Michael Moore Salutes Our Hispanic Veterans

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When Japan’s ferocious General Tomoyuki Yamashita (“The Tiger of Malaya”) finally emerged from his headquarters on Luzon to surrender on September 2nd 1945 he handed his pistol, samurai sword and battle flag to the nearest U.S. soldier he saw. This was staff sergeant Manuel Perez-Garcia of the 32nd Infantry Division. Perez-Garcia was born in Cuba but immigrated to the U.S. after Pearl Harbor to join the U.S. Army and volunteer for combat.

At war’s end the 82nd Airborne presented a special trophy to the U.S. soldier who had racked up the most enemy kills in the Pacific theater. Today that trophy sits prominently in Miami’s Bay of Pigs Museum, donated by the man who won it, WWI and Bay of Pigs veteran Manuel Perez-Garcia (who started with the 82nd but fought in the Pacific with the 32nd.). The trophy sits alongside Yamashita’s samurai sword and battle flag—and the three purple hearts, three bronze stars and three silver stars Mr. Perez-Garcia earned in the Pacific.

Upon the Communist invasion of South Korea in June of 1950, Manuel Perez-Garcia rallied to the U.S. colors again, volunteering for the U.S. army again at age 41. It took a gracious letter from President Harry Truman himself to explain that by U.S. law Manuel was slightly over-aged but mostly that, “You, sir, have served well above and beyond your duty to the nation. You’ve written a brilliant page in service to this country.” Mr. Perez-Garcia’s son, Jorge, however was the right age for battle in Korea and stepped to the fore. He joined the U.S. army, made sergeant and died from a hail of Communist bullets while leading his men in Korea on May 4th 1952.

When Perez Garcia was 51 years old the Quisling Castro brothers in partnership with Soviet proxy Che Guevara were rapidly converting his native country into a Soviet satrapy. So Manuel volunteered for combat again, in what came to be known as the Bay of Pigs invasion.

At the time, Cuba’s enraged campesinos had risen in arms by the thousands as Castro and Che started stealing their land to build Soviet Kolkhozes, and murdering all who resisted. Alarmed by the savage insurgency, Castro and Che sent a special emissary named Flavio Bravo whimpering to their sugar-daddy Khruschev. “We are on a crusade against kulaks like you were in 1930,” whimpered this old–line Cuban Communist party member.

In short order, Soviet military “advisors,” still flush from their success against their own campesinos in the Ukrainian Holocaust, were rushed to Cuba.

This anti-Stalinist rebellion 90 miles from U.S. shores and involving ten times the number of rebels, ten times the casualties and lasting twice as long as the puerile skirmish against Batista, found no intrepid U.S. reporters anywhere near Cuba’s hills. What came to be known as The Bay of Pigs invasion was originally planned as a link-up with the Cuban resistance of the time, which was more numerous (per capita) than the French resistance before D-Day.

At the bloody beachhead now known as the Bay of Pigs, Manuel Perez-Garcia gave the Castroites a thrashing as bad as he’d given the Japanese. These Cuban freedom-fighters battled savagely against a Soviet-trained and led force 10 times theirs’ size, inflicting casualties of 20-to-1. “They fought magnificently—and they were NOT defeated!” stressed their trainer Marine Col. Jack Hawkins, a multi-decorated veteran of Bataan, Iwo Jima and Inchon. “They simply ran out of ammunition after being abandoned by their sponsor the U.S. Government.”

“Wimps!” sneers Michael Moore about Bay of Pigs veterans in his book “Downsize This.” “Ex-Cubans with a yellow stripe down their backs– and crybabies too!”

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  • Anamah

    Moore is a miserable ball of fat. which is bad for public health.! Cállate pedazo de colesterol!!! Deja de hacer mal.

  • Steve Chavez

    PUSSSSSSY!!! Michael "Porky Capitalist Pig" Moore supports the 99% so will he give up 99% of his wealth to prove his dedication to the cause? It seems like the OWS protesters would have mobbed this Capitalist Pig but they're too brainwashed to see the hypocrisy! He made his riches the Capitalist Way but then blames it! He says Cuba's health care is superior to ours so I'm sure he'll book it to Cuba the second he gets ill, of course, in a private jet instead of an inner-tube!

    HUMBERTO, this is an amazing story that I will save. Garcia is a true hero, although unknown to 99% and he is worthy of his own statue while Moore needs to just be a fire hydrant so dogs can….!!!!

  • Big Irish

    What a disgraceful little (fat) man this guy Moore is – he doesnt have an ounce of courage in him – wish hed take his humpty-dumpty belly and just go away…..

  • kafir4life

    Have you seen that pooch that he travels with? I've seen pictures of them at the airport, and they don't make him put her on a leash or an animal carrier. You'd think they'd be concerned about disease.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      They do not make and animal carrier in his size…………….William

  • BLJ

    Fatboy needs to eat a couple hundred more Big Macs, have his chest grabber and check out.

    • wobble

      Heheh! Good one! What a filthy, vile piece of garbage Michael Moore is. He enjoys freedoms that those men fought and died to protect; men that Moore denigrates. He's not good enough to wipe dog crap off the bottom of their shoes.

      • http://distantamerica.blogspot.com joshua10235

        Speaking of which, Michael the Stooge Moore is also brown. Unlike our American-loving Hispanic Heroes of the 60', however, Moore's brown smells like the hind end of my Doberman. In fact, he so full of it, he's brown up to his eyeballs…

        • Amused

          so that's where your head has been ? lol…up the rear end of a doberman ? you musta been looking for BS77 and wobble .

          • matt

            Jeez, I wouldn't be surprised if you're michael moore himself. I could almost see him trolling around on Horowitz's site to make sure nothing nasty is said about him. After all, he's got a pretty thin skin, stretched tight over a gigantic ass!

  • LindaRivera

    Michael Moore is EVIL. He is also one of the biggest wimps to ever walk this earth.

    The Cuban heroes were of the highest character, glorious and astonishingly brave.

  • BS77

    I have only seen one M Moore film, Bowling for Columbine. What a pile of garbage.

  • semus

    Moore has an A$$ wipping coming along with Bill Maher.

  • mikebank

    I see a lot of tough talk from a bunch of keyboard heroes…

    • Amused

      uh….that would be flatulence , not talk .

      • Steeloak

        Yes, but we are used to your smell.

  • Steve

    At the Oakland OWS encampment Moore urged the people to "march on Walnut Creek (a middle class neighborhood fifteen minutes east of Oakland)…that's where the people with the money are"….Moore is EVIL and should always be labelled as such. PS: I enjoyed Breitbart posting the pictures of this EVIL man's summer estate.

  • BS77

    Michael Moore is a despicable lout, a mob inciter and a jerk. OWS is a failure…..a mob of clueless losers without any economic program, jobs or positive measures for our country….

    • Amused

      yea , a failure , just like the Dems and Republicans in Washington …..and they're getting PAID to be CLUELESS LOSERS .

      • David

        but not as much as Moore

      • BS77

        hmmm, can't really argue with you there………Michael Moore is still an inciter and a buffoon. Have you watched any of his films? You haven't missed much if you haven't. His films are rancid baloney.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    We will know America has rehabilitated itself from leftist poison when we no
    longer hear anything from or about noxious leftist slugs, Moore being a prime

  • Amused

    Welcome to the 5th grade , where the mindset drivven screeds are just a step below idiocy . What a bunch of scmucks ….yea you too Linda , can you sprinkle a bit of scripture on these screeds ? you know just to keep it ..er.."chstiian -like " .

  • Amused

    Oh and did someone mention serial LIAR Breitbart ?
    Andrew Breitbart was one of those cited in Carlson’s story. Today Breitbart upped the ante by telling the New York Observer that Beck “threw me under the bus” during the Shirley Sherrod affair when Sherrod was defamed as a racist in a deceptively edited video. Breitbart reveals that Beck had worked with him in the preparation and editing of the video.

    Breitbart: Next thing I know, I’m under complete attack without the support of Glenn Beck, who I thought was somebody I could count on.

    This is a startling revelation. First it’s an admission that there was an intent to misrepresent Sherrod in the video, something that Breitbart has previously denied. And it also casts Beck as a co-conspirator. This is significant because Beck has tried to portray himself as someone who had rejected the Sherrod video when it was first released by Breitbart.

    Beck: We defended her and said her side of the story demanded to be heard – because context matters. That’s how we do things.

  • Amused

    Not exactly. First of all, Beck only defended Sherrod on his afternoon television program after the video hoax had been revealed. On his radio show that morning he castigated her saying that we “have video tape of a USDA administration official discriminating against white farmers.”

    So Beck participated in the dishonest editing of the video with Breitbart, used his morning radio show to promote the phony clip that he helped to create, and by the time his TV show aired later the same day, and the bottom had dropped out of the story, he pretends to be pristine and unaffiliated as he defends the poor victim of Breitbart’s slander and the White House’s knee-jerk over-reaction.

    What a piece of ….. work.

  • Cap'n Krunch

    Kudos for some great and interesting reporting. Sincere thanks.

  • Ralph

    This reminds me of when Moore spoke before some group (I forget which) after 9/11 and talked about how if it were blacks on those planes they would have fought back against the hijackers, smearing whites as wimps. He conveniently forgot who it was fought them on flight 93. Michale Moore is a worthless piece of cowardly trash. That he is given any amount of publicity at all indicates how far we've descended as a nation. Hopefully in the future we will have regained our senses and any future Michael Moores rise no farther than stock boy at some supermarket, from which they would probably get fired and have to go back to their mothers to explain why. Any American who strives to live up to and be worthy of their inheritance knows damned well why we honor all our vets. All we need do is read any of the accounts of their bravery and do our best to emulate their honor and courage in our daily lives.

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    What Moore says doesn't change history one darn bit. These men were men, hero's you might say. Let's give Moore a gun and see if he will go to Iraq or Afghanistan and he can show how it's done. If he is not willing to do so he should shut up and sit down.

  • gman213

    …………………/…./ /
    ……….''…\………. _.•´
    Hey Michael Moore…this birds for you!

  • Fred Dawes

    Moore is a total ASS, My father was in the upper Luzon in 1945 and almost got killed on sept 2 1945, its called duty to country. we should put moore in the army and send his fat ass off to islam so the people of evil can do him.

    • Stan Lee

      If the Army took in Moore, it would have foresaken every physical requirement to pass its entrance tests.
      The only function Moore could serve would be that of a barrage balloon and I believe we haven't used them since end of WW2. Of course the Navy could use him for heavy gun target practice. In any event,his excessive corpulence is militarily undesirable.
      I think Moore hates the services because he couldn't even buy his way into any of them if he wanted to.