Why Leftists Are Losers

Welcome to FrontPage Close-Up with Jamie Glazov, a new video series of provocative interviews with the leading thinkers and newsmakers of our time.

Our guest today is satirist, lecturer and writer, Evan Sayet.

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  • Jared

    Wow. Its this kind of rhetoric that makes it difficult for people who happen to have different political stances not be able to have a normal conversation.

    "These are people who literally define American beauty as urinating on Jesus Christ."

    Tone it down Evan. If your kids decided they didn't have the same political beliefs as you, would you then be required to disown them because they are now baby killers and at "war with America"?

    • Jason Z

      The problem isnt what they are saying, its that they are not saying it enough> the difference is that they say say palin is stupid, we are racist etc, regardless of what the facts are. The left only has insults. Where as there are actual art exhibits of christ being peed on, covered in ants etc. Thats not rhetoric thats a fact. The left has openly stated they are at war with america, they openly state they want to tear down our system and replace it with theirs. This is all documented fact. So how is that rhetoric when we state this? Just as the jihadists, they openly state in actions and words their intentions. I see no reason to not believe them and not call them on it

      • Jared

        Jason, there are quite a bit of facts supporting many members of the tea party with racist rhetoric. Not only members, but leaders. If the leaders are infiltrators – as you suggest below is the only reason the tea party has received bad press for racist comments, then that is quite amusing you are being led by an infiltrator. What system are progressives trying to replace with theirs? I was not aware a secret system was at play here. It is possible to disagree with someone and not be disagreeable. Especially when you are talking to the 90% of people who do not espouse hate for people with different views.

        • jasonz

          exactly what facts? While im not saying we are perfect. We are nowhere near the level libs want to make us out to be. and there was a direct effort made to infiltrate and spread these lies. thats well documented. in fact its still hapening. we make an active effort to single out these people as infiltrators. again all documented.

          • jasonz

            we have a congress man who said we spit on him and heard us say the N word, yet no evidence was available. not with the hundreds of outling camera/phns and not even with his own people recording our every move during that whole time. 100k reward for any evidence. nothing. even he and the NYT had to retract. you have krugman blaming us for the shooting of gifford 2 hrs after it happened, and even he stated in the beginning that there was NO evidence, bt he was going to state it anyways.

          • jasonz

            even wghen evidence arrived in droves that we had nothing to do with it they still stated we did. they demand we be "civil" while they still sout their crap.they have been reduced to saying we think racist thoughts andare "speaking in code" because there is so little evidence. even if you take the monkey pic recently (stupid) there is plenty evidence that the same crap was done to Bush including open threats of violence. just look up anti bush protest signs on google.

          • jasonz

            Just for kicks i did anti obama and as i knew there is NO comparison. obama=socialist vs kill bush .They pull the race card out every time someone disagrees with obama. i can just as easily state many of thoes who voted for obama are just as racist because they voted for him because he was black. I heard more about america "needing a black pres not another old white pres" than i ever did about not voting for him because he is black If we in the TP are racist then so is every person who voted for obama. If we want to talk about rhetoric then we def need to get into Bush and the things the left did then. why is a hitler obama racist,but not a hitler bush? Bush is retarded=ok, Obama socialist=racism?

          • jasonz

            Theres no secret. The progressives activly admit wanting to replace capitalism with social justice. and lets face it the progs are activly trying to redistribute. Obama was raised by marxists. he states he activly sought out marxists etc in college..many of his czars he apointed without congressional approval are /have marxist ties and beliefs. this is all easily verifyable. so its not really that much of a stretch to assume that thoes views shaped his opinions and actions after 40+ yrs. if bush had members of the kkk around him, even if they said they were not active there would have been hell to pay. We have union members activly using violence to force their views. Obama does not care about america he wants to change it this is the fact. and while i wont spread lies or say we are perfect. i will call it as i see it

  • Jared

    In the same fashion that the tea party has been called racist, ignorant, filled with hate, and literally wanting to kill the poor – well of course no one would want to hang out with a conservative if these things things were true. But these stereotypes are untrue and pundits and politicians should come back down to earth where people actually do get along.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      I've known many a liberal in my time, and they all seem to be nice enough folks especially in regard to "The Greater Good." Although I don't suspect many of them would be inclined to steal my watch or my bedslippers, when it comes to intellectual honesty there's not a one of them I would trust alone in a room with a red-hot stove unless the stove were comparatively valueless.

      • Jared

        I would say the same of conservatives concerning intellectual honesty. I have to brace myself coming onto most of conservative blogs and website knowing full well nearly half if not more is well disputed by true analysts. As the saying goes… you are entitled to your own opinion.. but not your own set of facts.

    • jasonz

      But we have proof they want to destroy america,,,,,they state this over and over again. Whereas they called us racist no matter what, with not only 0 proof, but they even attempted to infiltrate us with fake members to create the impression we were racist. We dont need less combativeness, we need more. The unions threaten and commit acts of violence agaist us and we do nothing because we dont want to be percieved as mean. and violent. but the left has stated this and continue to state this no matter what. the left will justify anything it has to do. we cannot win unless with start being MORE forceful and less tolerant. you dont reply to someone who says they want to destroy you with "pretty please dont"

  • eilam

    sarah palin is stupid, obama is supid. american politicians are stupid in general

  • Truthteller

    Glazov, I thought you were an intellectual. Obviously I was wrong. What garbage…

  • Nick

    Evan got it backwards. The left thinks the right is stupid and the right thinks the left is evil.
    Leftists do not believe in evil.

    • jasonz

      agreed which is why they cant be led to reason only shown the cold face of nature. sounds harsh but dont doubt for a second thats their intentions for us.

  • Amused

    Oh what a croc of bullsheet . Jaime's no intellectual , Sayet's knows what Jaime wants to hear , and they sit there blowing smoke up each others arse .Jaime knows what FPM wants to heasr , that's why he's got a job . They both hate maher , Sayet ,as he already stated , "I don;t like the man " …and Jaime because he most likely wouldn't have a job if he didn't say so .