Damning the Koch Bros.

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Despite that loophole, Koch Industries in 2007 went beyond what was required by U.S. law and voluntarily stopped doing business with Iran in any form. By contrast, many companies, including corporate donors to Democrats, stayed in Iran after Koch Industries had left. General Electric, whose CEO Jeffrey Immelt is chairman of President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, continued to do business in Iran until 2008. Another Democratic funder, the industrial conglomerate Honeywell International Inc., is still selling security technology to Iran. In that time, those companies gave generously to Democrats. The Weekly Standard’s Mark Hemmingway points out that between 2003 and 2010, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee took at least $343,000 in donations from corporations doing business with Iran, including from Koch’s political action committee. (That history did deter the DSCC from trying to make political hay of the Bloomberg Markets story by demanding that Republicans call on Koch Industries to cut ties with Iran, something the company had already done.) If Koch’s prior involvement in Iran tainted its political contributions, why was the same not true for the funds that flowed to left-wing coffers and causes from the likes of GE and Honeywell? Neither the Bloomberg Markets article nor the left-wing bloggers who trumpeted its findings paused to consider the question.

Instead, the magazine explored the absurd and offensive theory that Koch Industries’ willingness to do business with Iran stemmed from the libertarian politics of the Koch brothers. Although the connection was never concretely spelled out, the implication was that the brothers’ dislike for government regulations was behind their company’s willingness to break the law to do business in Iran. The charge was baseless on several counts. First and foremost, the company’s business in Iran, conducted through a subsidiary, was entirely legal. More to the point, there was not a shred of evidence connecting libertarian politics to Koch Industries’ involvement in Iran. One could just as plausibly suggest that liberal politics drove Democratic donors to set up shop in Iran. Indeed, those companies arguably have more to answer for, since they continued to business in Iran after Koch Industries had left.

All those flaws help explain why, aside from ecstatic coverage by left-wing partisans, the Bloomberg Markets has gotten little traction since its publication last week. If one aim of the story was to discredit the Koch brothers and their company in the eyes of the Tea Party and conservatives generally, it has clearly failed. If anything, it has confirmed that while left-wing billionaires like George Soros – who has been convicted for insider trading in Europe – get a free pass in the media, conservatives will be demonized regardless of the facts. But then, they already knew that.

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  • Larry

    It's the classic leftard tactic, as laid out by Alinsky, that basically comes down to "pick a target and throw lots and lots of sh*t, eventually enough will stick, even if there is no basis in truth of any of it".

    That and of course that there are two sets of rules, one for leftards and one for everybody else.

    • trickyblain

      That's actually a Lee Atwater tactic, Larry. Perfected by Karl Rove (See: McCain's illegitimate black baby).

      Sort of like the article in yesterday's FPM edition that claims Obama wanted to apologize for the atomic bomb. No evidence, just a rumor reported as fact. And of course all the sheep commenters simply agree – "baaah, baaaah, baa-aaa-aaahhhhh!"

      • akbass

        Ha ha ha……you Lefttards are all the same. You want to see a flock of sheep? Check out the videos from the Atlanta OWS demonstrations (or from any other city for that matter).

        • Questions

          Rep. Ron Paul has publicly endorsed the demonstrators, especially its anti-Fed signs. Does that make Paul a "Lefttard," too?

      • derekcrane

        Actually, trickyblain, there is evidence of Obama's apology for Hiroshima. It is from WikiLeaks. See: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2011/10/12/14

      • Free4500

        It's amazing to see the left and right both attack each other as Evil. Are both right? Are both wrong? Or are both partially right and partially wrong?
        But one thing is clear as it stands now: with the country split down the middle, with each side convinced the other is the Evil one…how long before real blood starts to flow? How long before Civil War Two becomes a reality? Who or what is behind these amazingly different paradigms of the world? God help us. Good luck to everyone.

        • Beth

          "God help us" yes

          And thank God, there are 2 sides. That means there is still a side that refuses to get into bed with those who bow to a murderer.

  • Traveler

    now it it time for Bloomberg to our George Soros, the master pupperteer and owner of one of the other political parties, oops…right that will never happen…does he have a share of Bloomberg too?

  • Traveler

    that was suppose to be out George Soros

  • SoCalMike

    The Left lies.
    They can't open their mouths without lying so for Bloomberg to smear the Koch Brothers with lies makes perfect sense.
    Bloomberg and NY Times writers just don't feel like their feet are on the ground if they aren't busy selling their own leftist gospel or aiding and abetting mass murder.
    The Party of Pinocchio is at it again.

    • scum

      Sure Mike, while 1 in 6 kids goes to school hungry.

      • Neils60

        There are free and/or reduced breakfasts and lunch programs available in just about every school in the USA, based upon a parent/guardians income. (I can tell you, too, from experience, there's little to sometimes no scrutiny of parent/guardians income statements.)

      • akbass

        BS, scum. You losers always rely on totally overblown BS "statistics." Nice try.

      • truebearing

        Thank you for your conspicuous honesty. Your name is perfect.

    • Beth

      NY Times defended (made excuses) for the murderers of the Beslan children. (I will never forget them for that)

      leopards can not change their spots

  • davarino

    I have seen posts here lately by lefties that mention the EVIL KOCH BROTHERS and their ties to the EVIL TEA PARTY (the capped words should be said with an echo and errie). That was all you had, and now you know the truth? Big deal, now go back home and get some more talking points you miserable twitts

    • scum

      It goes far deeper than that Davarino. Forget the 'Tea Party' connection. Like Cheney being indicted by Nigeria, the Koch Bros doled out millions in under the counter deals in dozens of countries. And that's only the beginning….

      • nightspore

        What on earth does "Cheney being indicted by Nigeria" mean?

        "And that's only the beginning …." I'm sure it is.

        Why do leftwing trolls always sound like South Park extras? Why do their posts always resemble a mirror that isn't completely smooth, so that the reflection is oddly disconnected …

  • http://jewishdefense.org AJ Weberman

    It is still wrong even if it is legal. It is like doing business with Hitler. But as long as the Right benefits anything goes including global warming.

    • Neils60

      Tell that to President Obama's most prestigious member of his Job's Council, Jeffrey Immelt of GE.

  • howdydoody

    Well, it's a well known fact (not rumour nor hearsay) that the Koch fortune was made in Stalinist Russia, so how is it surprising that they would find a way to make a profit in Iran?. They'll make money wherever they can, no matter how oppressive and bloodthirsty the regime is, they're capitalists, that's what they do. It's about money, not ethics or morals.

    • derekcrane

      And the Kennedys are all bootleggers because Joe Kennedy earned his fortune mainly by "importing" liquor during Prohibition? And Al Gore is a traitor because his father conspired with Armand Hammer to make Occidental Petroleum an important contributor to the Soviet oil industry? The sins of the father cannot be conferred to the sons.

  • Josh

    I am frankly shocked that Front Page would apologize for anyone who does business with the Iranian regime, which seeks to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. I have been skeptical of the attacks on the Koch brothers for some time, but even they aren't denying their business dealings with the Hitlerian regime in Tehran. For shame, Koch brothers, an for shame to anyone who excuses their business dealings with the greatest enemies of Israel.

    • Beth

      I'm with you Josh on this: Shame on anyone who has ANY dealings with Iran

      But the article here is coverage of the deep bias of the left – and not an apology for dealing with murderers. That's another topic.

  • Dennis X

    The so-called " grass roots tea baggers" are in fact the koch brothers.

  • Amused

    Frontpage is sympathetic to ANYONE who opposes Democrats or Obama . Which by the way is Horowitz's right , but at the expense of his own credibility .
    Just like the PHONY OBAMA APOLOGY story , which if any honesty existed on "Daves blog " there would have been a retraction , or atleast a correction [dont hold your breath ]
    Now here we have the Koch Bros. Truly a slimey crew , fought tooth and nail aginst having some of the chermicals their plants spew into the enviromnment listed as carcinogenic , having poisoned people in Arkansas , but hey they support with their millions the Conservatives therefore are off limits for criticism , EVEN WHEN IT IS JUSTIFIED .
    Oh yea , poor v,poor Koch Bros . attacked by those dirty lefties ,being called EXACTLY what they are .LOL….and they had to "investigate themselves " to find out if they were ilegally dealing with Iran ?
    Frontpage , you've sold your souls for your ideology ….and that aint a good thing . True Breitbart-ians . Makes one wonder if any of the " Koch Bros. Juice " has reahed out an touched you .
    ** BTW , that's NOT fact , just my OPINION , but shaped by your behavior .

  • Beth

    I find it amusing that FP articles are able to keep you awake at night (obviously)

  • Amused

    No , they dont keep me awake at night Beth . They are entertainment , though I am a bit surprised about just how many ignorant people there are in this country . And of course it provides evidence for a theory I've held for the past 30 or so years . Have you heard about it ?
    I call it " The Theory of ARSEHOLES in the Unverse " [ and their exponential propogation ] . All my hypothesis' thusfar have been confirmed . It's a great thing in science to have observation match exactly a hypothesis .
    Glad you're amused , so am I .

  • Amused

    ….and sooooo predictable . And look ! atleast one idiot approves your juvenile statement …so far lololol .

  • levi9



    They only have to blame themselves for becoming a target of the angry/resurgent left!