Fidel Castro “Resigns”?

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Then came a report by Human Rights Watch last year titled “New Castro/ Same Cuba:” “Raúl Castro’s government has used draconian laws and sham trials to incarcerate scores of people who have dared to exercise their fundamental freedoms,” it summarized. “Rather than dismantle this repressive machinery, Raúl Castro has kept it firmly in place and fully active.”

Indeed, for almost two decades, the aforementioned Ramiro Valdes was Cuba’s supremely efficient minister of the Interior (chief of the secret police). Here he officially took over his friend Che Guevara’s unofficial role as main conduit for the KGB.

But Ramiro Valdes’ toadyism towards the Castros dates from way back to July 1953, when he was among the bona-fide attackers of the Castro-planned attack on Cuba’s Moncada Military barracks. (Both Fidel and Raul managed to evade even a whiff of association to this attack, by the way.)

Ramon Machado’s toadyism to the Castros dates from the Castro’s subsequent guerrilla war against dictator Batista, who relinquished power at age 57. Despite his regime’s corruption and sporadic (and mostly retaliatory) brutality, Batista left a Cuba boasting a higher standard of living than half of Europe, the 13th lowest infant-mortality rate on earth, and tens of thousands of immigrants, mostly from Europe, clamoring to enter Cuba and thus escape their relative impoverishment.

Batista died in exile at age 73, with Castro’s Cuba jailing more political prisoners than the Soviet Union, murdering more Cubans than Hitler murdered Germans during the Night of Long Knives, with more Cubans dead trying to escape their homeland than died escaping East Germany — and with Cuba’s standard of living repelling Haitians.

Upon assuming the presidency this week, Raul Castro vowed: “I assume my post to defend, preserve and continue perfecting socialism, and never permit the return of capitalism.” Don’t expect change to come to Cuba anytime soon.


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  • g_jochnowitz

    After Fidel Castro resigned from office, he changed his position on Israel.

    This story has not gotten enough publicity.

  • Steve Chavez

    "Hey, the people can't revolt against me, like those Middle East dictators, because I resigned. I have vision!"

    Fidel is a Con not unlike our Con-Artist-in-Chief! Most of the world's dictators were Father to Son power transfers but in Cuba, it was Brother to Brother! Where are all the American's, who are screaming for elections in the Middle East, to require "democratic reforms" and elections in Cuba?

    FIDEL still is in power and all major decisions need his approval since it is HIS Revolution and history books must be favorable towards him and if the enslaved people did revolt and oust the Castro's, history will be required to be re-written by our American authors who loved Castro!

    Did you notice Fidel was wearing a large coat in 90 degree humid heat? I have said all along that he wears a Colostomy Bag, aka a $hit bag! He has to wear baggy clothes to hide the protruding bag! He will also not allow hugs since they could rip the bag or its tube! But one thing you can't hide: THE SMELL!

  • Steve Chavez

    I saw that Ramiro Valdes was elevated. Is he any relation to my good comrade from New Mexico, Nelson?

  • scum

    And so the circle continues: With the puppet Batista, you get Castro. With the puppet Shah, you get Sharia. Training the mujihadeen, you get bin Laden. Funding Pol Pot, you get Genocide. Ah………………..I love the smell of napalm in the morning