The Left Owns the Election Law Industry

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Before the 2000 presidential election, most Americans assumed the mechanics of elections functioned smoothly. The thirty-six day battle for the presidency demonstrated otherwise.  Today, most Americans still assume the institutions, firms and foundations that fight about election law disputes are equally matched and similarly funded as between left and right. That is a dangerously incorrect assumption, especially with the 2012 election fast approaching. From an election administration perspective, the 2012 presidential election is already upon us.  And the Left is fully engaged.

Like so many other institutions, whether academia or the media, leftists dominate the field of election law, and the consequences are immediate and devastating. Worst of all, hardly anyone has noticed that these scores of leftist election experts enjoy a largely unopposed battlefield.

Leftist foundations, litigators and organizations have established permanent structures designed to alter election outcomes through policy advocacy and strategic litigation. Project Vote, DEMOS, the Asian American Legal Defense Fund (AALDF), the Brennan Center for Justice, the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF), the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the Advancement Project, National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), League of Women Voters, Asian Pacific American Legal Center and Common Cause are some of the groups that push election law in a direction hostile to conservatives, and the rule of law. Not surprisingly, money tainted by George Soros also flows downstream through various groups and institutes to the cause.

Literally hundreds of individuals man permanent stations, full time, at these groups.  They benefit from tens of millions of dollars in funding. They bring lawsuits under federal and state statutes ranging from the Voting Rights Act, Motor Voter law and the Help America Vote Act. They station teams of election observers in polling places around the nation every election to fuel their litigation and their media efforts.  Almost nobody opposes their efforts.

Their efforts pay off over and over again.  Whether preventing Michigan or Colorado secretaries of state from purging the voting rolls of dead voters in 2008, or grandstanding about purported “voter intimidation” when law-abiding citizens in Houston, Texas deploy retirees to serve as poll watchers in 2010, these leftist groups are affecting the outcomes of elections.

Activists posing as nonpartisan academics, like Michael Waldman of the Brennan Center or Tova Wang of DEMOS, disingenuously claim voter fraud doesn’t exist.  Wang is particularly dishonest. She released a report after the 2010 elections that there was no voter fraud. Wang’s conclusion came only two days after the election, hardly enough time for the careful study necessary for such a sweeping conclusion.  Nevertheless, sycophants in the media lapped it up.

What do conservative groups have to oppose this coordinated leftist strategy of lies and litigation? Virtually nothing. The best effort is an ad hoc group of Republican lawyers. Other embryonic efforts have sprung out of the Tea Party movement, such as True the Vote in Texas or the Election Integrity Project in California. Like so many other things, conservatives are justifiably too busy making money or raising families to commit to a cause.

Of course there are some excellent Republican lawyers, but they often focus on high paying clients, and they don’t represent a permanent counterweight to the enormous leftist election law structures.  They assemble just before the election then disperse, like minutemen.  The Tea Party groups are making enormous strides, but they haven’t been through the whirlwind of a presidential election yet, certainly not one with a community organizer at the top of the ticket.

No permanent engine of intellectual opposition exists to the leftist election law industry.

In contrast, the leftist election law practitioners have permanent structures. They are well funded.  They have resources, offices and hardwired networks. Eager leftist law students clamor volunteer time, seeking to change the world, like so many at their age do. The courtroom practitioners enjoy vibrant academic support from leftist law professors. And as I know from firsthand experience, they have the full weight of the Eric Holder-run Justice Department behind them.

When it comes to constructing the legal environment of election law, full-time leftists are the most engaged and energetic. They know how to beat part-time conservatives, either by mastery of the law, or by dominance of everyday attention to control the narrative.

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  • Fred Dawes

    You don't really think the vote means nothing thing do you? just look at obama?

    the vote is just away to keep you in line for the next butt tokeep you in line for the BIg rape, our government is like a prison rape gang and any who will no see what is government is must like the gang rape, right now the butt in government are telling you our great system of checks and balances are wrong and evil but the butts want is something like the system of the Third Reich.

    and most of you will go-along to get-along like in 1933, sad fact is this time we will see no equal forces to beat back the enemies of life.

  • StephenD

    I picture it as if you have a hobo grabbed onto your leg while you are striding toward your work. In order to get anywhere you MUST slow down and deal with him. He gets what he wants. Your momentum is slowed and sometimes stopped entirely. To continue, you placate or even give into his request/demands and even give money. I would say the best effort would be to somehow place an obstacle in his path BEFORE he can latch on. Hoe this can be accomplished is beyond me. Maybe gain control of both the House and Senate along with the W.H. and get some reform in place?

  • mrbean

    Leftists know tha requiring an proving your elligibility to vote is going to hurt the Democrats at the polls. Well, why would that be? Could it be that Democrats are the ones to benefit most from voter fraud? Who can forget the 2008 Minnesota Senate race, won by Al Franken, in which it was discovered after the election that in some districts there were more votes cast than there were eligible voters in the district. Amazingly, nearly all of the fraudulent votes were cast for Franken in a race that was essentially a 50-50 race – a statistical impossibility. Imagine, objecting to requiring individuals to present photo identification at the polls before voting to prove who they are. Typically leftist.

  • StephenD

    I'd like for the requirement to vote to include proof that you paid taxes. (W-2 perhaps?).
    My feeling is that if you don't pay into the system you should have no say as to how it is spent. There would go the base for those that support entitlement programs ad infinitum.

  • patriotwork

    Glad J. Christian Adams decided to emerge from out of the leftist slim by which he had been hidden. He seems to be intellligent, logical, knowledgeable, and well-spoken, a heavy-weight, and on the side of integrity. This country needs him and a lot more like him.

    • winoceros

      He has one of the more uphill battles out there right now, and as long as they don't try to silence him (hope he believes in the 2nd), his is an important voice.

      He should be writing to the memberships of AMAC and AARP. He'll need a ruse for AARP, but I'll bet he could get this article to them.

  • Davidka

    In addition, the left has invested huge resources in trying to capture control of the Secretary of State office in each state, and has succeeded in many cases. This obscure but extremely important office runs the elections in every state and has a shocking amount of discretion and authority. Don't expect any honest decisions from the secretaries of state that Soros/B.O. have put in office.

  • mlcblog

    I am glad you are writing this. I have long decried the obvious grabbing of close elections by the Dems. For years I have watched this, most notably when DiFi overrode Mr. Huffington by about 30,000 "found" ballots. That was long ago, when Arianna was still calling herself a conservative and before she started running her news blab. I know it was Calif but it reminded me of Chicago. Now it seems it's everywhere in the country which is why we need to really get out there and bring in landslide returns.

  • PatriotUSA

    It is way past time for us who loathe the leftist progressive machine and their march to force our country into the trash heap of history like England and Europe are now teetering on the edge of falling into. The failure of a leftarded, socialist,. progressive welfare state cannot and never will be successful. One only needs to look at history.

    Any and all MUST re-post and share this as time is of the essence and next year's election is fast approaching and the left will do any and everything to steal and rip this election into the liberals corrupt and cheating hands.

  • class factotum

    "I'd like for the requirement to vote to include proof that you paid taxes"

    No representation without taxation!

  • 13Sisters76

    Nothing has changed for the demonRATs since Teapot Dome. They are experts at voter fraud, so the people in the states need to become experts at thwarting them.

  • mrbean

    Billionaire Warren Buffett urged U.S. lawmakers Monday to raise taxes on the country's super-rich to help cut the budget deficit, saying such a move will not hurt investments.
    "My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress. It's time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice," The 80-year-old "Oracle of Omaha" wrote in an opinion article in The New York Times.

    Yes Comrade Buffet, class warfare for the greater glory of Chairman Obama. That is what happens when rich guys send their kids to Ivy League schools and they come back little Marxists and make Daddy feel guilty about being rich.

  • bshade

    Mr. J. Christian Abrams–we need you to help us! You know exactly what is going on —on the inside! First hand! And you are a man of integrity to speak the truth about the illegal goings-on in our so-called Dept. of Justice.
    You have a mission–to help us to protect the integrity of the next election.. and to do everything we can to make it the most honest election possible. The left has been working on these things since the 1960's and they will lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their goals of a totalitarian regime to bring down the US.
    Your counsel is of extreme importance. How do we the taxpaying American citizens who are so reviled by this administration-able to put in place security and protections to prevent voter fraud, such as, ballots found in the trunks of cars at the last minute, dead people voting, buses hauling in mobs at the last minute–were they all registered?
    One recent mayoral election had the Republican candidate 51-49 winning the whole time until the last 5-10 minutes when it suddenly changed to 51-49 to the democrat, and we were told that there were buses coming in at the last minute!

  • SEO Charlottesville

    I can’t believe it. Warren Buffett’s op-ed was pure political garbage. If he wants to pay more taxes no one is stopping him. Does he really think The President can spend the cash better than he can?

  • Barbara With

    This article is so filled with erroneous propaganda its amazing it even stays on the page. Quote me the laws that prosecute “election fraud” (having a hard time holding those accountable for manufacture of the corruptible voting machines? Yeah me too) and then spin the tail that protecting the voting rights of Americans is actually a left wing conspiracy, now who needs to tin hats? Looks like you! What planet do you people live on? Every american gets the right to vote. No, not if they pay taxes, no not if they own land. You nor do any of your mono-party supporters have the right to tell us who is “allowed” to vote and who isn’t. “Voter” fraud is so small its like trying to swat one gnat. ELECTION fraud however, perpetrated mostly by the right, is rampant in our election systems. Do your homework and then start to work for clean elections. Oh wait that’s right, clean elections would mean everyone would vote, even those who vote Democrat. Horrible right? Pesky two party checks and balances. I realize it doesn’t fit with the Republican Tea Party vision of the world but as long as we all live in it, so it shall be.

    • Chisco

      AGuess you can see how "small" a problem voter fraud is now, huh?! I guess all those precincts with ONLY obama votes and not even ONE vote for Mitt Romney are "realistic results" that would pass the statistical "smell test", right?! (In your world, they would, of course!)

      Oh, and don't forget the swing states where counties had MORE votes cast THAN the number of registered voters living in each of those counties! Nah, that was just a "really successful voter turnout" wasn't it?!!

      But, it got "DA WUN" [s]"elected", so that's all that matters to the lib-tators because "the ends justify the means" for them!

      Now, it will be up to the rest of us TO MAKE YOU OWN THE RESULTS, so that we can boot their asses OUT of office in the NEXT election — (if our country survives 4 years of an obama-generated hell)

  • Action Now

    It's no secret that the left wing dominates government and education. It's an outrage that conservatives must pay taxes to fund these institutions, but are denied the opportunity for employment and leadership in these same institutions. It is not possible presently to reverse this egregious situation at the federal level, but conservatives have ample power in Red States to fashion remedies. To start, conservative lawmakers in Red States should enact legislation that gives conservatives the right to sue taxpayer funded institutions that discriminate against conservatives in hiring, promotion, and other matters. The remedies should include actual and punitive damages, legal fees, and goals and time tables for achieving political diversity in proportion to the Red State's population as a whole. It's especially important to give individuals the right to sue, as the State's attorney general office is unlikely to bring lawsuits on behalf of conservatives given that the left dominates the ranks of such institutions.

    • P. M.

      Perhaps it IS time for young conservatives to engage in the liberal game — go "underground" into groups like "" and start "playing the role" of liberals — get the jobs and sabotage the group from the inside….(be the parasite-antidote to the parasite that is killing our country/host!!)

  • Bill

    I know conservatives are busy with jobs and families, etc. but reading an article like this i can't help thinking of Casey Stengal's comments about the expansion team Mets: "Doesn't anyone here know how to play this game?" Thanks Mr. Adams for jabbing us a ways up the learning curve.

  • Cincinnatus

    These electronic voting machines have to go.

  • Warlord

    It seems at times the only way to bring America back is to have a revolution. People will die in droves to re right the ship of state, and bring America back to a position of respect and dominance on the world stage.
    It will be neighbor against neighbor, to sort out blue from red.