The Cuban Hostage Crisis, Day 401

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This is precisely when Fidel Castro received a fawning invitation from Harvard Law School to address the university. It seems that both the student body and faculty were smitten with the Cuban Revolution’s shinning judicial record. Castro accepted on the spot, making Harvard the last gig on his 1959 U.S. tour.

“Castro Visit Triumphant!” headlined Harvard’s Law School Forum for April 30, 1959. “The audience got what it wanted, the chance of seeing the Cuban hero in person.”

“Viva Fidel!” roared these fervent foes of capital punishment and double jeopardy. In fact, the adoring crowd was too enormous to fit or contain in any campus facility. But it was worth is, apparently, “[e]ven if we didn’t see him at as close a range as might have been desired,” an attendee was quoted as saying in the Harvard Forum.

Interestingly, Fidel Castro had actually applied to Harvard Law School in 1948. This was brought to light by Harvard’s Arts and Sciences Dean, McGeorge Bundy (who later served as JFK’s Kissinger). “Caught up in the exuberance of the event,” continued the Harvard Law Forum, “Harvard Dean, McGeorge Bundy, declared that Harvard was ready to make amends for its mistake in 1948. ‘I’ve decided to admit him!’ declared Dean Bundy.”

The Dean’s quip again brought the house down and shook the very roof.

Alas, given the law of averages, an independent thinker was bound to pop up– even among ten thousand Harvard students and faculty. Wonders will never cease. One such wiseacre brought up the questionable legal procedures preceding those hundreds of executions in Cuba.

“If the defendant has a right to appeal,” answered Castro.”Then so do the people! And don’t forget, Cuba’s is the only people’s revolution in Latin America!”

The assembly erupted over the bearded prime minister’s brilliant riposte. “Viva Fidel!—Viva Fidel!” they chanted again, roaring and whooping at the mass-murderer’s incontestable rejoinder. This creme de la creme of America’s ratiocinators found the Stalinist’s logic not only perfectly airtight, but positively dazzling in its ingenuity and completely sound in its principle of justice.  A delirious pandemonium swept the hall as America’s most best-tutored law students (along with their tutors) overflowed with veneration and joy at this point-blank elucidation of Castroite justice.

Similar receptions had come at the National Press Club, Overseas Press Club, United Nations, and on Meet The Press.

Not one heckler from among America’s brightest and cheekiest college kids. Not one rebuttal from America’s biggest assemblies of top journalists. Not one snicker or frown from the top cut of America’s adversarial press. Not one raised eyebrow or discreet snicker from the nations’ most hard-boiled investigative reporters. The Cuban “prime minister,” as they all called him, was on a serious roll on that tour.

And remember:  The Iranian Hostage Crisis was not solved on day 444 when President Reagan, in office mere hours, pledged a financial rescue of Iran. Something else seemed to motivate the Iranian kidnappers. Alas, Obama has just pledged a rescue of Castro.

Update: On February 4th, Alan Gross was finally charged by Cuban prosecutors for “acts against the integrity and independence” of Cuba. They are seeking a 20-year sentence for the 60-year-old captive.

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  • hfontova

    Just out from the AP:

    "(Cuban) Prosecutors are charging a jailed American contractor (Alan Gross) with "acts against the integrity and independence" of Cuba and requesting a 20-year jail term, (Cuba) state news media reported Friday, dimming hopes the 60-year-old Maryland native would be allowed to go home soon."

  • Steve Chavez

    MAYBE WHEN FIDEL GOES THE WAY OF MUBARAK? Why are the Cuban people such COWARDS? We know that Cuba is like a prison so have the Cuban people, who millions have been born under Castro, become INSTITUTIONALIZED and can't live on the outside like real prisoners? Are they like animals born in a zoo and know nothing else? TIME TO RISE UP ISN'T HUMBERTO? I've been going crazy on and nothing from all the Cubanos in Miami! NOW IS TIME TO DEMAND THAT FIDEL GO SINCE HE HAS BEEN A DICTATOR FOR FIFTY YEARS, TWENTY MORE THAN MUBARAK, AND IS LONGEST IN THE WORLD. SILENCE? has an article and comments are praising this DICTATOR! TIME TO RISE UP OR ARE THEY COWARDS FOR ANOTHER FIFTY?

  • BLJ

    The next time I see some idiot in the U.S. wearing a "Che" t-shirt I am going to punch them in the mouth. We should have taken out Castro during the Cuban Missile Crisis. There was nothing Cuba or the Soviets could have done to stop us.

  • Roland

    Steve, Cubans are not cowards. If you try to protest in Cuba, you die. A dictator of the Left sits on the throne. A dictatorship of the Left has the tanks, and it wouldn't hesitate to use them against citizens. You have only rocks. Protest is suicide. You might as well be exhorting North Koreans to try to rise up.

    In Egypt, genuine evil lurks in the crowds in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood and those sympathetic to its aims, yet the dictator's regime does not unleash its tanks on the crowds.

    All dictatorships are not equal. Not even close. Some are holding back something much more dark.

  • Steve Chavez

    Many experts say that the Egyptian pyramids were made by slaves but if I were one and they made me work like they theorize, I'd rather die than live my whole life as a slave. Would I commit suicide or make them kill me or would I look at the numbers of slaves compared to guards? Then on D-Day, thousands of soldiers charged at the same time but were being picked off in great numbers but some, or enough, made it to the top and the rest is history. Were they brave or were they cowards? Did they have to climb over and step on their dead comrades or did they hide behind them and swim back to the ships as thousands more rushed forward? Were they cowards? What if they were cowards and begged and cried to stay on the ships? "They have tanks! We only have rifles! Better Red than Dead!" CUBANS ARE COWARDS!

  • Steve Chavez

    "Courage" the Cowardly Lion said. "Heart" said the Tin Man. "Brain" the Tin Man said. Dorothy was in the fight of her life with the Wicked Witch of the West. She had to get her broom. She risked death! Finally she confronted the Wicked Witch face to face. The Wicked Witch did attack but Dorothy fought back and the Wicked Witch melted in front of her Mighty Army. Dorothy was afraid of revenge but instead, celebration as the Army too were afraid of the Wicked Witch. It took one little girl to conquer! CASTRO IS THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST AND IT WOULD TAKE ONLY A SMALL BRAVE NUMBER TO STAND UP TO HIM! Will the Army turn their guns on their brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers? NO THEY WILL NOT and if ordered to do so, they will throw that bucket of water on Fidel and he will melt away! "VIVA! VIVA! VIVA! THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD!"

  • Dennis Mahon

    Steve– “The Wizard of Oz” is fiction; Castro’s army and secret police are real.

  • Fred Dawes

    if this guy was inside old Castor cuba and if he is a real american and if black or brown he will walk within 6 weeks but if this guy is white he is dead. that is how it works inside all non white nation states and will work soon in all monkey NATION'S.