A Leftist Feminist’s Journey Out of the Political Faith

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Rima Greene, a pro-Israel cadre who works half under the radar in Berkeley. She is a former leftist and counter-culture radical who has reinvented herself many times.

FP: Rima Greene, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about your own intellectual journey and your thoughts on the anti-Semitism that we find on the Left and feminist Left.

Let’s begin with your own background. Tell us about your own leftist past, how you came to the progressive faith and how you experienced it.

Greene: My parents were Yiddish-speaking “progressives.” They subscribed to IF Stone’s Weekly. But they were not party-liners. I got the feeling we were isolated partly because of their abhorrence of certain political things that had gone on. The Jewish community was divided around issues of being for or against the Soviet Union. My parents did not take hard-line stances. They mostly were reeling from anti-Semitism. Republicans and Christians were the “other.” We were afraid of them. It was inbred.

In high school, I read Ayn Rand and instinctively was attracted to her stance on the inner integrity of the individual. I was horrified by three things I knew about as a teenager: Hitler, Stalin and the Bomb. I was very frightened by people in general, as I understood by age fourteen or fifteen that it took massive complicity to have totalitarian movements like in Germany and Russia.

I did not see a good future for the human race. I did not want to have children. I met people in New York City who were against the Vietnam War and for Civil Rights. They were the people singing the folk songs, and I was attracted to that whole scene. When I entered UC Berkeley in the Spring of 1968, the first thing that happened was that Martin Luther King was assassinated. The second thing was Robert Kennedy’s assassination. The third thing was that Valerie Solanas wrote the SCUM Manifesto. After she tried to kill Andy Warhol, Maurice Girodias published her, and I got to read it. I had already read Simone DeBeauvoir’s The Second Sex.

These books resonated mightily with me. I became part of the women’s studies movement. After graduating in 1970, I retreated from the tear gas to the mountains where I was part of a rural hippie civilization with several different communities that ordered bulk food together and created a village of the future, we thought. After a few years, I found lesbian feminism of the 1970s intriguing. We would build women-only villages and see what we could do for ourselves.

I was a “cultural worker” of the times. I joined a women’s bookstore collective.  We ordered posters and books from China Books. These were the days of the “little red book” and the poetry of Ho Chi Minh.

In our women’s collective bookstore there was a book by Stalin on Dialectical Materialism and I protested this. They agreed to take it off the shelves, but the study groups could still order it. I was deeply and instinctively disturbed by interest in the wisdom of Stalin, and ranted incoherently about the Gulag, but no one paid much attention. These collective members were younger than me and not from the East Coast – where, in my dreams, “the water was deeper.”  I was a writer of stories, creative non-fiction, and published my first one at this time. I gradually became stifled in this women-identified-women environment, and I decided to break out of it and rejoin the rest of the world.

FP: What began to cause second thoughts in you about the Left and about Israel?

Greene: I did not personally experience anything I knew to label as “anti-Semitism” until I returned from my first trip to Israel in 2009. I lived my life in a bubble of protection which burst after I fell in love with Israel. My parents had told me that we would not have needed Israel if we had been allowed into this country — but the St. Louis, for example, had been turned back and led us to die in concentration camps. (They did not know about Arab Jews.)

In 1954, my grandmother had connected me with a girl in Haifa for a pen-pal. We exchanged letters and photos until the last letter in the early ’60s when she sent me a photo of her in army uniform with a rifle on each shoulder. Her last words to me were: “I’m in the army. I hate it! I hate it! But shall I let others die for me?” In 1965, my parents traveled to visit her parents in Haifa — I still remember the address: 7 Masada St., and I found out she had been a border guard in Eilat and was shot to death. Her name was Nili Goldschmit. She had a round smiling Russian face. She is the foundation for my love for Israel.

I now defend Israel for her. I picture her clearly in my mind. When I returned home I was hurt by the reaction of my lesbian friends of the decades. They were supposed to be feminists but they did not care that Israel was the only place in the Middle East where we could be independent women. I wrote a story for my travels, “Three Weeks in the Holyland” which some would not read, even though before we were writers who commented astutely on each other’s work. In Israel, I had met a scholar of Jewish history who informed me of the Koranic roots of Jew hatred — how it had started with Mohammed’s resentment of the rabbis of Medina who refused to recognize him as a prophet. I did not know this before, but it connected the dots for me of why this conflict could never end, why the eternal entrenched Islamic Jew hatred.

When I returned after a long plane ride from Israel, after I woke up from sleeping for fourteen hours, my housemate declared, “I don’t agree with the Balfour Declaration.”  She got that from her Unitarian Social Justice Committee. When I returned to California, I remembered that Phyllis Chesler — whom I had heard of since the days of Women And Madness – had written newer books such as The New Anti-Semitism and Woman’s Inhumanity  to Women which I greedily  devoured. As I proceeded in my research, I was called “sick” and “neurotic” by lesbian so-called feminist friends of decades.

As I was piecing together out loud what had happened to Daniel Pearl, that he had been videotaped admitting that he was a Jew and then beheaded, I was called a “racist” and compared to my friend’s father who had hated “the Japs” in WW2. I was told that Pearl took chances as a journalist, that was all. I realized this best friend of mine through the decades really didn’t care about our predicament. I had been so proud of who I had for friends — communicaters, college professors, radio programmers, a playwright, activists. I realized they were not really my friends, but only fellow travelers. I realized that their inner ideology trumped anything I was discovering.  I did not want to share my life with them anymore.

I personally experienced anti-Semitism from a Woman In Black who had been an acquaintance for decades. She began to speak to me on the street. But then one of her sister blacks came over to her and said, pointing to me, “She’s one of them.” When asked if it was true that I was “one of them,” pointing to the pro-Israel activists, and I said, “I love Israel,” she turned away in disgust, saying we were not friends. She refused any further dialogue with me. I was not allowed to love my extended family. Never again would she acknowledge me as a human being, even though we live in the same neighborhood.

I had just gotten back from Israel and was quite stunned. This was my extended family! How would she like it if I wanted to kill her family? This was the moment my bubble of protection burst. I was deeply hurt. But look at how protected I have been — unlike my parents’ generation, for most of my life. I had the opportunity to act with so much freedom from fear, to experiment with life, not consciously  experiencing the pain of how stupid  and cruel people are until now. The greatest pain is coming, if the divine does not intervene and save Israel and America.

FP: Thank you for this moving testimony.

What do you think is at the heart of the Left that makes it what you have just described?

Leftists and leftist feminists, homosexuals and lesbians purport to represent democratic rights, women’s rights and gay rights etc., and yet their silence (with a few exceptions) on Islamic violations of all of these rights, and their hatred of Israel, shows that they really don’t really care about these rights at all.

What in your view is beneath this? What are the true impulses of the leftist mind-set?

Greene: Tenacious clinging to pacifism and dreams. Look at Michael Lerner, he openly and proudly announces that he doesn’t want to be a realist. Utopianism. “A better world is possible,” is a slogan I have abandoned. Maybe a better world is possible, but to me, it looks like life is a battle between good and evil, and that gives it meaning.

I am engaged now and am much happier that I have broken away from the political faith. Think about how stagnated and putrid is the Israel-criticism Industry. I always instinctively recoiled from it, even before I began to challenge the Left. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where you can be an independent woman, a Jew and a homosexual and yet the country is singled out for constant attack, and all its critics obsess on their right to criticize it. The United Nations spends 80% of its time bashing Israel, which thoroughly discredits it.

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  • olga lazin

    Is this woman real? I can't believe it!

    • SpiritOf1683

      Obviously you're not real, you're just another mentally lazy pseudo-intellectual whose type aided Hitler in his rise to power simply by ignoring him and his deathly vision for the world, and wanted nothing doing at a time when Hitler was weak and direct action would certainly have averted the horrors that would come. And you are ignoring 1,400 years of history. Islam didn't expand by peaceful means. it expanded by the sword. The ancestors of those in the Middle East, Indonesia, Pakistan etc didn't think "Oh this Islam sounds like a groovy idea so we'll adopt it". They were instead forced to adopt it through the threat of death. It is people like yourself who doom civilizations from within, and nearly every fallen civilzation has your type to blame for its demise.

    • jgreene

      She is indeed real! And her experience with left-wing utopians very clearly describes the left's inability to think rationally.

    • Cassowary

      She needs further de-brainwashing with regards to the Vietnam war. The lady said:

      "In the 1960s it was ok to resist America for being in the Vietnam War. At that time, Israel was still everybody’s darling, but American imperialism as evidenced in Vietnam did seem like it was bad and should end."

      The war was a noble sacrifice by America to prevent the spread of Communism or what I prefer to call, Totalitarian Socialism. As someone from SE Asia, I am grateful for American efforts to keep Indo-China free of Totalitarian Socialism.

      While America failed to save Indo China, her efforts were not all in vain. It saved the rest of SE Asia, according to Singapore's respected Founder, Lee Kwan Yew. See this link:

  • danica

    1968 ussr invadet czechslovakia and Leftists almost cheered like Palest,. jihadists today.communists in the not so free world will have blood on their hands for generations to come.Western J. communists – i dont understand, I LOVE ISRAEL i am hopping for David!

  • jbtrevor

    "I was willing to connect the dots. My friends were not''

    Has a lot of meaning….

    • Eliz

      I feel like a fellow traveler along this same path. It can get lonely, but well worth it. We much continue to read, educate ourselves and share our thoughts. The cancer of liberal feminism has unfortunately spread throughout our western world, and most women are either too busy, tired or close-minded to see it.

  • Judy Abeles Eliasov

    When I lived in NYC in the late 1970's I would attend Radical Feminist meetings and be horrified by the out right expression of anti-Israel/anti-semitic sentiment .When I engaged the proponents of these ideas I was amazed just how ignorant of any facts – historical or present- that they knew. I realised that they were participating in a mass academic brainwashing campaign. I saw myself as a Feminist with liberal views(still do) This is even more aggressive today as universities have overwhelmingly keeled over to French Leftist philosophies Slogans make the extreme Left into robots. Blind hatred and ignorance is very potent and dangerous.
    I will be the first one to criticise Israel when needed, but also give praise when deserved. There is so much Arab/Jew, Israeli/Palestinian co-operation going on but noone on the left wants to know – it may contaminate their one sided extremist ideology.
    All projects which have both sides involved are shunned by the Left who see any forms of cooperation and normalization as a threat.
    I welcome Ms Green into the fold.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    Politics and world-view have personal implications for so many of us these days. For myself, every time I read a news story validating my outrage and contempt for the Islamo-Left, I'm reminded of friends and loved ones who are part of that fold.

    What bothers me the most is my own inability to a) reach them…or failing that b) to rise above. Being the political animal that I am, instead of just cultivating an apolitical relationship with them, I've essentially stopped trying. I make it a point to be receptive on those occasions when they reach out to me, but I've stopped taking the initiative. By default, I gravitate to the like-minded.

    I believe passionately in my principles, but the very passion that gives me intellectual sustenance and drives my thirst for knowledge…is the source of my intolerance for those whom I disagree with. How to reconcile the two – passion and tolerance, this is the formula that I find so elusive.

    • Jim_C

      Chez, what is an "Islamo-Left?" Is there maybe a pamphlet I can pick up at my next Soros Indoctrination meeting?

      • Chezwick_Mac

        The "Islamo-Left" is a phrase I've coined to denote what David described as the "unholy alliance". I deliberately placed the Left as the junior partner, because it will someday be extinguished by the very Islam that it is carrying water for today.

        I read your other comments below. Hasn't it occurred to you that not a single figure on the political left is an outspoken opponent of Islam?…that multiculturalism is a left-wing construct designed to destroy the foundations of Western civilization?

        You're right on top of things, Jim!

        • Jim_C

          Yes, I know, Islam has replaced the Commies as our national boogeyman. In some paranoid fantasies–the two combine for SuperDuperEvil Power!

          To answer your question, coming out and blanket condemning the religion of 1/3 of the world's population doesn't seem like too hot an idea. Personally, if it means actually paying attention to actual, real, non-speculation-based problems affecting me, my family and community here and now, I'm willing to gamble that the Islamist takeover of Tennessee is not likely to be a reality in anyone's lifetime.

          • Chezwick_Mac

            I love your twisted reasoning: On the one hand, "1/3rd of the world's population is Muslim", so condemning it "doesn't seem like too hot an idea" (i,e., let's not piss-off the wrong people)…on the other hand, there's nothing to be concerned about, the Muslims aren't taking over, at least not in the "hear and now."

            Furthermore, how hypocritical of liberals who supposedly care so much about mankind and yet are totally impervious to the persecution of women and religious minorities in the Islamic world, the stoning of adulteresses, the murder of apostates, etc. Apparently, Martin Luther King's maxim that "a threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"…has no resonance to libs, at least for as long as "the Islamist takeover of Tennessee is not likely to be a reality in anyone's lifetime."

            Your insight and foresight are awe-inspiring.

          • Jim_C

            Chezwick, I always find conservative's extremely newfound concern for women oh so touching. I remember conservatives making fun of Hillary back in the 1990s for being concerned about exactly such issues. I remember the dismissive sarcasm, then. But now that it ties in with Islamophobia, the treatment of women is somehow a concern of conservatives but being "ignored by liberals." Again, very touching indeed.

          • Chezwick_Mac

            Utter tosh.

            Hillary walked around wearing a head-scarf while visiting Islamic countries…and never dared associate the oppression of women in the Muslim world with its root cause, which of course is Islam. Furthermore, your embrace of the word "Islamophobia" reveals the extent of your myopia regarding one of the most profound sociological challenges to human freedom and gender equality in the modern age. Finally, if some conservatives were indeed latent in discovering women's rights, as a proponent of such, you should be welcoming them into the fold. Instead, you condemn them and then turn a blind-eye to the hypocrisy of your fellow liberals who continue to insist women are oppressed where they are not (the West), and yet are unwilling to acknowledge their oppression where it actually exists (Darul Islam).

          • SpiritOf1683

            Islam has been the enemy of civilization for 1,400 years and counting. This isn't some recent invention but a historical fact. Of course, you have given the game away here. As long as something doesn't happen in your lifetime or the lifetime of anyone alive today it doesn't matter. This is taking selfishness to extremes. So according to you, it is acceptable for Tennessee to live under Sharia law 150 years from today, because nobody alive today will be alive then. Remember, every country that is Islamic today and living under Sharia law, hasn't always been Islamic and the ancestors of todays Muslims were Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu etc.

        • Jim_C

          None of this is to say you are crazy to be concerned about Islam. I'm afraid I come off that way sometimes.

          I have a lot of faith that the things that are concerning about Islam will reveal themselves, not only to we westerners but to Dar al Islam. I believe human beings crave freedom and will take it everytime. No it is not exactly a "proactive stance," but I believe it is actually less prone to mischief and backfire.

          • davarino

            You are very confused. Which is it, Islam good, Islam bad? We have to wait and see if they blow up a whole city then we'll decide.

          • SpiritOf1683

            Not everybody wants freedom as we know it. Most Muslims want an Islamic state. They don't want Western-style freedoms and consumer goods. They don't want nightclubs, trendy bars etc. And if they had six million dollars put in their bank accounts apiece, were given Beverly Hills mansions, Monte Carlo luxury apartments and luxury yachts, and top of the range Mercedes Benzes, they'd still want to kill us, because material gain isn't their priority, but Islam, more Islam, and our severed heads. And more to the point, they want us infidels to live under Sharia law, that is, the ones they spare. They flatly refuse to take freedom when it is offered to them. Given the choice, they always choose Islamic despotism over anything else. Those Libyans wanting to topple Gaddafi aren't fighting for freedom. They're fighting for Sharia law to be imposed upon them, as proved by the Al Qaeda types leading them.

      • worried

        Jim, your sarcasm shows your ignorance, arrogance and useful idiot attitude!

    • Eliz

      Thank you, Chezwick, for being so honest about this. It is a constant pull like gravity. I experience it as well, especially being a strong, independent minded, working conservative mother and wife. Pretty exhausting.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    Rima Greene said in regard to the left that "They keep making errors of logic." These logical errors are the result of wishful thinking. If one wants to believe one twists logic to support one's belief.

  • yrd4soundingoff

    Wow, Jamie, what a riveting interview. I would read Ms. Greene in a heartbeat! I find women like her and Phyllis Chesler the bravest, most honorable and inspiring women in the public realm. How difficult it must be to lose your entire social network of friends and family because you have come to a different belief in your lifetime. Please, bring more!!

    • Jamie Glazov

      Thank you. This was truly a profoundly moving testimony.

    • Eliz

      I agree!!! Women must stand up to fight for true freedom, which is NOT what the Feminists want. Rather, they are a liberal front group, just as guilty of mind-control as the Islamic extremists!

    • CanadConserv

      Truly intellectually and courageous women, doing for real what others profess: Speaking truth to power.

  • RobCary

    This is one of the most captivating articles I've ever read on Frontpage. How can this woman's story get to a larger audience? With the left wing media in control it will be hard.

    • Jim_C

      "Left wing media control"…What does that even mean? You think there are no conservative media outlets? You really think this story should be on, what, ABC News or something?

      • Raymond in DC

        Listening to NPR's "This Week in Review", I noted how many time their commentators referred to right-wing this and far-right that, but never once used the word "left". They think *they* are mainstream and centrist and the left simply doesn't exist. Kucinich, Saunders, Frank, Reid, Pelosi, et.al. are all just "Democrats". And those who support them are either activists, liberals, or – like the unions – left undefined.

        • Jim_C

          Is there anyone who really doesn't think NPR is liberal? Does anyone imagine they "control" what gets to be news? This shibboleth that the Left controls "the media" is absurd.

          I'm interested to know: Can you remember who were they calling "right wing?"

    • CanadConserv

      My reaction too. This woman amazingly capsulates what so many of us have been thinking, feeling and fearing for so long.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    Maybe leftists do feel the need to survive but believe that the way to do so is to align with the baddies.

  • wingwiper

    I had a similar epiphany, but way back when the Democrat party mishandled Gene McCarthy. Ever since then it has been downhill with losing one liberal "friend" after another until the present time – when I just "unfriend" them all and live my life in peace. I do tolerate one of my brothers, a lifelong Ohio teacher's Union guy – even though his biggest complaint about Kasich seems to be that because of him he won't be able to keep giving two of his kids a full ride in college and will have to pay more for the health insurance bonanza of Obamacare.

    This portion of Greene's interview is, for me, the most important one and the one which is least likely to be resolved on the American Left – hence, is the greatest domestic danger to us all:

    "What needs to develop — to be stimulated — in pacifists is the survival instinct. The animal fear and built-in wiring for survival needs to be activated for pacifists to wake up to the genocidal incitement that is directed at us, Jews or not."

    • Chezwick_Mac

      Yep. That portion certainly resonates….the instinct for self-preservation exists in all living things. One suspects then that dhimmitude IS a form of self-preservation…but only in a craven, subservient form.

      Some life!

      • wingwiper

        I imagine that dhimmitude would be as you describe… as we watch it quickly spread not unlike Stalinism.

        How to awaken the survival instincts in a population who by self-description have removed themselves and their progeny from the battle – is a tall order. Perhaps, though, they would prefer to be respondents rather than prescient. Luckily, despite their own propaganda, there are just enough of them to get us all destroyed if we fail to up our own momentum.

    • worried

      I have a solution!

      Send every one of these useful idiotic pacifists to serve for three months in the IDF.

      They will get the survival instinct INSTINCTIVELY!

      • wingwiper


  • tim heekin

    Congratulations to Ms Greene. The lady still has a little more work to do. It's not all that important anymore but she does need to revaluate her thoughts about Vietnam. I know she was young then and the wonders of youth, so sorely realized and missed when we age, sometimes confuse us. Sometimes thoughts about when we were younger, when everything was good, makes us continue to think our thoughts and actions, when we were young, were also good, correct. The Vietnam war was an honorable action undertaken by the U.S. International Communism was a threat to civillization and it had to be stopped as does Islam today. The communists needed to be stopped in Korea, Germany, Peru, South Africa and in the streets of America. They were all related just as a muslim in Thailand, saudi Arabia and the U,K. today. Today, Ms Greene could simply have a gentle and lazy time educating herself that the defense of S. Vietnam was a noble cause because it really doesn't matter anymore…..at least not much.

    • MarkRich

      Absolutely true! The fact is the ultimate reason for the need to re-eamine her beliefs in this realm is the OUTCOME of the anti-Vietnam led MSM movement of the late 60's and early 70's. I was in the USN at the end of Nam and can tell you horror stories from the boat people we rescued at sea and the predictions of a young lady from Saigon of what the outcome would be if the US congress did not support the south as the North came raging down. –Oh course the killing fields was the logical outcome. Both Islam and that Communist movement have the same view- that the free market and free expression of ideas and ideals are anathema to either the state or the theology of Islam and in actuality the state in Communism-Socialism and the State in the Islamic theological system are god and are supreme over individual freedom and democracy. The left used to spout off about freedom but in reality the love the state above all else.- Islam and Communism gives them a warm comfy feeling- and both would as soon end the life of those useful idiots and laugh at their incredulity.

    • MarkRich

      After millions killed in Southeast Asia after our withdrawal you would think some leftists would grasp it. Many however persist in the myth of our being the bad guy in that war- revisionist history about that period is to blame.

  • olliez

    Ms. Greene thinks that being against the Vietnam war was OK. Maybe it was, but people were against it for the wrong reasons – that it was an "imperialist war". It was an attempt to stop an ideological movement called "Communism". It was anything but imperialist.
    Also I'm uncomfortable with the leftist feminist urge to become lesbians. How about expressing your freedom in some other way?

    • Chiggles

      They don't become lesbians because they are leftists. They are drawn to the left because they are already rug-munchers.

    • Eliz

      Women mistakenly think that feminism means equal pay for equal work, something like that. But what it really means is that women don't need men! It's a very scary, hateful ideology that goes against human nature.

  • Allen

    “Greene: An essence that I haven’t emphasized in our discussion today is the personal intimate sensation of physical danger I have felt. What needs to develop — to be stimulated — in pacifists is the survival instinct. The animal fear and built-in wiring for survival needs to be activated for pacifists to wake up to the genocidal incitement that is directed at us, Jews or not.”

    I thank God for you Rima! We are making intercession for Israel and for God to bring confusion to her enemies!

  • AndBob'syouruncle

    I think her story rings hollow… She only came to this realization because she's a Jew who now claims to love Israel. But I betcha dollars to donuts if she wasn't a Jew she's still be a moonbat agitator. The problem with so many jews, is that they are the biggest racist in the world. What is it in their upbringing that makes them so disruptive to everyone else. They don't assimilate… they only want to change everything to suite themselves.

    • seels4truth

      Jews don't assimilate? What a lie! No, Jews do not convert and embrace Jesus and that has you filled with resentment. Jews do partake in America, so much so that anti-Semites think Jews rule the World! Orthodox Jews do not ride on the Sabbath but they don't prohibit you from driving. Jews pay more money to eat "kosher" but they do not require you to pay more for your food. Asking for an event or test to be held on Sunday in addition to Saturday is wrong? Even if they pay more for the event?
      Your bias has caused you to write but you should have thought about how stupid your comment is. If it is willful then her story is even more accurate. Your racist viewpoint just verifies it.

      • Shefali

        I think his POV was that Rima only came to open her eyes because she saw the persecution of Israel by the left – otherwise, she would still have been brainwashed. However, that makes no sense to me, because, while the persecution of Jews might have opened her eyes, there are many Jews who refuse to have their eyes open. Just like many Jews refused to leave Germany until it was too late.

        I think the problem for Jews is sometimes they assimilate TOO well! I grew up in New York City and I had many Jewish friends growing up. They were almost all liberal and I was very sad when, after I became a Christian, many of them stopped being my friend. There seems to be a knee-jerk reaction among liberal, intellectual Jews against Christianity – however, the reality is that in America, evangelicals are the strongest defenders of Israel. However, for many of my liberal Jewish friends, they had assimilated so well that they bought, hook line and sinker, the views that Christians are neanderthals, Israel is the bad guy, etc. Their membership in the group of liberal Americans was more important to them than their identity as Jews.

        While it is true that back in the Middle Ages there was a strong anti-Jewish prejudice among Christians, I really think it's asinine to hold a modern person accountable for something that happened 600 years ago, just like it would be asinine for the modern day ancestors of the Philistines to hold a vendetta against the Jews. My own parents are from India – I have no problems with the British people I've met even though 150 years ago their ancestors might have been the enemies of mine.

        Anyone who reads the Bible and professes to believe it has no reason to have animosity towards the Jews. There is of course the whole "Jews killed Christ" mantra, but it's absurd because, after all, Jesus WAS a nice Jewish boy with a Jewish mother and father and all of his close disciples were Jews… If Jesus had been Italian, the Romans would have killed him; if he'd been German, the other Germans would have. The message is about the innate sin in all human beings, not some special sin pertaining to Jews.

        At any rate, we in America should appreciate the Jews – they have given the world more medical advances, scientific discoveries, etc., than any other group. Even if they hadn't, they, like Christians, Hindus, atheists – all of us – they also deserve the right to life, liberty, etc. As you say, if Jews want to pay more to eat kosher – how does that harm me? My parents don't eat meat because that is against their religion. So what? Surely we have better things to do than to fight over this nonsense.

    • BS77

      Hey andBOB……take a long walk on a short pier. YOu are just a mouth making noise…no intellect, no facts….just blah blah blah…..

    • worried

      You highlight your anti Semitism soooooo well!

      Jew this and Jew that.

      Thank you for making Greene's interview so right on!

    • theleastthreat

      Warning! Class 5 troll alert with simultaneous category 1 idiot advisory.

  • catherineinpvb

    When I was part of the Left, I thought “evil” and “enemy” were outdated concepts brought on by indoctrinated mental patterns…

    Kudos to Rima Greene for sharing her much needed insights on her transformational journey. As to the non-recognition of reality that the Left suffers; Rima provides 'first clue' to what has been, for many, a mystery ( i.e. their insufferable, willfull, blindness – which these Leftists interpret as personal enlightenment).

    We see, at least in part, by Rima's experience; that this is attributable to what is, really, a calculated neuro-linquistic programming MO, which fashions for them; an altogether false, 'Edenesque' – and narcissistic – reality. These people, really do; literally; live in a totally inauthentic, counter world. No wonder we are confounded by the landscape these Leftists craft for themselves. No wonder we think they are mentally ill, for their failure to 'see' reality as it hits them, up close and personal.

    May Rima's wisdom and journey prevail.

  • HopeChangeInAZ

    It is always interesting to me to read about a person's ideological shift and especially one as significant as Greene's. The left does not have a monopoly on group-think demands but they are definitely much more rigid that their disciples adhere to the leftist doctrine! As Greene admits, she was in that protective bubble all these years and that is what human nature looks for to feel safe and comfortable. I admire her for being able to have the intellectual flexibility to step outside of her protective bubble and also change her political perspective. In today’s much maligned world, we need more of that kind of flexible thinking instead of the “my way or no way” attitude. Without it we will never fix the problems this country faces today!

    • Jim_C

      I like your idea of flexible thinking. What areas can you see liberals and conservatives getting together on?

      • worried


        Greene's life story is a copy of mine to the T.

        I know how she feels. I have no friends left ,or family that will let me open my mouth without calling me a racist.

        But all what care is to make sure to tell them all that they are ignorant anti Israel and anti Semites.

        There is no converting or having a dialog with the left no matter who you are, family or a friend.

        So let them at least know what you think they are!

      • MarkRich

        I know one- liberals becoming conservatives.

  • seels4truth

    Rima, welcome home. You have plenty of friends who see the truth.

  • catherineinpvb

    Would you criticize and be so suspect of David Horowitz's motives, whose journey to the 'Right' side; has at least, some similar touchstones per doubts with his 'milieu'; and his experiencing the muderous loss of a friend by those that repped his – at the time – 'Left' side?

    • Jim_C

      I absolutely would, and do–and I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Radical Son. I found it a fascinating and moving memoir, one of the best of his generation. But I think it shows Mr. Horowitz has an unbalanced character: he was a provocateur for the type of Leftism most sane Americans would never entertain; now he does the same for a movement that is so far Right, it has forgotten what the center looked like.

      Leaving aside allying oneself with the Black Panthers to begin with–how does one go from being disillusioned with what sane people would recognize as an obviously violent, extremist group–to suddenly being a "small government" corporatist enamored of Reagan?

      Most people will generally hew toward the center as part of growing up. If you lean conservative, at some point you admit government can do and has done some things right. When you're a liberal, you realize government is not the answer to all problems. Why swing so wildly from one extreme to another, unless one's ideological equilibrium is also wildly out of balance?

      • catherineinpvb

        […fascinating memor. . .Mr. Horowitz has an unbalanced character: . . .now he is so far right. . .forgotten what center looked like.

        Think David knows exactly what the 'center' looks like (empty…). You may have read/been entertained by Radical Son; but am confounded as to how you missed the 'how/why'/import, of David's ideological genesis. Do you imagine that David was raised in the world of Wally & Beaver Cleaver? Tthe Cleaver family, of course; were not communist immigrants; nor indoctrinated to a communist ideology. We all pay a price for our beliefs; but none so great, as those who were force fed, an inferior and inauthentic belief system. The Cleaver family; never suffered such dilemmas.

        David knows; by his own history; that to stand in the middle of a train track; when a train is coming; and not jump to the 'right' side – is suicidal. Same when 'evil' is coming at you – it is no Oriole cookie experience; i.e. the 'best' is not in the middle – and few experience a 'growing up; in the 'perfectly imperfect' Cleaver family. . .

        • Jim_C

          Like a recovering addict, he simply traded one addiction for another.

          You are correct about the consequences of indoctrination, and mark my words–we'll pay a very dear price for those raised on the reflexive anti-intellectualism of Fox News, which makes the propaganda fed to Red Diaper babies look like a Happy Meal by comparison.

          • Tony

            Ok, I'll bite and ask the question: Would you please supply us with examples, or maybe even just a single example, of anti-intellectualism at Fox News.

          • Jim_C

            How about acting like Sarah Palin has a brain in her head, and when it's shown she doesn't, blaming it on media bias?

          • alanstorm

            When has this been shown? Please elucidate. It's yet to be done, unlike our dear president, who proves his abject idiocy every day. Sort of like you're doing now.

      • CanadConserv

        But government has done as much as it can at this point, and now, in trying to do more, is undoing the creation of weath that made this good possible. The problem with the left is that it can never understand this. It wants only more and more government, killing the golden goose.

        • Jim_C

          It's a question of perspective. Nothing wrong with your concerns. But the Right, thanks mainly to Reagan and Limbaugh, has succeeded in "moving the center." But it has no true interest in shrinking government, as can be seen by any Republican administration's record. Rather, it has used government regulation and deregulation, not to enhance economic competition, but to concentrate wealth in fewer and fewer entities over the last 30 years. These are economic facts.

          Most of the wealth that has been created in recent decades has come from the technological sector. And much of that technology could only have come about via government funding. The internet being the shining example. Contrary to popular myth liberals also work in the "real world" of business. We believe capitalism is the best system. But we're not buying the mythos; capitalism is not a religion, but people treat it as such.

          • CanadConserv

            If Reagan really did shrink government, that was good. But Republicans, especially the RINOS, almost always cave in to pressure from liberals and Democrats to expand government, despite their better instincts. While government has been involved in some technological advances, generally it hinders rather than helps.But the broader issue is what happens when, as has seemed inevitable, government relentlessly expands (despite the odd and brief retrenchment)? The answer is: Greece. Portugal. Spain. Argentina. There is a threshold. The US government has passed it. The United States will before long be added to that list of bankrupt nations. Permanent, not brief, retrenchment is required. FAST.

  • Obamaphobic

    Most people grow out of liberalism by the time they get their first real job and have to start paying bills. Those that remain on the left after achieving this stage in life are enormously ignorant, stupid, misguided, immature or malicious.

    • Jim_C

      Bill Gates and Warren Buffett haven't seemed to grow out of liberalism…and they've done pretty well for themselves.

      • Obamaphobic

        "Those that remain on the left after achieving this stage in life are enormously ignorant, stupid, misguided, immature or malicious. "

        Some of them are also rich.

  • BS77

    I like what Michael Savage said. "Liberalism is a mental disorder"

  • Misterioso

    "In high school, I read Ayn Rand and instinctively was attracted to her stance on the inner integrity of the individual." Based on her later career, this rings false.

  • CatK

    Yours is the most ignorant hateful & racist comment I have ever read. Please, tell me you rare a full blooded moonbat leftist (and please go back to the rock you live under) – Wow! 1st prize for lack of knowledge attached to big mouth.

  • http://lesbianconservative.com LesCon

    As a lesbian woman who also spent many years moving in Left-wing lesbian circles, I can certainly empathize with Ms. Greene's shock at discovering how quickly her feminist 'friends' abandoned her. The women-loving-women sisterhood is quick to demonize any woman who isn't a political clone of themselves.

    Ms. Greene has shown much courage in coming out of the ideological closet and she is to be applauded. I think there are many more of us out there who don't march to the progressive drum. And it's time for us conservative and libertarian sisters to get together and do a little shaking up of that smug Lefty sororiety.

  • Jake

    What a bunch of bs…Lots of buzzwords thrown in for effect with no substance. Lesbians, feminists, leftist, OMG. This woman lives in her own mind. Many feminists, gays, Jews, liberals, etc. recognize that Palestinians are not saints, and different Israelis governments have been sinners. Nothing like taking a complex issue and making it all about "me." Stop trying to get attention and try contributing to a genuine dialogue. The fate too many families — both Israeli and Palestinian — are on the line to reduce the discussion to vacuous rhetoric.

    • MarkRich

      Hey Jake- how about a LIST of feminist organizations and gay organizations who view Israel in a SEMI-positive light. Website and article please. As far as her making it "all about her"- the article was about HER.–And as far as "vacuous rhetoric" go to the Daily Kos,Huff Po or any leftist rag and get yourself a heaping spoonful.

  • IamJoseph

    The worst post-W.W.II crime is the corruption of the Balfour – this was a genocidal act, perpetrated under extreme duress when the Jews were totally helpless, with the heinous term 2-STATE COMPROMISE for the carving off of 80% of a tiny land. Its perpetrators are exposed by their serial 2-state demands and 100's of other such attrocities. Britainistan takes on a whole new meaning today.

  • http://www.CompellingConversations.com Eric

    This personal intellectual voyage illuminates many pitfalls that gentle souls and arrogant academics continue to fall into. Like the author, I've been stunned by both the depth of anti-Israel sentiment – and the superficial knowledge that supposedly inspired such hatred among "good people" and "idealistic folk" who just "want a better world".
    Lerner, for instance, should know better than to seek refuge among anti-Semites since he wrote a rather informative tome on "anti-semitism as the socialism of fools". Yet his utopian impulse – and that is a coercive impulse – misdirects his genuine insights. And, unfortunately, he is not alone. How many liberals and leftists naturally assume that Muburak's successor will be a 21st century progressive – even though the Muslim Brotherhood is by far the most popular and organized political organization? How can they be so foolish? They want to be deluded. They seek delusion – and anoint themselves our intellectual superiors because they see beyond "mere details" and understand "the root cause" of everything. They are arrogant, ignorant, and lethal fools.

    And I fear President Obama is one of these coercive utopians too!

  • MarkRich

    "once upon a time think it might be a good idea to tax the top 2%"–No she probably saw that those that want to tax the top 2% (who by the way pay over 40% of the taxes in this country) are typically anti freedom and prosperity and view a prosperous nation like Israel as a threat to socialists everywhere.—"once think wars of choice, not necessity, ginned up by the political class were wrong"-No she probably saw that those who opposed these wars also opposed Israel's right to its one meager piece of land and the right to protect its citizens.—-" organize to negotiate for better working conditions"- No she probably saw that those negotiating for better working conditions demanded to suck the life out of the average American taxpayer and tended to be organizations that viewed Israel as a terrorist nation.–"used to argue for Civil Rights"-No she probably saw these "civil rights" organizations as being for everyones civil rights but Jews and Christians and viewed the right of Islamofascists to demand their religion being given special priviledges here in America.

    • Jim_C

      "pay over 40% of the taxes"–right, and do you realize that the top 1% control 40% of the wealth in this country? Read that over again and let it sink in. That's not coincidence–that's BY DESIGN.

      • MarkRich

        "the top 1% control 40% of the wealth in this country? Read that over again and let it sink in. That's not coincidence–that's BY DESIGN."–Sure thats true and they invest in the economy and create jobs. I have only got jobs from wealthy men not poor. –as Churchill said "Is it better to have equality at the price of poverty or well-being at the price of inequality?" –or"The vice of capitalism is that it stands for the unequal sharing of blessings; whereas the virtue of socialism is that it stands for the equal sharing of misery." –so if you let all that sink in you get a truer view- BUT most socialists never see the government as anything but benign-sigh.

  • Bolgaris

    100 years ago Hilaire Belloc (Joseph Hilaire Pierre René Belloc) predicted that the inevitable consequence of the rise of the militant left in England would not be Socialism but Slavery – which he defined as the members of one family being compelled by law to work for the benefit of another family.

  • Bolgaris

    Belloc's 1937 book The Crusades: the World's Debate made no pretence at being impartial. He wrote, Our fathers all but re-established the spiritual mastery of Europe over the East; all but recovered the patrimony of Rome (…). Western warriors, two thousand miles and more from home, have struck root and might feel they have permanently grasped the vital belt of the Orient. All seaboard Syria was theirs and nearly the whole of that "bridge", a narrow band pressed in between the desert and the sea, the all-important central link joining the Moslem East to the Moslem West (…) Should the link be broken for good by Christian mastery of Syria, all Islam was cut in two and would bleed to death of the wound.

  • Bolgaris

    Since the Crusaders missed that chance, Islam survived and eventually overwhelmed the Crusader bridgehead in the Middle East. For Belloc this was not a matter of old history: Islam continued to pose a dangerous threat. He wrote: The story must not be neglected by any modern, who may think in error that the East has finally fallen before the West, that Islam is now enslaved — to our political and economic power at any rate if not to our philosophy. It is not so. Islam essentially survives, and Islam would not have survived had the Crusade made good its hold upon the essential point of Damascus.

  • Bolgaris

    Islam survives. Its religion is intact; therefore its material strength may return. Our religion is in peril, and who can be confident in the continued skill, let alone the continued obedience, of those who make and work our machines? (…) There is with us a complete chaos in religious doctrine (…) We worship ourselves, we worship the nation; or we worship (some few of us) a particular economic arrangement believed to be the satisfaction of social justice (…) Islam has not suffered this spiritual decline; and in the contrast between [our religious chaos and Islam's] religious certitudes still strong throughout the Mohammedan world lies our peril.
    Hilaire Belloc, 1937

  • http://crimevictimsmediareport.com Tina Trent

    A mentally ill criminal, Valeria Solanas, tried to kill Andy Warhol, wounding him and others severely, and this is cited as an inspiration to become a feminist? That's sickening, and no less so because a handful of extremely self-important activists took up the criminal's cause. Very few people ever bought into such narcissistic, extremist views. In contrast, their practitioners did great harm to ordinary women seeking real equality. What a shame, and a waste.

  • jgreene

    An absolute dynamite interview. Her experience is similar to that of David in his "Radical Son". The left is deeply flawed and does not respond to reality.

  • MarkRich

    Every comment I make on this site is evaluated by a site administrator??? Whats up with this mentality?

  • CanadConserv

    Guess we'll disagree on all of this. 1) The US is on the brink of a major financial crisis, running up debt to GNP ratios not seen since WW 2.2) Private enterprise is the engine of growth. Which is why socialism has always failed, and no matter that government has on rare occasion had a role to play in a select few technologies – usually because it wanted proprietary control, not because its investment was truly necessary – or development for the national interest.3) Business hasn't created jobs because business is afraid of Obama policies and do not trust his administration. Let him get spending under control, guarantee that he won't raise income, payroll and other job killing taxes, lower business taxes to be competitive with other democracies – in other words, provide business with trust that investment won't be too risky – and you'll see unemployment drop. The idea that government needs to intervene is, ironically, exactly what's holding back the economy.

  • lostlegends1872

    It is easier to have a conversation with a member of the Taliban about religion than it is to have a conversation with a leftist-feminist-fill-in-the-blanks. Her narcissism still rings out. It's all about her, her journey; she needs to embrace something bigger than her self. God would be a good place to start. The second thing she needs to do is get a life, by which I mean focusing on the pursuit of happiness, instead of forcing social-political change on others to conform to her fantasy.