view (the average Muslim), this ain't a bad position to be in.

    • flyingtiger

      There is a world wide defiance of Islam. It is called Christianity. Everytime you pray, you are against Islam.

      • normaldude

        that is self-defeating. if you are praying for the sake of being against islam you might as well be praying to allah because islam is what is in your heart and mind while in prayer. your statement is distasteful, incorrect, and anti-christian (i'm assuming that's your religion). if you are praying it should be for no other reason than to glorify your own cultures diety (or set thereof), and the values represented by that anthropomorphism.

      • dmoen

        God is no normal dude. Christians emulate Jesus (supposedly) . To be a christian means to surrender your life to God; To live abundantly under the will of God which Jesus demonstrates perfectly, loving our neighbor as ourselves. Those who pray to allah are in service to satan perfectly described in John 10 verse 10, . I 'pray ' to converse with the Lord, and to hear from Him. If I could always obey , I would be on the front page of every newsmagazine worldwide, but I am too weak. So I return to God on my knees again. The world needs Jesus, not more Fear, Hatred and Ignorance represented in islam..

  • posse101

    Message to Jaime,

    you need to learn how to interview people. stop interrupting your guests and therefore impeding their flow. let them speak and by doing so you allow their statements have more gravity. by letting them speak the listeners (myself included) won't have to fight through your constant and rather self-serving interruptions. it's not about you, it's about them. lead them in conversation but don't dominate the conversation. watch some old Johnny Carson tapes interviewing people. or even Charley Rose. LET THE PERSON SPEAK! and stop plugging your own book while you're at it. it makes me lose respect for you.

  • http://www.libertariancomment.com Glenn Donovan

    I turned this off about 7 minutes in – Glazov is unwatchable. I’ve given him the benefit of the doubt on previous occasions, as I thought I must be misreading him or just caught him on a bad day as he is the publisher of FrontPage, closely associated with David Horowitz and therefore can’t be a complete moron. But I was wrong. Glazov’s mealy mouthed, ham-handed attempts to comment on Islamic youth society were shown for the pseudo-intellectual dross they are by Spencer’s gentle, yet decimating responses.

    Mr. Horowitz, you do yourself a grave disservice to allow yourself to be represented by such a dimwit.

  • flyingtiger

    I have to agree. Just pitch a few simple questions to Robert and let him talk and talk. He is a very interesting character and knows what he is talking about.

  • tramky

    It has been interesting that, since 9/11, the Federal government has made pronouncements that we are NOT at war with Islam, just with Islamic extremist thugs & bloodthirsty killers.

    Well, as we see, we SHOULD be at war with Islam because Islam IS the problem in the world. It is a pseudo-religion consisting in actual fact of blood-thirst, depravity and ignorance. Islam has NO place in the 21st century world. While in America and other places we have individual cases of depravity, mass murderers, serial killers, Islam produces entire populations whose everyday normal activities are serious felonies in the United States and the civilized world.

    THIS is the truth about Muslim countries, and is why they are the only world problem that really matters, and the ONLY world problem that needs to be taken on by the entirety of the non-Muslim world. Islam can not be permitted to stand as it has, for it is deadly and depraved. The continuance of Islam is an existential threat to the world.

  • normaldude

    we're probably on the same "side", but i can't get down with that statement. it's just hateful…

  • normaldude

    do you know any muslims? all of the muslims i know are secular fun loving party animal americans. by the way, i'm not secular and not muslim. it's not healthy for you to contain such rage at an ENTIRE group of people. it also doesn't make sense. save your energy to be disgusted with individuals, and governments.

  • FreDraken

    Often, as soon as Jamie asks a question, his eyes drop down to his papers, as if he's rehearsing asking the next question and not listening to Robert's answer. He plays with his papers WAY too much. Sheesh, who ELSE does this? Nobody.
    His interviewing technique is so painfully and distractingly bad that I could feel Robert wincing internally. This is a high-school level of amateurism. I don't know that it's even fixable. Jamie struggles for words in posing questions. His brain doesn't appear to be agile enough to be a competent and fluent interviewer.