Cuba Celebrates Che’s 83rd Birthday with New Diaries

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True to New York Times-form, during this “battle,” the paper didn’t have a reporter within 300 miles of Santa Clara.  Instead, it relied on trusty Cuban Castroite “correspondents.”

True to Che Guevara-form, the genuine bloodbath in Santa Clara came a week after the “battle,” when his opponents (real and imagined) were utterly defenseless. That’s when Che sent his goons to drag men and boys from their homes and set his firing squads to work in triple shifts.  Nothing from the New York Times’ trusty correspondents on this, however. True to Communist practice, only when “Peace is Given a Chance,” when their enemies are utterly defenseless, does the bloodbath commence in earnest.

Given the new Castroite publication’s title, “Diary of a Combatant,” here are some points of interest:

“In all essentials Castro’s [and Che’s] battle for Cuba was a public relations campaign fought in New York and Washington,” wrote British historian Hugh Thomas. (Add to that, fought and won.)

After the glorious victory over Batista, some of the Castroite guerillas explained their harrowing battlefield exploits to Paul Bethel who served as U.S. press attaché in Cuba’s U.S. Embassy in 1959. “We had a helluva time, Paul!” laughed one guerrilla named William Morgan. “We used a short-wave radio to broadcast the so-called battle. We yelled fake battle commands into the mic while a few of the muchachos shot BARs and pistols into the air for the sound effects. We really whooped it up!”

Another U.S. citizen described to Bethel how he managed to duck the hail of bombs and bullets:

Che Guevara’s column shuffled right into the U.S. agricultural experimental station in Camaguey where I worked. Guevara asked manager Joe McGuire to have a man take a package to Batista’s military commander in the city. The package contained $100,000 with a note. Guevara’s men moved through the province almost within sight of uninterested Batista troops.

According to Paul Bethel, the U.S. embassy had been highly skeptical about all the battlefield bloodshed and heroics reported in the New York Times and investigated them. They ran down every reliable lead and eyewitness account of what the New York Times called a “bloody civil war with thousands dead in single battles.” They found that in the Cuban countryside, in those two years of “ferocious” battles, the total casualties on both sides actually ran to 182. New Orleans has an annual murder rate double that.


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  • ajnn


    and we learn nothing.

    look at how the daily nonsense propagated by the palestinian arabs is swallowed.

  • Alex Were
  • BS77

    Happy Birthday, Che…..pile of garbage.

    • comrade bill

      You forgot to put "Yours Truly, a" before you typed "pile of garbage

  • ilda

    justice is done, you are in hell, PIG

  • coyote3

    You know I tried to understand this. Ernesto Guevara was an abject failure as a military commander, unless you consider being a jailer and executioner when the battle was over. Batista was as corrupt as you can get, and the Cuban army was ripe for bribes. Hell, the whole country was for sale. Ol' Che didn't last long after he left Cuba, and tried his "revolution" in a country that had real soldiers, with less inclination to be bought off. I can't understand looking up to someone like this. He was very bright, and I am not saying this because he was a communist. General Giap was a communist, a very good general, well spoken, and very well written, and an all around good leader. I actually had to have some admiration for him. Che was just a loser at every turn.

    • coyote3

      should have read, "He wasn't very bright."

  • Supreme_Galooty

    He was a typical liberal, about as typical as one can be without being a walking pile of statistics; totally commited to a worthless, unjustifiable, unattainable ideology; arrogant beyond all justification; and as cowardly a poseuer as has ever existed. "Do not shoot! I am Che Guevara and worth more to you alive than dead."

    The tragedy is that the story of both his life AND his post-mortem legend have been painted by dangerous, perfidious hagiography.

    • comrade Bill

      You forgot his final quote. " Go ahead coward, shoot! You are only killing a man!" Capitalism kills 30,000 children 5 years old and younger EVERY DAY, from PREVENTABLE causes. That's the equivalent of about 2.5 holocausts PER YEAR! That number ALONE, justifies, or even MANDATES, the Socialist Ideology!

  • Hernan Fuentes

    As a latinamerican born in Chile I believe Che Guevara`s myth and adoration has caused us a lot of damage in trying to build a healthy economy for latinamerica and a strong democracy. Che Guevara himself does not represent any democratic value to speak of. On the contrary, he was a despot, bloody thirsty, fanatical and mesianic leader who thought he was doing us a favour, doing the right thing by promoting hate and class strugle in our land. He was badly mistaken in the pursue of his fanatic marxist-leninist ideology and he will be remembered as a complete failure in trying to build latinamerica`s democracy and economic wellbeing.