Why the Left Sides with Terror

Below is Jamie Glazov speaking with DemoCast following his address before the San Fernando Valley ACT! for America chapter on March 16, 2011:

To watch Jamie Glazov’s speech on the Unholy Alliance, see below:

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  • SpiritOf1683

    Hmm. Why couldn't Chomsky have had a GPS implant up his anus?

  • Jim

    A Palistinian explained it to me. The radical Muslims adore the far left because they feel that the liberals in America are doing their best to degrade America.

    Who else would the Left turn to as large a group as radical Muslims which they could attach to and hopefully ride to power.

    Radical Muslims hate America that's all the credentials needed to attract Liberals.

  • John43

    A random person explains something to you…so it must be true! How insightful. I wonder if I can cite that source in my book… but only if you spell Palestinian correctly first :)