Palestinian Death Cult

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Israeli families are not paid rewards by their government when their relatives are killed. Israeli soldiers do not use children as shields when they initiate a firefight with terrorists. Israeli schools and summer camps don’t brainwash pupils to undertake violence against civilians. Israeli religious figures do not laud children who engage in terror operations.

So what cause, no matter how deeply held, can motivate the current Palestinian society to sacrifice its generations, its future, to the most horrible form of childhood molestation and child sacrifice? The way in which the Palestinian Authority educates children and society is a key indicator of its true intentions.

Convincing ordinary individuals to sacrifice themselves to kill the Jews is not easy, it requires subhuman ideas and institutions. The logo of the “Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations” – on their website and on top of their official statements at the U.N. – shows the Palestinian Authority’s claim to a Palestine that stretches throughout the entire historical entity of the former Palestine mandate, which had nothing to do with those who call themselves Palestinians today and everything to do with a national homeland for the Jewish people..

Palestinian Media Watch also revealed that Mahmoud Abbas chose an icon of genocidal anti-Semitism, the mother of four terrorists, one of whom killed seven Israeli civilians and attempted to killed twelve others, as the person to launch the statehood campaign with the United Nations.

In a widely publicized event, Abbas had Latifa Abu Hmeid lead the procession to the UN offices in Ramallah and hand over a letter for the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon. It is a measure of how deeply the ethos of martyrdom has penetrated Abbas’ policy, hailed for its “moderation”.

For as long as the PA continues to foment violence and promote hatred, the number of youngsters willing to blow themselves up or to slit Israeli throats will unfortunately continue to mount. The Palestinian Authority is still a font of incitement, spewing forth a stream of Holocaust denial, racial slurs, anti-Jewish epithets and glorification of terrorists.

Palestinian leadership now seeks self-determination at the United Nations, but its daily policy shouts to the world that even after statehood, the fight must continue against the Jews.

The proof is the series of dormitories, schools, streets, sports arenas and events named after about 50 different Palestinian mass murderers. There is no precedent in the history of humanity for this god of martyrdom.

Palestinian apologists and their supporters over the past decade always dismissed the importance of incitement. But Palestinian glorification of terrorism bears no resemblance to other forms of terror violence because it praise both the dismemberment of individual Jews and the  total annihilation of the Jewish State.

Today the act of murdering Jews is glorified as the very highest form of political engagement. The root of this dark sentiment lies in the Arab all- consuming hatred of “the Jews”.

Unlike terrorists in other parts of the world, the Palestinian movement aspires to immortality and their violence is always “sacred”. Last year the Palestinian Authority named a town square near Ramallah for Dalal Mughrabi, who in 1978 directed the hijacking of two buses on the coastal road between Haifa and Tel Aviv which led to the murder of 37 Israelis, including 13 children. The terrorists fired indiscriminately at vehicles, killed hostages on board the bus and threw their bodies onto the road.

In 2010, the Palestinian Authority sponsored a youth fencing tournament in Jericho named after Abu Jihad, who masterminded the 1978 massacre.

Mahmoud Abbas then eulogized Abu Dauod, the mastermind of the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

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  • StephenD

    I now understand how it could come to pass that G_d would command the destruction of an entire people. To have literally sacrificed your children to a cult of death is demonic. Humanity cannot give succor to such people and remain human. We all share in the barbarity if we allow this to continue.
    The first instance of people “celebrating” the murder of innocence should have been enough to make the world condemn this in its entirety. There is no moral equivalency, no grievance worthy of these crimes against humanity.

  • BS77

    I am so sick of hearing about this psychopathic, barbaric "culture" of nihilism, hate and suicidal insanity. I cannot believe this is the world we live in.

    • Justamom

      This is the world we live in and it will get worse. Our schools and universities are indoctrinating generations of Americans to accept this barbaric behavior as normal and honorable. When these savage acts start occurring regularly in the U.S., we will not be able to stop it and our culture will be irrevocably changed.

  • Marty

    It's just adorable. They blow up so fast.

    • Guest

      That's just funny! The "innocents" are fully indoctrinated into Jihad and it starts as soon as the little darlings can strap on the body bombs, maybe sooner. The parents condone, encourage and are proud when their little Jihad Johnny or Jihad Jane gets to martyr himself/herself for the cause. Maybe there are bumper stickers that announce such an achievement like "my student was an honor jihadist martyr at muslim middle school".

  • mrbean

    Muslims have chosen the rules of the game. Let them know in no uncertain terms what "Never Again" means. As for the Palestinian Muslims, it is a matter of record that Palestinians strap munitions on their own women and children and send them out on homicide-suicide missions to murder other innocent Jewish women and children in markets, restuarants, on school buses, and in their homes. The Palestinians in their own words and by their actions are committed to the genocide of the Jewish people therefore, have foreited their rights to even exist at all

  • Katie Caliente

    As soon as they've started a war…those yahoos will run out of palestein and be back in the other well populated muslim territories where they should be right now. It's not like they have no where to go, whereas that is the case for some Israelis.

  • Axe

    For any surfers who may not know Memri exists, here's a link to it. These are clips of television broadcasts of the Middle East, translated.

  • Clare

    Here, evil is good. These cannot discern virtuous behavior from non-virtuous behavior. Quite simply, they do not know right from wrong. Where do they get this practice?

    This is a description of hell-beings. Hate, injury, the worst. All this arises from negative thoughts. What is the source of these thoughts that give rise to evil actions?

    I read in a previous comment that dubbed them a "death cult", practicing child abuse on many counts. Who among us would any longer give them credibility?

  • jasonz

    what gets me the most is tnot that muslims are evil and filth. but that bibi and jews seem to never mention this. why is bibi not stating this in his adresses to the UN? in detail with pics etc? why are we continuing to fight for peace with people who wish us only dead? these facts that arabs are animals should be in EVERY SINGLE ADRESS made to the un and on television. i do not want peace with muslims, i want them slaughtered like the filthy animals they are! as far as i am concerned the peace proccess has been tried over and over and has failed. any attempts now at peace in futile and suicidal. we need to go in, bomb them to oblivion and take everrything they have. leave islam a decimated and bloody footnote in history!

    • jerome

      the un is patently and obviously uninterested in facts especially any facts that might reflect badly on muslims.

  • keoke888

    The real issue/problem is the willful ignorance of people and/or governments that should take the realities of this situation for granted. If a person enjoys being lied to, it is their own business, but when it effects innocent people, that is a different thing entirely.

  • Ghostwriter

    And these are the people those like Flipside want us to feel sorry for? What has the world come to?