The Latest Joint CBS-Castro Production

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Yes, amazing how that works when you convert free citizens of a nation with a higher per capita income and car ownership than half of Europeans, who enjoyed the 3rd highest protein consumption in Latin American, into penurious half-starved serfs. “One feature of the Cuban social structure is a large middle class,documented a report by the UN’s International Labor Organization in 1957.

In Pre-Castro Cuba the abundant lobster, grouper and snapper that so enchanted Cooper and Guggenheim on their scuba dive served as dietary mainstays of the humblest Cuban, who owned boats, fishing gear and were perfectly free to use them at every whim and then consume their catch. For Cuban landlubbers, pre-Castro groceries stocked seafood in abundance. Now these delicacies are reserved mostly for tourists, regime apparatchiks and valued foreign propagandists. Catching and eating a lobster can land a Castro subject in jail. And owning even a dinghy is the stuff of dreams — of escape.

“In 1996, the government of Fidel Castro, a diver himself, made this area one of the largest marine preserves in the Caribbean. Almost all commercial fishing was banned,” explains a smug Cooper to his 60 Minutes audience.

Yes, amazing how that works in Stalinist Cuba: Castro decrees his favorite diving and fishing site a preserve that prohibits his subjects from doing there what he does. Lider Maximo (translates into German almost precisely as Fuhrer) then presents the proposition to his “parliament” and lo and behold, the “parliament” agrees.

There’s just something about running a KGB-tutored Stalinist regime that jailed political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s, murdered more of them than pre-war Hitler’s, and outlaws dissent that encourages this type of instant and gung-ho parliamentarian team-playing. Many among the tens of thousands of Castro’s prison, torture and firing squad victims were his former comrades, onetime regime officials. Unlike food, clothing, shelter, feminine napkins and toilet paper, one thing there’s never any shortage of in Stalinist Cuba is rubber stamps.

Apartheid South Africa, by the way, did a bang-up job of wildlife conservation. The segregationist governments set up many national parks and nature preserves where vigilant police kept poaching to a minimum. After the end of apartheid  and the enfranchisement of South Africa’s black population, poaching has become rampant, with the populations of  many endangered species (rhinos in particular) plummeting.

But I searched the media records in utter vain for, say, a National Geographic (which has run multiple specials extolling Castroite conservation) that extolled Apartheid South Africa’s conservation consciousness. Apparently, in the view of enlightened opinion worldwide, the vileness of  that government’s segregationist policies negated the virtue of its conservation policies. If only Stalinist policies were regarded similarly by enlightened opinion worldwide. If only a totalitarian Cuban regime that jailed and murdered political prisoners at ten times the rate of an authoritarian South African regime provoked a tiny fraction of the revulsion as the latter among the “enlightened” worldwide.

On his site Dr. Guggenheim also hails Stalinist Cuba’s protection of sea turtles: “The [Cuban] project also includes a comprehensive sea turtle research and conservation component focused at Cuba’s westernmost point, Guanahacabibes. Through strong community involvement and education, it has dramatically reduced turtle poaching” (emphasis added).

I bet! And “education” indeed, Dr. Guggenhiem. Just ask the former inmates of the area’s Che Guevara-imposed forced-labor camps. That sort of incentive program will get you “community involvement” every trip of the train.

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  • Steve Chavez

    And then there's Jimmy Carter who sent his condolences to North Korea along with others like Cuba and Venezuela. Imagine the real crying, by Americans, when Fidel dies! Cubans will be like the Wizard of Oz clip when Dorothy pours a pale of water on the "Wicked Witch of the West" and she melts away. She was afraid that her Army would attack her but instead, they rejoiced.

    Cubans, who have become institutionalized like those living in prisons for fifty years, who should have their Caribbean Spring to rid the Castro's forever including more monuments after death, will rejoice at their Prison Wardens death.

    There are four countries in the world today that are a threat to world peace: Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran. "Imagine World Peace?" IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT THEM! ONLY AMERICANS WILL LONG FOR THESE GREAT "MIRACLE PLACES" BUT I STILL CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY DON'T MOVE THERE!!!

    • AzztishER

      Because they are sick. America is like a girlfriend they hate but would rather beat and abuse than beak up with and take their chances loving another woman.
      Because they are not capable of love, just hate, so they stay and hate, instead of leave and love.
      They are mentally unwell.

  • Jon Threlkeld

    There is no polite way to put this: that puff piece aired on 60 Minutes was a goddamned lie. It gave the utterly false impression that Cuba's coral reefs were the only "healthy" ones on the planet and the credit for this belonged to the bloody fiend Castro. Ever heard of the Great Barrier Reef? The thousands of reefs in the Pacific and others in the Caribbean? When it comes to butt smooching homicidal dictators, CBS can proudly consider itself among the best.

  • Ghostwriter

    It's a shame CBS does this. Are they willfully blind or what?

  • johnnywoods

    I just hope that Mr. Fontova lives long enough to urinate on the graves of the brothers Castro.And by the way, Che is waiting in Hell as he curses them for betrayal of him. Good riddance to all that bad rubbish.

  • Edward

    It's not just Anderson Cooper, Scott Pelley is turning viewers off to CBS News and 60 Minutes.

    I stopped watching CBS Evening News when Katie Couric took over. And what happened? She was replaced by an even more smug talking head.

    CBS, You used to be the best, now you are in Fourth Place.

    Restore Journalistic Ethics to CBS before it's too late.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Too late…………………….William

  • Brujo Blanco

    CBS is like all pro commie people and organizations. They see themselves as communist/liberal elites that will be at the to of the heap when the time comes. Most commie leaders receive items and privileges that the rank and file can only dream of. The left complains about their ochre not being observed while conspiring to take eights away from others.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What good can be found from anything the CommunistBroadcastingSystem has
    to offer, clown Anderson and Guggenheim should move into the reef and live
    there adding to the sea snake and shrimp population. Castro brothers, real
    conservationists, everything is conserved for them and the Cubans let them
    get away with it, must be something in the water, probably the thousands of
    bodies executed by Castro……………………………………………….William

  • Flowerknife_us

    How does Abortion stack up to Anderson and Guggenheim as compaired to their worry of the coral reefs?

  • rturpin

    "But I searched the media records in utter vain for, say, a National Geographic (which has run multiple specials extolling Castroite conservation) that extolled Apartheid South Africa’s conservation consciousness."

    Strangely, I only had to type "Marlin Perkins Kruger National Park" into Google, to come up with Youtube videos extolling the wildlife there. Shot back when apartheid was reality. And first broadcast, I suspect, on NBC. That was one search, in five minutes, by someone far from expert at digging up old articles and archival footage. I have no doubt that a professional journalist easily would find quite a bit more coverage of South Africa's parks featured in major America media through the decades that apartheid was active.

    Castro has done great harm, and lived far too long. I will dance when he dies. But I can only laugh when I see silly right-wing characterizations of American media. I remember the 70s, and there were plenty of articles and broadcasts in the major media extolling various aspects of South Africa, as well as ones critical of apartheid.

  • Sammy Ion

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