Fatah Mourns Bin Laden

Reprinted from PalWatch.org.
The military wing of Fatah, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, published a long statement in reaction to the killing of Osama bin Laden calling it a “catastrophe.” They said that those who killed Bin Laden were “gangs of heretics.”

Fatah’s military wing promises that the Jihad fighters will not be deterred in their path and ends its announcement vowing: “We say to the American and Israeli occupier: the [Islamic] nation which produced leaders who changed the course of history through their Jihad… is capable of restoring the glory of Islam and the flag of Allah’s oneness, Allah willing.”

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is the chairman of the Fatah movement, whose military wing released this statement.

The following is the text of the statement by Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades:

“The [military wing of Fatah] Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades announced the death of Sheikh Osama bin Laden (Abu Abdallah), and said that if bin Laden had indeed died as a Shahid (Martyr), this would not deter the resistance fighters from the path of Jihad against injustice, oppression and occupation in the world. 

In their announcement, a copy of which reached MAAN [private Palestinian news agency], the [Al-Aqsa Martyrs’] Brigades said: ‘The Islamic nation awoke to a catastrophe the reports of the Shahid – (Martyr-) death of the Sheikh, Jihad-fighter Osama bin Laden, in a treacherous manner, by the gangs of the heretics and those who stray.’

They continued: ‘The path irrigated with the blood of its leaders is the path of victory, Allah willing. If Abu Abdallah [Bin Laden] was killed, then he merited the Shahada (Death for Allah) which he had sought, and inscribed with his blood the landmarks of Jihad, leaving behind an entire generation that follows the path of Sheikh Osama.’

They said: ‘The military wings of the Jihad fighters in Palestine and outside of it, who have in the past lost many of their commanders and their men, will not stop. This has only strengthened their determination, their resolve and their loyalty to theirShahids (Martyrs), who have turned their words into a reality testifying to their honesty, and which in fact bolsters the drive and the strength of their brothers on the path to victory or Shahdada (Death for Allah)’.

The announcement continued: ‘We say to the American and Israeli occupier: the [Islamic] nation which produced leaders who changed the course of history through their Jihad and their endurance, is a nation that is capable of supplying an abundance of new blood into the arteries of the resistance and is capable of restoring the glory of Islam and the flag of Allahs oneness, Allah willing.'”

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Note to Fatah: I spoke to Allah. He ain't willing on any of your ambitions.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michel.richy.7 Michel Richy

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  • jacob

    And as the article title states, these are the animals the world wants ISRAEL
    to make peace with and better yet, WHICH GOOD OLD USA CONTINUES

    Now what kind of damned and dangerous fools in this particular respect are our "leaders", starting with GWB and continuing with OBAMA ????

  • BS77

    Why should Israel give these barbaric lunatics a "state" within Israel's own land? No reason at all. It won't lead to peace. Give them NOTHING. Let them move to Jordan or Yemen or somewhere else and have their little hate state all to themselves……just like that wretched Gaza strip…a garbage strewn nightmare. Hamas has stated repeatedly, their main goal is to destroy Israel….yet Israel is supposed to roll over and give these vermin
    land for a "state"???? No one in their right mind would give them anything.

    • Ne0

      BS77 – Before making such comment, go learn some history to know whose land you are talking about.

  • RiverFred

    Blah, blah, blah, more of the usual crap by Fatah and the Palestinian leaders. Why does the U.S. give money to these Palestinians who danced in the street following 9-11?

  • Wesley69

    We know where Fatah's loyalities lie. We know where Israel's loyalities lie. Time we stop wasting our time trying to placate the enemy and make a decision to protect the country that is the Mideast's only democracy and who would make peace with its enemies, if given a chance, and if they would agree by solemn oaths to renounce war and recognize Israel as a country.

  • Suzanne

    To StevenD, I am a true admirer of Golda Meir although I will never understand the words of hers that you quoted. I for one, do not understand why she would feel it proper to be able to forgive the Arabs for killing their (the Israeli children) but she could not forgive the Arabs for making them (the Israelis) kill their children. It is right and proper for an attacked nation to kill their attackers and the Arabs, presently, are light years away from any proper forgiveness from the Israelis.

    • StephenD

      Yes, you are right Suzanne. I didn't mean to imply we SHOULD forgive them their deeds. I wanted to make the point, as with Bin Laden, they FORCE us to kill them. We don't want to kill but they force us to (and not literal children as they do purposefully). This, we cannot forgive. Also, I believe I quoted her correctly in that she said "we MAY forgive…." Doesn't mean we will or should.

  • LindaRivera

    Not one inch of Jewish Holy Land to barbaric enemies who plot a Second Holocaust of Jews!

  • Dispozovdaburka

    Kill one,
    they all come to the funeral.
    They have nothing else to do.