Fidel Castro Denounces Bin Laden Hit

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In fact, regarding Bin Laden’s offing, Castro is simply jealous. We got our man; he didn’t get (some of) his. Take Felix Rodriguez, happy family man and current President of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association. Castro put a price on his head in Oct. of 1967, shortly after Senor Rodriguez played a key role in nabbing Che Guevara in Bolivia.

In May 1975 General Joaquin Zenteno, a Bolivian officer who worked with Rodriguez on Che’s capture, was murdered on a Paris street. “You’re next,” heard Felix Rodriguez when he picked up the phone a few days later. “Click”

“When you get to Miami,” Cuban political prisoner Roberto Martin-Perez heard from one of his jailers the day of his release in 1987, “tell your friend Felix Rodriguez his days are numbered. It’s one of El Comandante Castro’s top priorities.” Senor Roberto Martin-Perez had been childhood friends with Felix Rodriguez and spent 28 years in Castro’s dungeons and torture chambers.

A little background: As a 19 year-old member of  Brigada 2506 (the Bay of Pigs freedom-fighters), Felix Rodriguez infiltrated Communist Cuba weeks before the Bay of Pigs invasion, organizing underground freedom-fighters, planning the sabotage of key roads and bridges, staying a step ahead of the Castro’s secret police and their KGB handlers and coaches. Almost half of his Band-of-Brothers in the infiltration teams died in front of firing squads, after torture. Felix knew the odds. He volunteered anyway.

After the Best and Brightest stabbed the Bay of Pigs freedom-fighters in the back, Rodriguez again foiled the Communist dragnet by slipping into the Venezuelan embassy and escaping a year later to Florida. After the Best and Brightest stabbed them again and twisted the blade with the Kennedy-Khrushchev swindle (that pledged the U.S. to protect Castro) Rodriguez, along with hundreds of his Brigada Band of Brothers enlisted in the U.S. Army.

Later, as a CIA operative, Rodriguez played a key role in tracking down and capturing Che Guevara in Bolivia and was the last to question him. “Finally I was face to face with the assassin of thousands of my countrymen, of hundreds of my patriot friends.”

On the day he gained his U.S. citizenship in 1969, Rodriguez celebrated the honor by volunteering for armed action in Vietnam. “I lost the country of my birth to Communism,” he writes in his book, Shadow Warrior. “I know freedom must be protected. And I feel I owe it to my adopted country.” Felix flew over 300 helicopter combat missions in Vietmam, and was shot down five times. He won the coveted Intelligence Star for Valor from the CIA and nine Crosses for Gallantry from the Republic of South Vietnam. Later he battled Communists in El Salvador using a helicopter “mobile strike unit” scheme he developed in Vietnam. He flew over 100 combat missions in Central America, captured the FMLF’s top commander and helped crush those Communist-terrorists decisively. All this was volunteer work.

Castro really, really wants his head and has sent several hit-teams (including one lent to him by his late chum Yasser Arafat) to murder Felix and his family in Florida. All have been foiled.

You’d really think Jimmy Carter’s “old friend!” Castro might be satisfied with the estimated 100,000 dead from his rule already.

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  • geez

    Castro looks like a scared rabbit. Go back in your hole rabbit.

  • Amused

    Castro's rantings have never been taken seriously by anyone . He has been successfully marginalized for decades . The cash flow going to Cuba comes from Cuban Refugees in the US . American exports of ANYTHING to Cuba only serves to weaken his regime , albeit slowly , but surely . And what ? We should be concerned or even consider , what Castro has to say about the bin laden hit ? C'mon Humberto , don't know of anyone who is even aware of his statement , except of course YOU .
    LOL….and oddly enough , the London Times owned by Murdock , along with Fox News , the mouthpiece of the Tea Party "patriots " , praises Fidel . Go figure !

  • Steve Chavez

    "When the Wall fell, we cheered, our Communists cried! When the Twins fell, we cried, they cheered! When Osama died, we cheered, they cried!" Steve Chavez

    "When Fidel dies, we'll cheer, they'll cry!"

    Can you imagine the outrage if Bush had killed Osama?

    • Amused

      No , there 'd be none …except in YOUR mind Chavez . BTW , really dont know of anyone here in the US that cried when the wall fell ….tears of joy maybe . You got some weird views Chavez .

  • tanstaafl

    I don't suppose "El Presidente" is a little worried about something similar happening to him, do you?

    Don't worry, Fidel. Time is an avenger and the devil will have another buddy down in h-e-double hockey sticks.

  • g_jochnowitz

    I guess Castro felt noboby noticed his sharp U-turn when he said that Israel had a right to exist.

    In order to get attention, he had to revert to his old positions.

    • Amused

      It was infact noticed . I posted it on thois blog , and Spencer had it on his Website . More importantly ISRAEL noticed .

    • Fred Dawes

      I think you are right.

  • Barry from Victoria

    I was thinking it would be nice to send Castro the song "It Could Happen to You." With a few very minor alterations to the lyric it would be interesting to see how he likes it.

  • Fred Dawes

    its a sad fact that no one really did the right thing on that evil little bitch Castor.

  • Steve Chavez

    When Castro bites the big one, I'm driving to Miami to join in the celebration and from there, I'll join the Freedom Flotilla to join the celebration on the malecon and smoke the biggest Cuban cigar I can find!

    • Fred Dawes

      And think you have a long drive soon have a great party!

  • Tony

    News Flash ! The CIA has tried to kill Fidel Castro Several times and obviously has failed. US propaganda against Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution has Failed. They still try to this day to discredit the Cuban revolution with lies and slander. Cuba is a light in the world, Dont you forget it. If you want to debate me which im sure you wont, I can be reached at

    PS Long Live the Cuban Revolution

    • Guest

      Sorry I meant to vote thumbs up but the mouse hit the wrong button

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    Its important to live in the real world. Cuba, a light to the world is pure fiction. Its prisons, poor economy, and suppressed population does not emit light, only darkness. An old man wearing a military uniform would be laughable if it weren't so pathetic. Castro tried to get the Soviets nukes in but failed. It does show that he was and is a dangerous psychopath who wouldn't be in office if it weren't for his secret police. He has led his nation into a living hell and then has the audacity to call it a paradise. Be careful to examine all the evidence before you declare "Long Live the Cuban Revolution". This worn out mantra is stained by the tears of the Cuban people.