The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe

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[Editor’s note: the following is a speech by Geert Wilders’ delivered at the resumption of his trial on February 7th, 2011. Wilders is charged with inciting hatred and discrimination by speaking the truth about Islam.]

The lights are going out all over Europe. All over the continent where our culture flourished and where man created freedom, prosperity and civilization. Everywhere the foundation of the West is under attack.

All over Europe the elites are acting as the protectors of an ideology that has been bent on destroying us since the fourteenth century. An ideology that has sprung from the desert and that can produce only deserts because it does not give people freedom. The Islamic Mozart, the Islamic Gerard Reve [a Dutch author], the Islamic Bill Gates; they do not exist because without freedom there is no creativity. The ideology of Islam is especially noted for killing and oppression and can only produce societies that are backward and impoverished. Surprisingly, the elites do not want to hear any criticism of this ideology.

My trial is not an isolated incident. Only fools believe it is. All over Europe multicultural elites are waging total war against their populations. Their goal is to continue the strategy of mass-immigration, which will ultimately result in an islamic Europe – a Europe without freedom: Eurabia.

The lights are going out all over Europe. Anyone who thinks or speaks individually is at risk. Freedom loving citizens who criticize islam, or even merely suggest that there is a relationship between islam and crime or honour killing, must suffer and are threatened or criminalized. Those who speak the truth are in danger.

The lights are going out allover Europe. Everywhere the Orwellian thought police are at work, on the lookout for thought crimes everywhere, casting the populace back within the confines where it is allowed to think.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    WILDERS: "Hence it is a right and a duty to speak the truth about the evil ideology that is called ISLAM."

    Note to Charles Krathammer and other confused, faint-hearted members of the anti-Jihad: Wilders had the courage and foresight to identify the enemy without such qualifiers as "Islamism", "Islamo-fascism", "radical Islam", etc. Take a hint and grow some gonads.

    • Ercille Christmas

      Chezwick_Mac, Amen to what your stated!


      For the truth… Go to

      Hang on for the scarist ride you can imagine….

  • Gene

    He is Absolutely right. I wish one of our media or USA ligislators would get the guts to say the same on a mega platform. See this link. Now relate the Koran to the same proof.

  • davarino

    The oil money of the middle east has a strangle hold on us which prevents leaders from speaking the truth. We should produce so much of our own oil, that OPEC cant give theirs away. Without oil we will see which nation lasts the longest. They want to go back to living in tents and riding camels, let em.

    NO Sharia in the USA


      For a real eye opener, go to:

      • Dave

        The Koran is a document replete of insinuation

    • Allen

      It's not that it "prevents leaders from speaking the truth", it is all too often that the idiots we have elected are either getting rich off it themselves, or they are having their election and re-election campaigns heavilty funded by it and directly related special interests. We need laws that forbid those in government positions from profiting from taking one side over the other in any way, and forbid campaign financing from special interests of any kind. We need to govern our government and prevent it from continuing to grow out of control of the people.

  • Chris

    Chilling. Sad. Inspirational. He is absolutely right and a very brave man. Would that our leaders in America had his courage. So that leaves us, everyday citizens. It is we who must be outspoken and proactive. Islam is not a religion, but a cult. It is dangerous to everything we hold dear and will destroy is if we let it. The first thing we must do is get the Muslim-Marxist out of the White House and elect an American Conservative with demonstrated courage.

  • Eagle in NYC

    Everyone should read this man's speech. It's like Paul Revere's midnight ride for the entire Western Civilization.

  • Inspiration

    In Europe we have Geert,the EDL and more and more brave souls are stepping up to the plate each day as the hypocracy and downright evils of Islam becomes ever more apparent. I am watching for someone from here in Scotland to state the obvious and un questionable truth about what is happening here……we shall prevail.

  • Cuban Refugee

    May God bless you, Geert Wilders, and continue to give you the strength you have exhibited to repel the forces of evil that threaten freedom in Europe and all over the globe. If only our representatives in Congress showed your courage and grace, our republic would stand sovereign and free from invaders, and be the leader of the world it had been until a host of recent events revealed our weakness.

  • Jacqueline42

    Geert Wilders is one of my heroes.

    Geert Wilders is one of the very, very few who have the courage to speak the truth. Look where it has gotten him. The Netherlands used to be the heart of thinking, intelligent reformers, and liberty, now it is in danger of becoming one of the first Eurabian States. I fear for Mr. Wilders’ safety as he battles these throwbacks.

    • Inspiration

      I fear for all our safety,

  • Inspiration

    Whilst attending the University of West of Scotland in Paisley ,just outside Glasgow as a student i was constantly harrased by groups of hateful Pakstani muslim students who asfar as i could see had the run of the campus, i was physically attacked whilst alone by groups of these people on 5 occasions, whn i brought it to the attention of the universty staff & lecturers i was either rubbished by them, or called an intolerant racist, i am so angry that these haters have a free reign to do as they please in my society with almost always no implications. I also witnessed hate preaching on the campus by muslim imams right under everyones noses in the communal library area of the university in the evening…welcome to the lunatic left west of Scotland. I am so angry.

    • Dave

      My son has just experienced exactly the same at a private school in central Scotland.

      • Inspiration

        I also had my life threatened by a group of muslims who were laughing at me as a walked past them, they followed me to the small room i was in with a member of the university staff, they threatened my life as my reaction to their mocking laughter was to shout ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH. The went berserk, and i had to be accompanied from the university by security. These people turn in the blinking ofan eye from pleseant and articulate individuals to blodthirsty murderers.

    • mike

      Sorry about your problem with the musnuts but Scotts used to know how to deal with trash like that!!!

      • mike

        Just ask the Romans!

  • Jacqueline42

    The older I get, the clearer it becomes that EVERYTHING in this world falls into one of two categories: Good or Evil. At the risk of sounding trite, it must be said that Geert Wilders is in the battle of his life against the forces of darkness.

    • Inspiration

      We are all in thebattle of our lives against the forces of darkness….as each day passes it becomes evermore apparent.

  • Jaladhi

    It seems to me lights have gone out of Europe ever since they decided to import Muslims from Africa and all over the world and then in the name of multi-culturalism and they decide to let them impose Muslim culture on them. Except for a few brave and truth speaking people like Wilders, most European leaders have decided to abandon their own religion and the core values of European civilization and thus helping to hasten the demise of Europe so that an Eurobia can firmly take roots there .

    Lights are going out in our own country thanks to Muslim immigration and the same spineless PC morons who are our leaders.

    Is there a fearless Geert Wilders in USA?? None on the horizon!!

    • immahawk

      Glenn Beck and David Horowitz are two of many speaking out against the insanity that is Islam. We all have the responsibility to educate ourselves about the true nature of Islam (Do not fall into the trap that the religion has been hijacked by the radicals. This religion is radical based on the Koran which instructs its followers to kill infidels – Jews and all others not converting to Islam. Converts are treated as less than second class citizens.).

      Let us get up and educate ourselves, our families, our friends and above all….ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!

    • asdf

      i had some guy tell me that it was the same thing importing a bunch of somali rapists into the country as it was letting the irish and the jews in. actually thinking about it now i'm not sure if he was cutting down the irish and the jews or being politically correct. i think he was being politically correct. i told him he was an idiot. these people are violent without any regard for human life outside of their little world. he just didn't get it.

    • asdf

      i would LOVE to have a geert here.

  • sflbib

    Re: "We as Westerners have lost the capability to identify evil when we see it."

    Correction: "We as Westerners have JETTISONED the capability to identify evil when we see it."

  • Wesley69

    The lights are not out yet!!!!! As more leaders realize that multi-culturalism is a failure, the push by Islamo-fascists will increase. The Europeans will have to fight for their civliization, or learn how to adapt to Sharia Law. They need to restrict immigration from the Mideast. Get them from Mexico. They need to get rid of Muslims in their country's illegally. Battles will be waged, but they are unavoidable. The banning of Sharia practices needs to be done as well.

    The entire West needs to get rid of Politically Correct Thinking. It is the talk of appeasement. Unfortunately, in the US, under this administration, it will not happen. We can only hope that the vast number of Americans see what is going on and stand up before the lights go out here as well.

    • asdf

      fortunately, this crazy administration has a lot of people waking up. people are suddenly realizing what a mistake this whole progressive movement is.

  • ziontruth

    The enemy has two heads: One with a tongue that breathes fire, and the other tongue explains why the fire is justly breathed, and why the evil man is he who speaks out against that fire. The fire is terrorism, suicide-murder, honor-murder and rape; the words are the Politically Correct, Multicultural Narrative that "explains" how all this is "roosting chickens." The word-uttering head is no less dangerous than the fire-breathing one.

  • ziontruth

    Multiculturalism must be understood as inseparable from the context of Marxism. It is on the level of nations the same as that which Marxism intends on the level of individuals.

    You know Marxism is against property rights: What a man possesses or creates is taken away from him for the Common Good. Today, many people are wary of this idea when put forth in a blatant form, so it is instead sold in appealing packages: “Social justice,” “fairness,” “equality” (meaning equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity, which conservatives support), “spreading the wealth,” and so on. You have to be educated about Marxism and its terrible history so as not to be hoodwinked.

    Now Marxism is also against national sovereignty, in much the same way. (Exceptions are temporarily made, of course, for national and pseudo-national movements that “stick it to The Man,” meaning usually the West and Israel.) In Doktor Zhivago there is the part where Zhivago comes back home only to find it populated by strangers, by order of the Communist Party, “for the Common Good.” What the Marxists intend for the state is the same: That it no longer be a nation-state, but instead be a free-for-all regardless of the nation’s opinion on the matter. Marxism wishes to abolish the nation-state just as surely as it wishes to do away with property rights, and here too the idea is seldom declared outright, but marketed deceptively. Multiculturalism, “diversity,” “anti-racism” and the like are the shiny wrappers for this bill of goods, which is a recipe for untold suffering.

    The Marxists accuse the opponents of multiculturalism as being on a par with the Nazis. This is a gross inversion of reality. Nazism was imperialism (just like Islam, and Marxism itself), and imperialism is the mirror image of multiculturalism. Imperialism says, “What others possess and create really belongs to you.” Multiculturalism says, “What you possess and create really belongs to others.” Two sides of the same coin, serving someone’s agenda on expense of the others.

    The opposite of both imperialism and multiculturalism is sane nationalism, nationalism that is both exclusivist and non-imperialist. “The state as its nation’s castle.” Equality means the equal opportunity of each nation to a state of its own within fixed, indigenous (where applicable) borders, not the equality of the residents inside the nation-state. The members of the nation, and only they, are the masters of the nation; if others find that unjust, they should move back to their own state, where they are the masters. Such an arrangement is no more “unfair” and “oppressive” than the right of an individual (and his family—whoever is added by consent) to exclusive residence in a house or apartment of his own, as opposed to the Marxist plan as seen in Doktor Zhivago.

    Sane nationalism needs no theory of humanity, racial or otherwise, in order to make itself evident; it is borne out by the indisputable fact that, above the level of the nation, the differences between individuals are just too great to be reconciled, so that the best course of action is to give each nation its protected space. We design computer operating systems to wall off processes from one another in order to prevent crashes; human beings are much more prone to strife than computer processes, so why do people still insist on putting different nations and cultures under the same political roof? It is only to serve the agenda of Marxism, which is antithetical to both national sovereignty and individual liberty. Marxism is treason; it must be outlawed by every nation that values its survival. It and and its deceptively presented tenets, such as multiculturalism.

  • jack marshall

    Islam is a particularly malignant strain of a profoundly anti-humanist belief system: monotheism.

  • Dennis

    I suggest that everyone who is concerned about the"ISLAMIZATION" of Western Civilization consider how Humor, especially that humor which reduces the cause of consternation to a laughable, non-powerful state of being, and its use can be used without being violent. For example, in the '60s, one of my favorite songs was "AHAB THE ARAB". His main lady was Fatima who had rings on her fingers, bells on her toes, and a bone through her nose!

    It doesn't appear that society has progressed much further and it thinks it can rule the world??? HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

    Iran cannot refine its oil. Egypt used camel riders and horsemen to disrupt the crowds. Khaddafi lives in a tent. Ahmadinejad only has 1 suit, 1 shirt, and 1 jacket…can't afford a tie. In Paris, the adherents have no place to pray so they clogged the streets…maybe they can't understand the concept of public walkways and streets. And, the women really dress way too cool – but don't understand that "dress black" is for evening events…gee, I hope those things get washed or dry-cleaned often. Finally, would you rather have a degree from MIT or from Mecca? Oops, is there a university in Mecca???

    What a theocracy, what enlightenment, what a laughable movement.

    • asdf

      you flatter yourself. for in africa they kill people machetes, butcher children, and take over governments. here they learn to fly airplanes into buildings. don't ever underestimate these people for when you do and you have your back turned they will stab you right in the back.

    • Coeurmaeghan

      Humor?? Ya, that worked really well for the cartoonist in Seattle who wanted a 'Draw Muhammad Day' didn't it? The FBI, although not helping her, advised her to change her name, occupation and residence, in order to protect HERSELF. No protection offered by our gubmint. Molly Norris, I think her name WAS, and death threats against her were 'vague, but creditable enough for the FBI to spring into action to tell here to HIDE. Thanks a lot for nuttin'.


      For the truth… Go to

      Hang on for the scarist ride you can imagine….

      • Tomko

        That link doesn't work

  • Glenn Koons

    Geert and PM Cameron need to be congratulated by all Americans. Of course, the leftist progressives will blanch. They love PC baloney whether it is kow towing to our Islamofascist enemies or Hispanic illegals who will be the new base of their Party. It matters not that all of this PC horror is undermining our liberties in govt, our economy, on our university campuses , in our state depts. of ed. in our 50 states. It is time to profile all immigrants coming into America . It is time to tell American Muslim orgs. and individuals that American assimilation not sharia-jihadist philosophy-madrasses schools are an American value. Either denounce all, all terror groups and people who are Islamists or get out. No more kowtowing.

  • Inspiration

    I apologise for what was tantamount to a rant about my experiences whilst in attendance at University in Scotland, though i like many people in many so called democracies in the West need to be heard, there are many with stories far more horrific than mine who's cries of protest have been denied and ridiculed by the madness and evil of Political correct doctrine,Liberal apologist and Cultural Marxism that has become entwined with a paranoid fear that proclaims any dissenter to the madness as being a narrow minded bigoted racist.

  • Mme Roslin

    Allah has arranged for rewards from the merciful Allah for killing and torturing those enemies of Allah by Mumeen Muslims.

    Hadith: Al hadiths, Vol. 4, Page-172, No.34: Hozrot Ali (r.a) narrated that the Apostle of Allah said, “There is in paradise an open market wherein there will be no buying or selling, but will consist of men and women. When a man desires a beauty, at once he will have intercourse with them as desired…..

    Can you imagine that terrific scenery folks? Allah is really great and merciful indeed!

    YOU SEE with all these many generous benefits how can one not kill or think about killing us theri version of INFIDELS… our heavens donot promise ORGIES

  • Richard W.

    World War Three began a very long time ago. It's Islam against the rest of the world and they are gaining. The sooner we infidels smarten up and come to the realization that either we kill them or they kill us, the sooner we can save our civilization from the murderous cult that is Islam. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    • rushmatic

      I completely agree, but what exactly are YOU doing in your "ascended", awakened state?

  • asdf

    drill for oil here and sell it to europe. can we handle that much? i have no clue. tell OPEC and the middle east to go bury themselves in the sand and stop bowing down to them. once their money is gone so is their lifestyle. the fools over there blame us for their poverty when it's their own leaders who make them poor. they really need to get over themselves. then the stupid fascist new world government wants to make everything eco-fascist and instead of starving the area where most of the terrorists come from they invite them into our land. well, if the bohemians takeover one day these elitist nuts will learn that is is wrong to put their enemy in their own backyard for these people aren't forgiving and they aren't grateful for the kindness from the elite. they'd rather just cut off their heads for being infidels. sick, angry society of bohemians.

  • curmudgeon

    "All over Europe the elites are acting as the protectors of an ideology that has been bent on destroying us since the fourteenth century." 14th century, as in 1389, a great year for ottoman aggression, the battle of kosovo, resulting in the subjugation of serbia by the turks, also leading to serbian complicity in the turkish victory over the hungarians in the second battle of kosovo, which resulted in the domination of hungary by the turks. the 14th century was indeed a great year for islamic aggression, but hardly the start. poitiers, 732?, when western europe was saved from the dark night of slavery to allah, the merciful, and his prophet, peace be upon him, at least until modern european traitors gained the power to betray the continent of their birth to the tender mercies of allah, the merciful. allah may forgive them, god will not, and their descendants, if they survive, will curse this generation of traitors for selling them into islamic slavery for a few barrels of islamic oil.


    For the TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM…. CLICK ON THIS…. Here is a surprise that will chill you…..

    Your in for a surprise….

    • Jacqueline42

      No surprise here for me. I've got their number and it doesn't add up to good for the USA.
      The problem is that they are everywhere and most of them stay quiet because they are not strong in numbers. When they become strong in numbers, you better watch out. They have told us they will use our freedoms and laws against us. It's happening all over the country. STEALTH JIHAD is what it is.

      When I see, here in my small town, 2 muslim women bowing on the sidewalk towards what I assumed was Mecca, I wanted to stop and ask them why their voices have not been heard against the evils of so-called "extreme" Islam? Yoiu know why there are no "moderate" Muslim voices? because there aren't any moderate Muslims. The ones who pretend that Islam is a religion of peace, are lying through thjeir teeth. just give them enough time and an over abundance of politically correct speech, and I'll be telling you, "I told you so." but then it will be too late for America and the West..


    Here is a surprise that will chill you…..

  • Dinesh

    Just watched a video of "moderate" Muslims of Indonesia decapitate 3 Ahmadiya Muslims and today they burned down Churches in Indonesia. So much for "moderation" in Islam. If rest of humanity does not unite to stop and defend against Islam, the whole humanity would be in grave danger.

  • erniepaul69izereckt

    James Madison would SHEET in his grave….

  • Jacqueline42

    Posting this again as i accidentally deleted it:
    We as Westerners have lost the capability to identify evil when we see it. Political correctness has run amuck and we are seeing the results of a wishy-washy approach to an evil ideology that sprouts from a culture of death. There is nothing about Islam that doesn't corrupt, destroy or pervert everything that is good. Consequently they cannot tell the truth. It is acceptable to tell any lies necessary to advance Islam.
    Think about it. Political correctness and all the “grey” areas are what have gotten us in this mess. No one wants to take a stand against evil. We have been fed a steady diet of “inclusiveness”, “tolerance”, and “reaching out”, until we have fallen over the cliff of stupidity. Freedom is not free as it has been said, but there is no need to strangle it to death by allowing evil people to convince us that something that is evil is not. Europe did not learn from the Holocaust and America is right on their heels.
    If freedom-loving people don’t stand up for people like Geert Wilders, we are finished.
    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck

  • David

    Wilders deserves our prayers and very vocal support. We need more of these men and women of courage to shine the uncomfortable light of truth on this benighted and dangerous ideology. I feel a profound sorrow for the billion + who are trapped in the dark cave of Islam. If only they could experience some sort of reformation, but that's just wishful thinking.

  • Mortgages for all

    The sad truth will be a new Saint Bartholomew's Day 1572. The MC crowd, or most liberals, never consider the implications of thier policies. They're incapable of looking around the corner and estimating the future. They need to feel good about themslves by helping others, and usually with other peoples' money.

    It is not too late to avoid such an event. Shut down the imimgration and demand assimilation. Assult the fascist theology with truth without fear. Enlightenment will always prevail over ignorance, as long as that ignorance is exposed and held up to ridicule without fear of Islam's only weapon: reprisals.

  • S. Holst

    Geert Wilders is a brave man who speaks the truth! I want to share a personal experience with the evils of Islam. My 15 year old son was working at a large international burger restaurant, where he was attacked by a 15 year old fellow worker who, was a Muslim! He said to my son, "I hear you are a Jew, and I'm a Muslim and I kill Jews!!" With that he attacked my son and started hitting him! All this took place in front of the restaurant's manager! The police were called, they refused to do anything, saying it was a fight between youths! All this took place in Canada! Now for the rest of the story! This past year my son ran into this boy again, and the boy said to my son, "For now we have to put up with your kind but when we take over THEN WE WILL KILL YOU ALL!" This is what's being taught to this boy and the authorities refused to take this seriously!
    By the way we are Christian! But we will stand with those who are victims of such hatred!
    I have read the Quran and it teaches to hate and to kill those who believe differently!
    Again, Geert Wilders is a man who tells the truth and it would behoove us all to listen to him, be fore it's too late!

  • marat1

    It is ironic….Wilders has done more to advance the cause of freedom, putting his life on the line, that Obama. The latter, a "community organizer" with zero to show for his shabby career. Geert Wilders, you are a Giant at a time when there are so few who have any independent senses left. The media hype over Egyptians rioting in the street for some abstract "freedom" is pathetic. Where were these Egyptians this past year when an Egyptian man and his whole family were condemned to death for the horrific crime of converting to Christianity–an act he was forbidden by the Courts of Egypt. Where were the tens of thousands of Egyptians then??? Islam will always be totalitarian and fascist, unless the Koran is rewritten and Sharia fascism destroyed.