Why No One Likes Bill Maher

Welcome to FrontPage Close-Up with Jamie Glazov, a new video series of provocative interviews with the leading thinkers and newsmakers of our time.

Our guest today is satirist, lecturer and writer, Evan Sayet.

See Part 1 of the interview below:

Join us in our next issue for Part II.

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  • noelle blanc

    really great totally hilarious and insightful! God bless my friends! Looking forward to the follow up interviews!

  • elfprincess

    so brilliant! love love love jamie glazov and evan sayet's alright, too :)

  • Amused

    Great "lead me by the nose " interview . As far as who likes Maher ? Talk about a juvenile conversation , this non-plus B.S. cession takes the cake . C'mon people ! Sayet saying he broke the ten commandments when he was a liberal , but no longer does [his implication ] .
    Maher , an entertainer , and political pundit , has ratings , Sayet ? Never heartd of him . But Jamie leads him like a donkey on a rope . Two choir boys preaching to one another . But i I guess sayet says it all ….." it's easy to pick on maher , I don't like him " …the intelligence here just flows out of the screen . Bottom line ? "Why no one likes Maher " ? lol….BECAUSE I DON'T . That's a great one Jaime .

    Grow up man .

    • Gary from Jersey

      Typical liberal projections with requisite name calling. Throw in non sequitors (Sayet didn't say he broke all the Commandments; Maher has ratings, never heard of Sayet) and Amused gives us yet another example of Sayet's description of "liberals are 5 year olds with a bigger vocabulary." Amused and his cohort will learn nothing, and that's why we're in the early stages of cultural and political civil war. God help us all if they get guns.

      • Amused

        Better go listen to the tape again Gary . P.S. I already have guns ………..just like you . Sayet isn't even funny , but then again jaimie cherry picked this interview , and Sayet was the Lackey , lead by the nose ,as it were , through the whole interview . …oh well . Maher simply speaks his mind , criticizes anyone worthy of it and doesn't give a rats ass what anyone thinks , forget all that psycho-babble Sayet spouted . Sayet would have been better served if he simply said he didn't like the man , because that is what eventually he expectorated through the interview . But I guess that went over your head to, huh Gary ?

  • John C

    Awesome interview! Funny, insightful, contentious, irreverent….everything one needs for a half-hour of knowledge and entertainment. Keep it up Jamie; the interviews just keep getting better!

  • Jim_C

    "No one likes Bill Maher."

    Let's see…he's had a career as a comedian for 30 years; has had a successful, politics-based show for 10 years; put out a documentary people actually went to see. Now, I find it hard to believe you can have that sort of career in entertainment with nobody "liking" you.

    Now, Glazov and Sayet? No one has heard of them, and no one is likely to hear of them in 30 years. Sayet is an obscure…"comedian," is he? Next appearing at Camp Ima Wannabee in the Catskills, perhaps?

    Objectively, you'd have to admit many, many people seem to like Bill Maher; while nobody has ever heard of these two nattering nabobs who spend their day enviously slagging Bill Maher.

    • Tony

      I'll try to respond like a liberal. Just give me a minute to beat my head against the wall so as to lower my IQ to well below room temperature.

      Ok. All set. I seem to recall that Hitler was well liked.

      Now that was a pretty solid liberal response.

      • Amused

        Hit your head again Tony , you just need a few more bangs to reach IQ/80 .BTW , be yourself .you can't fool anybody .
        LOL….Hitler / Maher ???? – man ! what a genius you are Tony .

  • trickyblain

    Next installment:

    "Why Nobody Has Heard of Evan Sayet"

  • theleastthreat

    The first time any Leftist hears about Sayet and they reflexively go on to denounce him. Sound familiar?

    • Amused

      The only time ANYONE hears Sayet , is in a mundane interview with jamie , uh ..Jaimie …who ?
      The man stated he didn't like Maher , your "objectivity " alerts should have went off . But you'd best ignore them .You heard what you wanted to hear , and jaime had the shovel .

      • theleastthreat

        And in your posts about how you've never heard of him. Again and again. How many times can you claim to never have heard of someone?

        • Amused

          As many times as you attempt silly weak replies . ,and use your parroit word "leftist " …..you've probably got it tatooed on your forehead .

          • theleastthreat

            Sadly, no it isn't. We who are not on the left have had other things branded there by those not on the Right. (Notice I didn't say Leftist!) such as Nazi, war-monger, and even the latest dis, Islamaphobe. And because we have become too self-important we should thank you other people (didn't use it again) (Why are you so touchy about that anyway?) for putting us in our place. So is the universe back in order or do you need to flaunt your giant intellects and fire off more adjectives in our direction?

          • Amused

            Don't play turnaround with me chump , I coulkd careless what side of the political spectrum you place yourself in , stupidity is stupidity , and I'm sorry you have no command of the English language , but I 'm sure you understood every bwoird I said . And if your reading comprehension is anything worth a slug , then you'd have noticed , I use NONE of those terms , nor have I . Your play of words above is juvenile at best . Oooops there goes anothe "big word " -" juvenile " ….should I keep everything dumbed down to three , four or five lettrer words , lest I be accused of having " a giant intellect " , which I imagination must be a [get ready genius ] a perjoritive ..lololololol……..you're pathetic man !

          • Amused

            Now go ahead and criticize my typos , sorry I have large hands , rough with callouse too , keyboards are sensitive , that comes from working for a living , and I dont bother with spellcheck .

          • theleastthreat

            I've said nothing but nice things about you. How can you say otherwise. Actually, I think your razor-sharp wit coiuld be used in Nuerosurgery. In fact, I suspect you may be practicing that on Joe Biden. BTW, leave him a bit of his brainstem. He does need to go about breathing you know. Anyway,shouldn't you be at a Mensa meeting? After commenting so favorably on your mammoth intellect, I assume that's one of the other things you are involved in.

          • theleastthreat

            I don't why the first comment was deleted. It wasn't vulgar or anything like that.

    • GKC

      Next thing you know the "fat cats" will be trotted out.

  • Questions

    Fact: Bill Maher and Ann Coulter dated each other once upon a time. Here, then, is a guy willing to cross party lines.

  • Howard Hall

    Jamie's print forums are great. This interview was dull, a waste of time except for the joke about Obama "leading by not leading".

  • bob maram

    it is a mark of today''s low level of politicalinsight and satire when a bill maher is considered a political pundit. where is mort sahl now that we need him. bob maram

  • Amused

    political pundits come in all shapes and sizes , and are of every stripe . lol….the internet bloggs are proof of this . to mix it with comedy and be successfull , and get paid big money , have a tv show, produce a documentary that people have paid to see , aint too shaby . Maher is intelligent , rude at times , and yes many find his comedy funny ,despite the opinions expressed on this particular website , and that is because , the ideology expressed here is totally subjective when it comes to Hollywood in general , let alone Bill Maher . For the position here is …lol…anyone who enjoys maher ..IS A LEFTIST …and that because Maher is critical of the far right radical political and religious views of the right . However anyone who watches his shows would soon realize that he is just as critical of hypocrisy on the left and has criticised Obama on numerous occaissions. Its not his fault that the REPOCONS are such easy targets with people like Glen Beck , Limbaugh , Bachman and Palin spouting such stupidity across the airwaves every day .

  • Amused

    This thread should be re-titled :

    " Why WE dont like Maher and anyone who disagrees is a LEFTIST . "

    Let's just cut to the chase and save all the phony exterraneous B.S.


      Its amusing Mr Amused that you obviously don't like this right wing website but yet you continue to follow it and give us your shallow insights. Whats up with that?

  • 080

    No long expllanations. He's a shmuck.

  • eckleburg

    Maher is not funny. He mocks, belittles and scorns while posing as hip and cool. It is the lowest form of humour and appeals to an adolescent mentality. Amused.

  • Michelle

    Wow why does everyone hate Bill Muher? Im not seeing any facts….I only know him from the movie Religulous and I thought is was amazing I loved it, he seemed laid-back and like he didn't care about attention, he just wanted to know why epople were so religious……so are the people that hate him Christain/religious? Because that is what I am seeing….so obviously the movie got to people haha.
    And why are they stereotyped liberals? These people seem pretty damn bias and religious to me…….and plus, they were saying something like Bill didn't like the ten commandments? where are they getting this info from? In that movie I watched, he simply said there should be more commandments!! stupid people.