Blame the Predecessor, Not the Ideology: A Historical Leftist Tactic

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The chaotic Occupy Wall Street movement is the result of the Democratic Party’s chaotic efforts to find villains for its chaotic economic policy, which has put 14 million Americans out of a job. The U.S. debt has now reached an unprecedented $15 trillion — greater than the total debt accured by all 41 presidents from George Washington to George H.W. Bush combined. That means a debt of $35,835 for every American household. The GDP fell from 4.5%  growth in the first quarter of 2011 to 1.3% in the second quarter of 2011.

Instead of pulling up their socks and encouraging the production — not redistribution — of wealth, the leaders of the Democrat-run White House and U.S. Senate blamed former president George W. Bush for the current economic calamity. No American really bought it. So then the Democrats blamed the Japanese tsunami. No more luck. Blaming the Arab Spring and the European economic crisis did not do the trick either. Now the Democrats are blaming Wall Street — whatever that means — and America’s rich. They are the real evil. They are sucking the people’s blood, wrecking America.

In the sanctum sanctorum of the former Soviet empire, to which I once belonged, finding a scapegoat for the mistakes of a country’s leader was called “political necrophagy.” Although Marxism proclaimed the deciding role in history to be played by “the people,” the Marxists sitting on the Kremlin throne believed that only the leader counted. From the lips of Khrushchev himself, I used to hear over and over: “Change the public image of the leader, and you change history.”

The Kremlin’s secret “science” of political necrophagy was launched into the world on February 26, 1956. On that day, Khrushchev exposed “Stalin’s crimes” in a four-hour “secret speech” delivered at midnight under a cloud of mystery during the highly publicized XXth Congress of the Soviet Communist Party, to emphasize its importance.

New York Times journalist Harry Schwartz wrote: “Mr. Khrushchev opened the doors and windows of a petrified structure. He let in fresh air and fresh ideas, producing changes which time already has shown are irreversible and fundamental.”

In actuality, Khrushchev’s “secret speech” was just a show intended to distract attention away from the brutality of Soviet Marxism and from his own image as “butcher of the Ukraine.” It was not Marxism’s fault that 20 million people had been barbarically killed in the Soviet Union in order to make Marxism the country’s only religion — it was all Stalin’s fault. It was not Marxism’s fault that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians had been executed during the years Khrushchev was the Kremlin’s viceroy in Kiev — that too was all Stalin’s fault.

A few days after Khrushchev had delivered his “secret speech,” his brand new spy chief, General Aleksandr Sakharovsky (the former chief Soviet intelligence adviser to Romania) slipped the text of it to my Romanian foreign intelligence service, the DIE. “This is the most secret document I have ever held in my hand,” Sakharovsky told us — with a wink.

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  • Rifleman

    It's no surprise that people who have no clue how to create wealth think it's zero-sum, and can only be divided. Those are the useful idiots.
    Some on the left do know, but are just intent on destroying the free market and establishing ‘public’ control. They key on make work to waste capital and hinder productivity and advancement. The only good jobs to them are unnecessary or counterproductive jobs that hinder and reduce productivity, and subtract from the bottom line. Like hussein, they call the private sector, “enemy territory.”

  • StephenD

    It used to be an honor to have dedicated your life to civil service. Now it seems a civilian employee is a villain. I fault no public employee for the state of affairs of either the local, state, or federal government. Like this article points out, it really isn't only the individual folks in place it is the policies. You could easily replace Obama with, say, Hillary or someone as bland as Kucinich and still have the same policy issues that can crush us and turn us into a Socialist State.
    I refuse to vilify the office of the President of the United States because of the man that occupies it and his policies. Because one day…soon I hope, there will be honor restored to it.

  • scum

    Fallacy in the very first sentence: blaming the economic catastrophe on Obama. Cmon, get real.

    • Herman Caintonette

      Dude used to work for Pravda; old habits die hard.

  • scum

    Another fallacy: No American bought the idea that GW caused the crash. Cmon, get real.

  • Herman Caintonette

    IMP: "Instead of pulling up their socks and encouraging the production — not redistribution — of wealth, the leaders of the Democrat-run White House and U.S. Senate blamed former president George W. Bush for the current economic calamity. No American really bought it."

    Obviously, the author used to work for Pravda. Frankly, the disease of partisanship is bi-partisan: Dems have their scapegoats, and the 'Pubs have theirs. BushCo was responsible for our financial state through adoption of unwise trade and tax policies, and embroiling us in two elective wars of empire. The Dems failed to rectify this, which is why OWS exists.

  • scum

    The 'secret speech' to distract attention from the problem perfectly sums up the entire thrust of this article: to deflect attention from Phil Gramm, GW, Greenspan, Reagan and others, to push deregulation leading to the current malaise. We've been through all this before: the Gilded Age had little regulation, the rapid consolidation of wealth at the top, and crash after crash. In contrast, the Progressive Era (which had the support of a surprising number of sane business leaders), saw continued growth, the end of child labor, and a stable economy with no bubbles, and no crashes.