Obama & Environmentalists: ‘Drill, Castro, Drill!’

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In half a heartbeat, the Obama team could put the kibosh on the most dangerous offshore oil drilling ever proposed near U.S. shores, scheduled to begin in December by a Spanish/Cuban corporation. By fighting this drilling, his “environmentalist” allies could get the biggest bang for their lobbying buck in their history.

But all bets are off. This drilling, you see, won’t be by tacky/villainous U.S. oil companies. Instead, a Spanish (cool/hip socialist European country)-Cuban (cool/hip land of beatniks Fidel Castro and Che Guevara) oil company  will be the outfit drilling in Cuban waters 60 miles from Key West. U.S. companies are banned from exploring anywhere within 125 miles off the Florida Coast, by the way.

But none of the usual histrionics and fist-shaking from the usual “environmentalist” quarters against “rapists of Mother Earth,” “despoilers of our coasts and oceans,” and “obscene profiteers!” have manifested against Castro’s business partners. None whatsoever. Instead, as a contingency against any drilling mishaps, the above parties have already found a way to blame — you guessed it — Republicans. More specifically, the most lop-sidedly Republican voters in U.S. history: Americans of Cuban heritage, who supposedly single-handedly maintain the so-called embargo against Cuba and thus prevent any co-operation with Cuba in case of a spill.

“We’re shooting ourselves in the foot by not working together,” groused the Environmental Defense Fund’s Bill Whittle after returning from a recent meeting with members of Cuba’s Stalinist nomenklatura. “They’re taking the lessons of the BP spill very seriously. They could have easily distanced themselves from what happened and said theirs is a different situation from BP, and said ‘thanks very much.’ The very opposite happened.”

Aw, why, those fine folks down in Cuba just couldn’t have been more kind, helpful and accommodating. Now us blockheaded Yankee bullies? Hopeless!

You see, a team headed by the chairman of Obama’s BP Spill Task Force, William Reilly, and including Dan Whittle, an attorney for the Environmental Defense Fund, just visited Cuba to assist them with their drilling plans. Now, when the Bush administration planned to open areas off Florida to U.S. oil companies, this same Environmental Defense Fund went ballistic:

“Offshore drilling poses an unacceptable level of risk to two of Florida’s most important economic sectors,” They thundered. “Opening a new 1.5 million acre swath of the Eastern Gulf to oil drilling unnecessarily threatens marine life with pollution and puts Florida beaches at a much greater risk for spills. Given the environmental risks….this seems like an ill-considered move by the Bush administration. Opening more of the Gulf to drilling now makes little environmental, economic or political sense.”

The drilling rig on its way to a site 60 miles from Florida’s coast is Chinese-built, Italian–owned and Spanish-leased. Its purpose is to enrich Cuba’s Stalinist nomenklatura, enabling them to better sponsor terrorism and torture people. If only the Obama-environmental alliance team could muster the same contempt for this alliance as they do for tacky Texans.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Surreal. No clearer evidence that the green agenda is a leftist agenda in disguise,…(just like the feminist agenda, and the racial equality agenda, etc., etc., etc.).

    For the record, all these movements were at their inception necessary and benign, all were successful beyond their wildest expectations, and when that success threatened their continued viability, all were subsequently hijacked by the Left…and became what is known today as the 'grievance industry'…"rubbing raw the wounds of discontent."

  • Ben

    Cheszwick, Lefts in power in USSR have turned the country into scrap-heap,there are still the towns called poison,but during its existance the green propaganda was the main Soviet instrument in the West, it always demonstrated the Capitalist-hate of the green Earth.

  • maturin20

    Chinese-built, Italian-owned, and Spanish-leased??? Horrors!!! It's like Franco, Mussolini and Mao have all combined to piss in our Texas Tea!

    • Howard

      Sixty miles from the US… If this was a group of US companies planning to operate 60 miles from the coast of any third world country with a leftist government there would be a great wailing and nashing of teeth about the greedy capitalist yankees looting the natural resources of the humble and peace loving people of country X while the same greedy capitalist pigs rape Mother Earth with a foreign object in the form of their misogynistic drill bits.Lefties seem to be fond of run-on sentences and imagery like that.

      The author poses some valid questions. Why is it okay for others to drill in waters considered by the US gov to be too sensitive for US companies to operate in? Why is it okay for Cuba to reap the economic benefits of this activity and not the US? Why is this being allowed with no resistance whatsoever from the administration when they have all the tools they need to stop it? For a admiministration so concerned with creating jobs,why is every job being created sixty miles from our coast going to Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Cuban workers? In short, why the double standard?

      Care to answer any of those questions or do you have another red herring to toss out there?

      • maturin20

        If Lefties are fond of such rhetoric, you might be a contender. You use it quite well.

        I don't think it is okay, I think the no-drilling regulation was a histrionic response to the BP spill. If US companies want to reap the potential benefits of drilling in Cuban waters, maybe we should revisit the US government's various restrictions on trade with Cuba. I imagine it's being allowed by this administration because of political timing. The double standard is because to most of the US, the various energy industries are a bunch of greedheads and they don't really care about their problems.

        And as for the red herring, who really believes there are 59 billion barrels waiting to be recovered in the Gulf? And even if there are, it will be the most expensive drilling operation yet attempted, bringing back a lower ratio of energy gained for energy consumed than any current oilfield.

  • Howard

    All the Reds have gone Green. Part of the whole hip "Hope and Change" thing.

  • pyeatte

    Yes, put the screws to Repsol. It is "time to fish or cut bait". Hardball all the way.

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  • Chezwick_mac