The Media’s Selective Sensitivity to Candidate Blunders

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While Senator John Edwards served on the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, a Cuban agent was convicted of the same crimes as Ethel and Julius Rosenberg and dodged their fate only with a plea-bargain. This spy managed the deepest penetration of the U.S. Department of Defense in U.S. history in what is described as the “most damaging espionage case since the end of the Cold War” (emphasis added). Her name is Ana Montes and she worked for Fidel Castro.

Somewhere amongst all of the coverage, activities and responsibilities above, a man running for president of the United States should have inferred that Cuba is Communist, or so you’d like to think. So let’s review his comment: “I don’t know a lot about Cuba’s healthcare system. Is it a government-run system?”

John Edwards was born in 1953. He probably went through those school drills during the Cuban Missile Crisis in which we all scurried under our desks. But shortly after admitting his ignorance regarding Communist Cuba’s healthcare, Edwards hailed Michael Moore’s infomercial for Fidel Castro titled “Sicko” as “a great movie” (as captured here on YouTube).

Fidel Castro himself shares Edwards’ admiration for the rotund filmmaker, esteeming Michael Moore as an “outstanding American” and regaling his subjects with Moore’s films in crumbling theatres throughout his Stalinist fiefdom.

So, just think of the sparkling material writers for John Stewart, Colbert, Maher, Letterman, SNL, etc. etc. etc. passed up for one teeny little detail: John Edwards is a Democrat.


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  • Steve Chavez

    If he bacame President, he'd probably take Michael Moore's advice and call his health care, CastroCare since he'd would have eventually learned about universal health care in Cuba which is superior to ours.

    I do have a solution to ObamaCare! If someone gets ill, they buy a Round-trip ticket to Cuba and I'm sure they'll just love it in Communist Paradise and they can give their plane ticket to a Capitalist Cuban and who will love America! It's free health care, and "superior," according to Michael Moore who will also fly his private jet to Cuba upon his illness! Who would want to leave after getting the royal treatment? What's great about Cuba too is no election hassles, no campaign commercials, no billboards, no phone calls. It's great! One man runs and one man gets all the votes! What's great too is you don't even have to think in Cuba since one man does all the thinking for everybody! FIDEL ZOMBIES! (When Fidel bites the big one, I'm driving to Miami to partake in the celebrations! I'm sure Obama, Hillary, Moore, and Hollywood will be shedding tears and they'll even eulogize Fidel "as a great man and a true Revolutionary!")

    Or, if someone gets ill, they can flee to Mexico or any other country, and renounce their U.S. citizenship then return to cross the border as an illegal and get free health care. When Obamacare goons knock on the door saying you didn't buy imposed health insurance, you say you're an illegal, and you'll be exempt from that law too! OBAMA ZOMBIES!!!

  • Tanstaafl

    Memo to John Edwards – in Cuba, the government runs everything.

  • Maxie

    The so-called Media long ago became just a national PR Agency for the political Left. To expect any sort of objectivity from it is futile. Ignore it and especially ignore its advertisers but let them know you are boycotting them and their products. Just whining about the situation does no good.