Alan Gross Remains Castro’s Captive

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Humberto Sori Marin had been an official comandante in Castro’s rebel movement and its official “Judge Advocate General,” where he initially helped sentence many hapless Cubans to Che Guevara’s firing squads. Later, he soured on the obviously Stalinist regime he helped install. In April of 1961, he was himself arrested as a “counterrevolutionary” and his brother Mariano went to visit Castro, pleading clemency for his brother. If only “for old times’ sake,” pleaded Mariano, recalling when Fidel and Humberto had been revolutionary comrades.

“Don’t worry, Mariano,” a smiling Castro said while slapping him affectionately on the back. “In the Sierra I learned to love your brother. Yes, he’s in our custody, but completely safe from harm. Absolutely nothing will happen to him. Please give your mom and dad a big hug and big kiss from me and tell them to please calm down.”

The next day, Mariano collapsed at the sight of his brother Humberto’s mangled corpse in a mass grave. Castro’s firing squad had pumped over 20 shots into his brother’s body that very dawn. Humberto Sori Marin’s head was almost completely obliterated; his face unrecognizable.

“Kneel and beg for your life!” Castro’s executioners taunted the bound and helpless William Morgan, as he glowered at Castro’s firing squad in April 1961. Morgan was an AWOL GI with creditors and ex-wives on his tail, who fled to Cuba and wound up a comandante in Castro’s Rebel army in 1959. He also soured on the revolution when the unmistakably Red pattern emerged. Castro heard about Morgan’s discomfiture through spies and promptly arrested him.  Within weeks, he was in front of a firing squad.

“I kneel for no man!” Morgan snarled back, according to eye witness John Martino in his book, “I Was Castro’s Prisoner.”

“Very well, Meester Weel-yam Morgan,” replied his executioner, while the firing squad aimed low, on purpose – “FUEGO!”

The first volley shattered Morgan’s knees. He collapsed snarling and writhing. “See, Meester Morgan?” giggled a voice from above. “We made you kneel, didn’t we?” Over the next few minutes, as he lie writhing, four more bullets slammed into Morgan, all very carefully aimed to miss vitals. Finally, an executioner walked up and blasted his skull to pieces with a .45.

Che Guevara had a wall torn out of his 2nd story office in Havana’s La Cabana prison and execution yard office to better watch and coach his beloved firing squads. Though he was technically Cuba’s “Minister of Industries” at the time, many former La Cabana prisoners say he was the one giggling and mocking Morgan during his last minutes alive.

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  • mlcblog

    Thank you, Mr. Fontova, for your service to these goon-lovers, though I wonder if they will comprehend your point that the Castro regime is far from safe for many.

  • Chezwick_mac

    You forgot to mention Arnaldo Ochoa Sanchez, the Cuban General who fought with such distinction in Angola that he became a national hero. Castro's jealousy and insecurity led to the good General being charged with treason in 1989. For good measure, Castro, a decades-long facilitator of drug trafficking who once mediated a dispute between the Medellin cartel and Noriega, slandered Ochoa's reputation by charging him with drug-trafficking (a ploy to placate American Lefties who might otherwise be uncomfortable with the execution of a revolutionary hero).

    Hollywood and the Left have had it all wrong for years. Castro isn't a giant, he's a little man, pathologically insecure and narcissistic.

  • StephenD

    At least we don't have to worry about the health care Allan Gross will get right?

    I wonder where the Obama Administration will go with this. My money says he'll throw our money toward Castro in hopes that they'll do nice-nice with him. Sending in a Cub Scout to deal with a Mercenary; how do YOU think it will go?

  • Steve Chavez

    Being that I'm a citizen of New Mexico where Richardson was Dictator for eight years, I know much more than can be revealed here. He is a Castro apologist and went to Cuba several times on "trade missions,," and is quoted in our local newspaper as saying a really mean thing about Fidel: "He has bad dandruff." He is seen in photos smoking a large cigar and I have yet to see any trade. I wrote a short letter to the editor: "Richardson hangs around dictators so much that he's acting like one himself." Why would Richardson be allowed to visit the world's worst dictators unless he agreed with them on many points? Would they allow David Horowitz to negotiate with Saddam for a release of a prisoner?

    My suspicion is Richardson went to Cuba to find a place to build a beach front mansion when his COUNTLESS PAY TO PLAY CRIMES CATCH UP TO HIM so he's going to book it to Cuba. Bill hired so many cronies and funded so many companies with bribe money that he put us $600,000,000 in the hole and his Lt. Governor was trying to hide that fact during her run for Governor. He also built the "Railrunner" train that was $400,000,000 over budget for only a 75 mile line with already existing rail tracks. It is going over $40 million to run this fraud! BILL IS ONLY LOOKING TO STAY IN THE NEWS AND HAVING A SPOKESMAN IS LAUGHABLE SINCE HE'S A NOBODY BUT if you watch him closely, especially his mouth, you will realize he's an alcoholic that most New Mexicans know for a fact!

  • Steve Chavez

    PART TWO: When Richardson was NM Congressman in the 80's, he supported the KGB, Cuban DGI, and our CPUSA in their take over of Central America. He was also a team member of the NM Peace Council which was an affiliate of the U.S. Peace Council. The WORLD PEACE COUNCIL was run by the Soviet KGB and if you google "Ion Pacepa World Peace Council," you will read articles printed here at FPM. Bill was willingly being used by the head of this PUBLIC NM Peace Council, Gerry Bradley, who was also the head of the NM Marxist Educators for Socialist Action. Bill later appointed Bradley to the NM Department of Labor as an "economic expert."

    Bradley then went to get another dupe under his wings and picked Martin Heinrich, the head of the Albuquerque City Council. They both were on TV announcing the Communist Party USA conceived MINIMUM WAGE ISSUE. When the voters declined the raise, Heinrich took it up in his Politburo and it was passed. The main supporter and speaker for the wage was Emil Shaw, head of the NM Communist Party. Bradley, now head of NM Democrat Socialists of America, and the Emil Shaw machine set up at the local Peace and Justice Center, put their machine together to elect HEINRICH TO CONGRESS WHERE HE IS NOW LEARNING OUR NATIONAL SECURITY SECRETS. Now he's running for Congress. Eric Griego, the CEO of Voices for Children, where Bradley is hired on as "economic advisor" is now running for Heinrich's seat where he will then be learning our secrets and putting forth Bradley's "economic expert" that RICHARDSON WAS SO ENVIOUS OF!


  • Flipside

    I think that we should be clear that a person in the United States distributing unlicensed broadcast and receiving equipment would be imprisoned in the United States. Also, the US eavesdrops on the communications of all those cell phones and reads all those gmails. Therefore, it is a little disingenuous to hem and haw about a Jewish spy in Cuba.

  • 080

    I don't see what a Jewish spy would be doing in Cuba. All he or she could learn is that the regime sucks. I would understand an American spy from the CIA or CIO but then they would be upset.

  • Ghostwriter

    Flipside,you're unbelievable!!! A man is wasting away in the sewer that is Cuba and what do you do? You bash the poor guy's religion. You're not just anti-semitic,you're heartless as well.

  • Flipside

    It seems to me the author of the article and Alan Gross were the ones making a big deal about their Jewishness. Fortunately, this version of Nick Berg still has his head attached. I hear there are far worse things that could happen in Cuba. He could have been smeared with feces, bitten by dogs an sodomized in an orange jumpsuit. Fortunately he was caught by Cubans.

  • g_jochnowitz

    I don't know whether or not Shane Bauer or Sarah Shourd or Joshua Fattal was Jewish. I do know that they were pro-Palestinian activists.
    Why on earth should Iran have wanted to imprison them?

  • Ghostwriter

    Flipside is living in Never-Never-Land. Has he read Mr. Fontova's previous articles on how Cuba treats people? No! He hasn't. Castro and his cronies have long been denounced by human rights organizations like Amnesty International for their horrendous treatment of prisoners including political ones. I don't know what world you're living in,Flipside,but it's not the real one.

    • Flipside

      Yes, I have read Mr. Fontova, Cuban Exile, Super Patriot, pipe bender, deep sea diver, alligator wrestler, volcano base jumper, motorcycle swallower, bare handed oil driller, buffalo rapist's depictions of life in Cuba. He thinks Emeril Lagasse is part of a global Communist think tank. I think he's prone to exaggeration.

  • Ken Ringwood

    I know of no other admirable man than Alan Gross,a personal friend and a friend of his family.Why this is happening to such a person I just dont know.With Alan's personality and kindness he will survive but this is undeserved by such a person let alone an educated man like Alan.The Cuban Govt is trying to set an example in this case and using him as the scapegoat.If Mr.Gross,raised by two wonderful loving Parents is a Spy,than Im Jesus Christ.
    We will keep praying or you Alan and your Family and we shall meet again!