Georgia Immigration Laws ‘Cruel’ Says Carlos Santana

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Multi-Grammy winner Carlos Santana received the Major Baseball League’s “Beacon of Change Award,” this Sunday during its annual “Civil Rights Game” in Atlanta. On his T-shirts, the Mexican-born Carlos Santana honors a Stalinist who abolished all civil rights in Cuba, craved to abolish them worldwide, belittled Mexicans as “a rabble of illiterate Indians,” and craved to nuke Santana’s adopted country — the one that showered him with multiple honors and millions of dollars. Let us not forget what Che Guevara once wrote to Sam Russell of The London Daily Worker, Nov. 1962: “If the missiles had remained in Cuba we would have fired them at the heart of the U.S.”

Georgia’s new law that requires many American employers to check if their employees are breaking American laws was denounced by Santana as “Un-American.”  “People of Arizona, and people of Atlanta, Georgia,” exclaimed Santana as the stadium crowd (initially) clapped in the Mexican immigrant’s acclamation, “you should be ashamed of yourselves!”

At a post-game press conference this guitarist, who at the 2005 Oscars proudly performed the soundscore for Che Guevara’s “Motorcycle Diaries” while proudly wearing a Che shirt, elaborated that: “this law [Arizona’ and Georgia’s] is not correct. This is about fear. It’s a cruel law.”

But no “cruel laws” apparently issued from the Communist whom Carlos Santana celebrates in song and attire, who co-founded a regime that jailed more of its subjects than Stalin’s and murdered more people in its first three years than Hitler’s in its first six. In 1959, with the help of KGB agents, Carlos Santana’s T-shirt icon helped found, train and indoctrinate Cuba’s secret police. “Always interrogate your prisoners at night,” Che ordered his goons. “A man’s resistance is always lower at night.” The world’s largest image of Santana’s T-shirt hero adorns Cuba’s Ministry of the Interior, the headquarters for Cuba’s STASI and KGB-trained secret police. Nothing could be more fitting.

The man who inspired Santana’s sizzling guitar work on that Oscar night imposed and enforced  laws  against “Latinos,” laws that were lifted word for word from those created by Stalin’s secret police chief Lavrenti Beria during The Great Terror. Che Guevara also cheekily signed his correspondence, “Stalin II.”

So, where are the cruel laws, Mr Santana?

Why they’re in Georgia and Arizona, of course.

So, who should be “ashamed” for their “insensitivity” to Latinos’ suffering?

Why it’s Georgians and Arizonans, of course.

“Che Guevara is all about love and compassion, man,” Santana said of his Oscar night fashion-statement during a personal run-in with Babalu Blogger Henry Gomez a few years back.

“Where do you even begin with this type of hippy-dippy, space-cadet drivel?” says Henry, who in fact tried briefly and vainly.

During the mid 60s the crime of a “rocker” lifestyle (long hair, jeans fondness for “Yankee-Imperialist” rock music) or effeminate behavior got thousands of youths yanked off Cuba’s streets and parks by Castro’s police and herded into prison camps at Soviet bayonet-point. “Work Will Make Men Out of You” read the sign above the camp’s gate, right next to machine gunners posted on the watchtowers. The entrance to Auschwitz’s, on the other hand, read: “Work Will Set You Free.” The initials for Castro’s camps were UMAP, not GULAG, but the conditions were similar.

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  • Jerry

    This is a self-serving racist smear. I am so impressed that the author was able to search the John Birch section of Wikipedia. I am sure that double dipping his tea bag in tepid water gave him the courage to upend history. Think about what Santana said and comprehend it.

    • Kathleen

      Observing this man (and I use the term lightly), his appearance, and anti-American rhetoric I doubt he has enough brain cells left to "think about what Santana said…" let alone comprehend what he parroted per Obama's instructions.

      • Vickie`

        I saw Santana interviewed a few years ago and thought what an acid eaten brain this guy is going around trying to use for thinking. This is an airhead who has no concept nor is willing to entertain the concept of being overrun by welfare seekers.

  • A Real Latino

    Fontova is a right-wing propagandist.

    Viva Che!

    • Maria Espinosa


      But the Miami ex mafia of old geezers who are upset that Che took their slave labor just love the guy !

    • Omar

      You're wrong. Humberto Fontova is telling the truth about Cuba in general. You are repeating left-wing propaganda.

  • RicanBoy97

    "Che’s life is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom, we will always honor his memory." — Nelson Mandela

    "Che is not only an intellectual, he was the most complete human being of our time, our eras most perfect man." — Jean Paul Sartre

    • Tim Bus

      With friends like those,
      who needs enemies?

  • Kathleen

    In the middle ages Santana and other entertainers were appropriately classified as court jesters. No one seriously considers or cares about the opinion of a court jester.

    As it was in the middle ages, the court jester obeyed his master and immediately obeyed Obama's orders to "spread the world on amnesty." What neither realize is the more the court jesters chastise law-abiding Americans the more they make a fool of themselves.

  • labaroa

    Yes, Kathleen, if only all of us could live in the Middle Ages, like you and Fontova O so happily do.
    If Santana is a court jester, then you are a court carpet? Just guessin'…

    • Vickie`

      She is probably a court taxpayer who is tired of the freeloading mob overrunning us.

  • labaroa

    After the 2506 comedy-debacle-tragedy-disaster, people like Fontova have doubled their efforts to fight the Castro dictatorship but without having to go to Cuba or to use guns of any sort. Didn't you know that Osama Bin Laden was killed with the hit of a mouse button? Well, that's what Fontovita and his kind do for a living, er, I mean, this is how they fight communism in their beloved Cuba. By simply not fighting it at all. In Cuba we call it tener flojera de patas. These guys have got a permanent condiiton it seems.

  • tanstaafl

    Kids, let Carlos Santana be an example to you all.
    This is what happens to all the folks who took too many drugs in the sixties.
    (Not saying I didn't, just saying I recognized that we all got conned by the communists.)

    Carlos can still play the guitar, though. Wish he'd stick to that.

  • Brittanicus

    A patriot American sent me an E-Mail that is in printed form of Mexico's annotated immigration laws for immigrants and foreigners. It's remarkable to note, that while the Mexican authorities are condoning the flow of illegal immigrants into our nation, as they quietly exact their own harsh laws on anybody who crosses the border illegally. This is truly hypocritical when we are immersed in a countries distressed people, which have been rejected by the wealthy elite. The USA is the Mexican government safety valve; to relieve tremendous pressure of millions of poverty driven people, hoping to slide past our less than secure border. Has there been for decades a secret agenda of major players as the business world and other entities? To trick the American people into thinking, that their interests come first? In fact they remain ignorant that the border fence is intentionally left porous in places?

    There is a secret inducement, for illegal aliens to reach our soil? Otherwise, why is no rational explanation for not making it a felony in breaking our immigration laws, as it is in Mexico? There is an attraction–intentional or not–to import cheap labor for the Republicans and for those who are claiming their right to stay here are attracted to the fold of Democrats, who use their agenda to gain more future votes. Both parties need to be humiliated for what they have done to American culture. For the notice of the Leftist wing of the Democratic Party, no matter how you try to saturate the media, the TV, Radio and Internet with your interpretation for people who come here, without permission. They are not immigrants or undocumented; they are and ever will be–ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Period! A number of States have taken the law into their own hands, because our central government won’t? Now enforced to some extent is E-verify, Secure Communities and the 287 G, policing laws, to root-out illegal aliens. This is a section of the SAVE ACT that was introduced by Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) in the House and Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) in the Senate.
    The SAVE Act is a three-pronged advance in reducing illegal immigration in the United States:
    •1) Mandates the utility of E-Verify for all public and private businesses countrywide.
    •2) increases internal enforcement by approving more grants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and creating improvements to the deportation process
    •3) Augments border security through increased manpower, technology and funding.
    Our only salvation left to the American populace, is the sovereignty and constitution of the American people is that we need THE TEA PARTY. On any level they will not ratify any laws that are forwarded to Congress, which promotes illegal immigration. We are just importing, more and more poverty. That lowers wages and a poor standard of living for less privileged amongst us, and is part of the problem of the rising US deficit of 14.4 Trillion dollars.

  • EddieB

    Humberto Fontova is a clownish hack with no credibility.

    Read Jon Lee Anderson for the real story on Che.

    • Omar

      You're wrong. Humberto Fontova is a well-respected author who tells the truth about Cuba. Jon Lee Anderson is a propagandist for the Castro regime.

  • No Yokos

    Hey Carlos, here's a song for ya! Put that in your bong and smoke it…

  • Vickie`

    People like this need to go improve their own countries instead of seeking public support here!