Chinese Girl in the Ghetto

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What I emphasize in the book is that it is crucial discuss race issues honestly. If a crime is racially motivated, we should not be afraid to say so. Certainly, strong and cohesive families, good schools and tight-knit communities go a long way to combating racism and crime, but I also hope that people will recognize that in the imperfect world where all or some of these ingredients are missing, it is important for all of us, particularly authority figures like teachers, parents and elected officials, to denounce racism, no matter who is perpetrating it.

FP: You have written about race issues before, and some of your readers have accused you of being racist against black people. How do you respond to these critics?

YM: Well, their accusations are premised on the same preposterous assumptions that plague this country’s racial discourse. A lot of people, especially those on the left, seem to think that just because you criticize certain black people or the behavior of certain black people, you are automatically a racist. So we see these accusations leveled at the critics of President Barack Obama. In this narrative, Tea Party activists must be racists because they cannot possibly oppose a black president for reasons other than his race. Similarly, some people refuse to believe that I can criticize black people for behaving reprehensibly in the ghetto without somehow harboring racist attitudes toward all black people.

What we should ask ourselves is, what’s more racist: holding black people to the same standards and expectations of personal responsibility as we would for any other racial group or pandering to them with low expectations? In my book, some of the people who repeatedly exhort blacks to do better, whether academically or in other ways, are the black teachers in the ghetto. Maybe they know something that our politically correct culture does not.

FP: In your book, some of the most touching and positive portrayals are of black people.

YM: Absolutely, I could not have gotten out of the ghetto intact without the goodwill and assistance offered by others, including many who were black. For example, I am grateful to my fifth grade instructor, who looked after me and made sure that I was promoted to the only “gifted” class in my school. I also write about one of my black classmates. She and I met on the first day that I stepped foot into a public elementary school in America. When, three years later in junior high, I got into a fistfight with a Mexican girl who discriminated against me, everyone of my Asian friends disappeared, and this black girl was the only one who tried to intervene on my behalf.

I think that my book makes clear that human decency and cowardice exists in every race. Recognizing that reality, rather than trying to silence valid criticisms of bad behavior, would be a far healthier way to conduct political debates and go about addressing social problems.

FP: Speaking of cowardice and your Asian classmates, your book is quite critical of Asians. Tell us more about that.

YM: Where racism is concerned, everybody bears responsibility. In my book, the racists are condemned for behaving in a racist fashion, but the targets of racism are also criticized for not speaking out and not fighting back. As a teenager growing up in the ghetto, I resented being called a “Chinaman” every single day, but I resented even more deeply the “Chinamen’s” silence before racism. More often than not, I joined in this silence, but as I write in the book, I loathed our choice, our shame.

I’m not advocating that every nerdy Asian schoolboy should get into a fistfight with a racist who happens to be twice his size, and I do understand that the fear of physical confrontation is very real. Just look at Mr. Tian Sheng Yu, who died because he stood up to the thugs who punched his son in Oakland. With that said, there are ways that people can speak out and take action without endangering their personal safety. Silence before racism will never lead to personal dignity.

FP: Your book describes the difficult circumstances that you faced as an immigrant. Certainly, numerous Asian immigrants face similar difficulties when they arrive in the United States. Would you advocate racial preferences for Asians?

YM: Absolutely not. I oppose preferences for every racial group. I believe that Asians and all other racial minorities are capable of competing without special treatment from the government or pandering from politicians. Just because you don’t come from a wealthy family does not mean that you cannot excel. Certainly, plenty of Asians do not agree with me. In 1996, I served as a staff member on the California Civil Rights Initiative Campaign (CCRI), a ballot initiative that ended state-sponsored race-based and gender-based quotas and preferences. During the campaign, I worked with a number of leaders and activists in the Asian community to seek passage of the initiative. Yet about four years later, some of these very same leaders and activists eagerly sought hiring preferences for Asians from the George W. Bush administration. It dawned on me then that they were never interested in equal rights and equal treatment before the law; they just didn’t like the absence of quotas and preferences for Asian people. It was quite unfortunate.

Again, my book does not make any policy recommendations, but I would not want anybody to read my book and walk away thinking that just because hardship exists in the immigration experience, the solution is to dole out more race-based preferences or handouts.

FP: Let’s return to what you said earlier about personal choices. You believe that exercising choice is a form of personal responsibility, including for those who live in the ghetto. This proposition makes your book quite politically incorrect. Please comment.

YM: Ultimately, everyone, no matter his race or ethnicity, needs to take responsibility for his own actions. If we lived in a society where there’s no social mobility, where hard work amounts to nothing and initiative is not rewarded by success, then perhaps it would be valid to think about intrusive social engineering to bring about a more equal society. But everybody has a choice in this country. One can blame society for being unfair and history for having wronged him or his ancestors, and we can all make excuses for ourselves, but in the end, everyone has a choice to choose decency over hate, to get a job instead of deal drugs, to go to school rather than beat up strangers on the streets. Sometimes the choice is not easy, but advocating the need to take responsibility for your choices should not be a controversial proposition. Unfortunately, our political discourse is so corroded by the language of racial grievance that common sense often winds up sounding controversial or racist.

FP: We have been talking thus far about your stories from the ghetto, but half of your book is actually set in China and offers an intimate portrayal of daily life under post-Mao authoritarianism. How does your discussion of China relate to your discussion of the ghetto?

YM: The best writing of this book actually appears in the China half, and I would recommend it for anyone who wishes to learn more about modern China. While my stories from the ghetto are jarring and ugly, my stories from China are joyful and charming. Yet even in the middle of all the joy and charm, the Chinese government intrudes into the lives of its ordinary citizens, and authoritarianism always rears its ugly head at a time of its choosing. By describing my life in China, I offer a contrast between an authoritarian political system and our own. Here in America, the government does not intrude into its citizens’ lives as the Chinese government does, but life in America can be far from perfect. So in my story, I morph from a carefree and happy child living in Communist China to a foul-mouthed teenager fighting against the shadows of an American ghetto. In the end, I prevail because, as I’ve said earlier, America offers boundless opportunities for a better life, but I hope that my description of life in China will force my readers to think more about freedom and the choices it makes available.

Given everybody’s obsession with China these days, my book probably would sell much better had I written about China alone and skipped any references to the unpleasant reality in the ghetto. One of the rewards of freedom, however, is that one gets to speak her mind. I have tried to do that in my book. I will leave it up to my readers—and the market–to decide whether that was wise.

FP: Ms. Ma, thank you for joining us today.

YM: Thank you.

FP: For all of our readers, Ying Ma’s book, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto, is available for purchase on Order it here.

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  • tanstaafl

    A causal question. Will Ms. Ma appear on the Oprah Show? Waiting…………………………….

    • Juan

      And Oprah knows about this book? first make it known to her

  • gommygoomy

    She thinks SHE has problems? We've got the GHETTO in the White House!

    • Juan

      and what's your definition of Ghetto?

  • Jerseyman

    Her experience is a continuation of that of "white ethnics" from a hundred wrecked American cities. They weren't always "ghettos". Oakland, the Bronx, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Cleveland, Detroit and many, many others were fine places to live, even if you were poor or working class, when they were white, but when the flood of blacks and now Mexicans took them over, ever aspect of civilized life eroded, beginning with public safety and order.
    Back in the late 50s and early 60s we moved from the South Bronx to the North Bronx and then refugeed out to the suburbs purely due to the rampant black on white violence that became intolerable.
    Like that song in South Pacific: "You Have to be Taught to Hate", and while we were being taught that racism was a sin, someone was teaching our black classmates to hate.
    It's a story so politically incorrect that it has been shrouded in silence, but I guess if you are one of our brilliant Chinese immigrants you are less inhibited by the white American's guilt over Jim Crow and slavery.
    That's whats wrong with the whole "hate crime" concept, blacks and Latinos are provided a free-fire zone of racist comment, action and crime.
    I wonder- given demographic trends, what the left is going to do about affirmative action when they run out of white people?

    • tickyul

      I hear yah, I left beautiful Southern California because it is now filled with 3rd worlders.

  • Kai Chen

    Kai Chen's View on the Interview:

    Front Page (Jamie Glazov) interview of Ying Ma only reveals part of the truth – America is still the land of the free and opportunity. The other part – Many Chinese, though claiming others to be racists, are themselves profoundly racist and hierarchical. Confucian culture contributes greatly to this perversion. Claiming to be victims to gain self-identity, sympathy and advantage over others in climbing social ladder is the most often used/applied Chinese tricks (by a cultural mindset). To be continued next.

  • Kai Chen

    Kai Chen's View on the Interview:

    Ying Ma's claim of blacks and Hispanics being racist in the Ghetto is valid, but she omits/denies that most Chinese in/by their cultural bringing are also racists, if not more so. The bias that somehow Asians are only at the receiving end of racism in America, somehow not at the giving end, is entirely false and should be exposed as such. I hope Jamie Glazov and Front Page are aware of such a false claim.

    Individuals, not Asians, blacks, Hispanics, whites, are the foundation of American progress and achievement. Ying Ma, by her own lack of individual identity (She is only a "Chinese/Asian girl" remember?!), failed to recognize this fundamental point. In this sense, she is still not quite "American".

    • PhillipGaley

      I've dealt with various cultural representatives, . . . the Asians' personalities are quite ok, . . . their stores and neighborhoods here, in Oklahoma City are exemplary for cleanliness, . . . they aren't filling up the jails and prisons, . . .

    • Poppakap

      Mr. Chen,

      As one who speaks fluent Chinese, has done business in China for 20 years, and taught high school at a predominantly Hispanic high school in south Texas (as part of a sabbatical), the Chinese public exhibition of racism is exceedingly muted compared to other minorities in the United States. In addition, Ms. Ma admits the racism of Chinese people in the article above, but draws distinctions between the Chinese parents not wanting their daughter to date a black man, and the black youth who beat a Chinese merchant to death. Your comments show either unwillingness to accept the differences in cultural behavior related to racism (AKA political correctness) or you've got an axe to grind with the author. If it's the former, you've quite ironically made the case for Ms. Ma, if it's the latter, get in line. The comments section of FrontPageMag is full of trolls.

      Finally, using a comments section of a website to promote your blog is, well, "ghetto" marketing.

      • Kai Chen

        My blog is to educate Americans about China, Chinese despotic culture and what America will face in near future. Certainly I cannot express that in these short messages here. I again post my blog here for people to educate themselves:
        Your focus on what my motive is only reveals your small mind, thinking you know something about China as a foreigner invited by the Chinese government. You serve as a propaganda tool for the Chinese communist regime and you are not even aware of it. Pity. Best. Kai Chen

    • cocomom

      The author does not deny racist thinking in the Asian community, she outright admits it exists. Ying Ma describes the difference between the more subtle, asian racism to the overt, hostility displayed by african Americans towards her people and the common physical threats of violence that accompanied these outbursts.

  • PAthena

    So-called "affirmative action" is government sponsored racial discrimination arising from Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which forbade it in all employment and established a government bureau to enforce it (EEOC() – utopian socialism. Hubert Humphrey was warned that this would lead to racial quotas, so he included a clause forbidding racial quotas, saying that he would "eat his hat" if the racial, etc. discrimination would become government policy- but he never ate his hat when President Richard Nixon instituted it as "affirmative action."
    Including "Hispanics" as favored groups was a consequence of black organizations wanting to extend their influence. "Hispanics" had never suffered government enforced discrimination that Negroes in the American South had.
    It is all a violation of the fundamental principles of the United States, "conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal," of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, commanding equal treatment of all. The bureaucrats of the EEOC and similar government bureaus, governed by Parkinson's Laws, are feathering their own nests and riding roughshod over the Constitution and the law they were meant to enforce. Money could be saved by eliminating these destructive government bureaus.

  • George Jochnowitz

    The song "You've Got to Be Taught to Hate" is wrong, alas. It's the other way around. Prejudice is the rule and not the exception. We live in a world where everybody hates everybody else.
    Chinese immigrants in America call blacks "hei gui" meaning "black devils."

    • Kai Chen

      Indeed George. It seems you know something about the Chinese culture. Confucianism is fundamentally anti-American, for it assumes humans are unequal by birth, by race, by trade, by age, by gender, by power, by social status in a governmental structure. Now through the communist regime's "Confucius Institutes/Classrooms", a neo-despotism has infiltrated American mindset – Big Government is a necessary result.

      • Ageofreason

        For two years I lived in Richmond, BC, Canada, a city next to Vancouver where the majority of the inhabitants are Chinese. Anti-white racism there is rampant. I once had a Chinese woman scream at me in a rage to speak mandarin rather than English. Status among the majority of Chinese is of utmost importance. I once overheard a conversation in which a Japanese-Canadian commented that the Chinese were trying to create what he called a "little Hong Kong" in Richmond. You can actually live there without ever having to speak English, and many do. The Chinese-language newspapers are owned by the Chinese government. Many live in Richmond with no intention of ever adapting Canadian (or western) culture, and many consider Chinese culture vastly superior to western culture. Many adopt a demeanor of false passivity and humility among Caucasians: I am just a cute little, helpless Chinese who needs to be looked after. Not all Chinese immigrants are like this, obviously. One Chinese man I spoke to was enraged by Chinese who drove expensive cars while sucking off the welfare teat. Cont.

      • Ageofreason

        In Canada we have an annoying habit of pouring taxpayers' money into re-creating or "preserving" Chinatowns, symbols of non-integration. Welcome to the wonderful world of multi-culturalism. The latest butt-kissing comes in the form of so-called "Dragon Boat Races." I wonder why we don't have canoe races or York boat races which would have some cultural significance for us as Canadians.

        • Poppakap

          Sorry Mr. Reason, your comment is rather unreasonable. Your use of anecdote to smear all Chinese is racism in its finest form.

          The money-wasting practices of the Canadian government are widely known, beginning with your ridiculously wasteful health care system. So to single out dragon boat races crystallizes your xenophobia in the midst of almost a trillion dollars worth of government frivolity.

          If sufficient numbers of Canadians wanted to celebrate York boat races and continually petitioned the government, there's no evidence at all to suggest sponsorship would not occur. Get organized and have at it. Patronage is still alive and well in western governments.

          Finally, your assertion that Chinatowns are symbols of non-integration is patently untrue. While the older generations have trouble assimilating, how is this different from any other culture or race? How many young Chinese do you know that don't speak English? Probably zero. In fact, they are probably the best students in your local school district, are they not? Compared with people from South American and Muslim-majority countries, the Chinese are models of integration and good public behavior.

          • Ageofreason

            I thank you for your comments which betray an intellect unburdened by knowledge or wisdom, and energized by passionate self-righteousness, but which have led me to clarify some of my thoughts. First, my comments are directed at those immigrants to refuse to integrate out of a belief in the innate superiority of Chinese culture which in my humble opinion has little to recommend itself to the world, a culture which denies individual self achievement and respect, encourages taking advantage of others because in China that is the only way to get ahead, demands self-effacement and docility, promotes collectivist thought and all that it implies, promotes the murder, imprisonment, and torture of its citizens, and so on, ad nauseum. This is the Chinese culture, among other crude and barbaric cultures, that we in Canada, and also in the United States are expected to promote, and welcome by legal fiat called “multi-culturalism.” cont'd

          • Ageofreason

            I suppose you could argue with some accuracy that what I have described is not Chinese culture, but Marxist culture which lies like a suffocating blanket over Chinese culture. On the other hand, Chinese politics have always been statist, brutal, and anti-individual. You are absolutely correct that the young people who are educated here are among our best students, highest achievers, and important contributers to our western culture as dentists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, and so on. That is a great and welcome fact. Where in my remarks did I deny that?

          • Ageofreason

            Secondly I must add that I came to know a woman whose face is Chinese, but is as Canadian as maple syrup, beavers, and back bacon. She is a 3rd generation Chinese, has little knowledge of the Chinese language, just as I know little of Norwegian or German, and is insulted with the term "banana" by Chinese immigrants (yellow on the outside, white on the inside). Her husband is an RCMP officer, and she was involved in sending packages of small items in support and loyalty to our troops in Afghanistan. I am proud to have known her.I have found that it is invariably the progressives, the Socialists, the leftists, the Marxists who are most willing to lazily sling around the terms "racist" and "racism". Among them, it substitutes for thought and the effort involved in gathering and processing information.

        • Supreme_Galooty

          In the late nineties, Vancouver, BC was heavily settled by Chinese who fled in advance of the communist takeover. In retrospect, this may have been a mistake on their part since Canada is every bit as communistic as China – if not more so. Since Hong Kong was part of the British system as is Canada, travel back and forth was facile.

          Canadians are wonderful folk, and their lot would improve immensely if they could only rid themselves of those dratted Frenchies. I wonder if the "Palestinians" would consider establishing their long yearned for state in Quebec. It could only improve Canadian politics….

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Every racial group has its full share of belligerent misfits. It cannot be denied by any rational human with eyes to see that American inner-city blacks have an over abundance of aggressive, violent, ignorant malcontents. It is no small wonder that black Americans are over-represented in our prisons, and liberal complaints regarding this completely miss the point.

    There may be numerous causes for this sad state of affairs, but the primary reason for it is a completely demoralized, depraved, degenerate culture. Entire books could be written (indeed, one HAS been right here) about how sick, how debased their culture has become. The roots of said deterioration can be found, amongst other places, in the American public school system, and in the despicable American welfare system.

    Free cheese, anyone?

    • Poppakap

      Unfortunately, you are too correct. Fortunately, an increasing number of black conservative activists are fighting against this pathology and finding sympathetic ears in their communities, albeit at a moderated pace. I simply pray we haven't already seen them pass the point of no return.

  • Paardestaart

    What a disappointing reactions to the Ying Ma's story.. I'm afraid it has become totally impossible to have a meaningful conversation on any issue involving racism, ever since it became possible to make money out of it or gain influence or privileges or leeway by emphatically belonging to one of the victimgroups..
    We have been divided and now are duly being manipulated and suppressed by stakeholders of all colour and hue
    All Ying Ma said is that blacks too can be racist; and what happens when people actually believe that only whites are. Oh – and she also said that asians are not free of the sin, but that they tend to keep their opinions to themselves – which is enough, as far as I'm concerned.
    Would't it be wise if we agreed that people are free to think and feel as they please, as long as the government and the institutions treat everybody the same?
    We have given 'racism' and 'discrimination' so much attention, that it has made everybody headshy and now we accept all manner of silliness and obediently go have our awareness raised if someone decided we have sinned..

  • Tab Numlock

    All races are 100% in favor of their own race except whites. Whites are 1/3rd pro-white, 1/3rd anti-white and 1/3rd neutral. Obviously, this puts us at a disadvantage. Especially since the people in power tend to be in the 2nd group.

  • Tab Numlock

    BTW, why do they have to take over white colleges? If they're so smart, let them start their own..

  • Iceni

    The problem withe the charge of R******* is it is a thought crime and a feel crime. The offender only has bad thoughts and bad feelings. He does not have to DO anything to be guilty.

  • tickyul

    The United States Of Ameritard is looking like a failed country, so phony and Pc, only a non-white can tell the truth. I have a hard time seeing anyone in power having a honest discussion about Urban Americans and how well they fit into a modern society. I predict more and more areas of this once fine country will resemble places like Detroit, Compton, Newark, Oakland…..etc, etc.

  • andrea d. merciless

    The solution to this problem isn't anti-racism but genuine race-ism which acknowledges that races do exist and racial differences are natural. The notion that 'race is a myth' is a myth. Race is a scientific fact, and evolution would not be possible without it. Human races are like dog breeds. Same species but different subspecies. Just as a pitbull and beagles are different dogs with different aptitudes, temperaments, nad strength, blacks and Asians are also different as races.

    • Juan

      HA, I'm black hispanic (not confuse with half black, half hispanic) and I'm pshycally weaker than other guys of different races, I'm tall, slim, I have thin arms, and I tire very quickly when I run, so In what type of breed of dog do you think I would fit? your words are biased and stereotyped as many other conservative people who dares to talk about racial issues, always talk about what they you at first impression, but don't look at the details, if you were black you would not say such things, but you had the privilege of not, that's why you find it easier to pinpoint the difficulties and mistakes of others

  • andrea d. merciless

    I don't believe that blacks are naturally worse than Asians. But they are naturally more aggressive and stronger, not only compared to Asians but to Hispanics, whites, etc., which accounts for white flight and brown flight from dangerous black areas. Given that many Asians in California came from Southern China populated with small geeky Cantonese people, blacks living with Chinese in Northern California is like pitbulls living with chihuahuas. The reason why Chinese 'racism' is more private is simply because blacks are bigger and stronger. If a Chinese guy called a black guy a 'n-word', the black guy would kick his ass. If a black guy called a Chinese guy a 'c-word', what is the Chinese guy gonna do? If Chinese were naturally bigger, stronger, and more aggressive, it could well be that Chinese would be attacking blacks.

    • Smiles

      Blacks are not naturally bigger and stronger. It's due to Whites breeding them for 300 years in the US. Blacks have a larger population in the US so they can use group bully tactics.

  • andrea d. merciless

    To be sure, there is the economic factor. Due to higher IQ, more even temperament, and more advanced culture, Chinese tend to achieve more than blacks(or Indonesians or other Southeast Asians). So, Chinese make the climb while many blacks remain on the bottom. Since white liberals and Negro politicians told blacks that blacks always be the victim, blacks naturally think, 'Chinese must be ripping us off to rise above us'. But this sentiments exists also among Filipinos, Indonesians, Malaysians, etc.

  • andrea d. merciless

    Also, black culture tends to be very macho, badass, funky, thug-worshiping, ho-loving, etc. So, what is 'cool' among blacks is muscle power, big schlongs, musicality, and toughness. So, when blacks see geeky, flat-butted, small-penised, whiny voiced, and dorky Chinese–who do better than blacks do–, blacks feel contempt. But something similar happened with Jews and 'Aryans'(or 'big dumb Polacks'). 'Big dumb Polacks' and Nazi 'Aryan's looked down on Jews as small, ugly, cowardly, wimpy, and geeky and resented the fact that Jews were taking over so much of Western economy and political power.

  • andrea d. merciless

    Now, if we define 'racism' as blind hatred of other races, it is indeed a bad thing. But if we define racism as race + ism = belief in races and racial differences, it is a good, rational, scientific, and necessary thing in order to understand real reality and what is really happening. I propose that we call this belief 'race-ism' since 'racism' has come to mean blind hatred of other races.

  • andrea d. merciless

    Also, black culture tends to be very macho, badass, funky, thug-worshiping, etc. So, what is 'cool' among blacks is muscle power, musicality, and toughness. So, when blacks see geeky, dorky Chinese–who do better than blacks do–, blacks feel contempt. But something similar happened with Jews and 'Aryans'(or 'big dumb Poles'). 'Big dumb Poles' and Nazi 'Aryan's looked down on Jews as small, ugly, cowardly, wimpy, and geeky and resented the fact that Jews were taking over so much of Western economy and political power.

  • andrea d. merciless

    Finally, why is the media silent on this issue? White gentiles are silent cuz of 'white guilt' regarding blacks but also due to 'white fear'. White gentiles are simply too afraid of loud and angry blacks to confront black problems. Blacks are raping and murdering tons of whites in South Africa, but nothing is done about it.

    • Juan

      So, are those black crimes against whites more disturbing than whites did (and still do) in South Africa? if you are going to denounce racism, DENOUNCE BOTH

  • andrea d. merciless

    But the bigger factor is the Jewish control of the media. Since Jews are also a geeky people who've been pushed around by big thuggish types, you'd think Jews would sympathize with Chinese. But Jews don't like Chinese–except Chinese girls who put out sexually–because Chinese are seen as world rivals to Jewish power and because Jews wanna maintain good relations with the black community to uphold the narrative of a 'noble alliance between saintly survivors of the Holocaust and wonderful/colorful descendants of slaves.' Jewish industries in music and sports also rely heavily on black talent. So, while Mel Gibson has been run out of town, rappers like Ice-T and Ice Cube, who said awful things, get million dollar contracts from Jewish moguls. Not only do we hear almost nothing about black evils but also almost nothing about Jewish evils. For example, we hear lots about evil Nazis but almost nothing about evil Jewish commies who were instrumental in the killing of millions of Christian Europeans and spreading communism all over the world. And we hear almost nothing in the US media–controlled by Jews–about the daily humiliation and brutality Palestinians have to live with at the hands of Zionist bullies and thugs.

    • Smiles

      Spot on!

  • andrea d. merciless

    Also, Jews find 'yellow peril'–along with 'Islamofascism'–useful in diverting American gentile rage and resentment away from Jews and directing it at Chinese. Why else would Hollywood be remaking RED DAWN with Chinese invading America(though Hollywood cleverly changed it to North Korea)?

  • walt235

    The USA needs a race war! The first ones that need to be shot are the jooz hiding in the shadows manipulating it all!

  • Zorba

    Mercy me! Sounds like Merciless doesn't like Jews. He/she/it doesn't seem to have grasped the message of the article. Mussiness, hie your bigoted self to Crapistan where you may be an equal opportunity bigot.

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  • Self-Confidence

    These comments are all really ignorant, as is the article. Blacks think they're the primary victims, Asians think they're the primary victims, whites think they're the primary victims. And the least ignorant poster here thinks that American culture of individualism is superior to Chinese culture of collectivism – when in reality they both equally have their problems. Everyone's trying to gain the most sympathy points or the most cultural superiority points… you're all missing the point. This isn't a competition. Racism = competition. Want to transcend racism? Stop stereotyping and reducing other ethnic/racial groups and perspectives to nothing.

  • Smiles

    Lies again, White liberals have given Blacks too many opportunities to prove stereotypes wrong. After desegregation from the 1950s we would have expected Blacks to finally close the achievement gap in the US. And 60 years later it's been just a waste of tax payer money. Other countries will and should overtake our economy given how much opportunities we've wasted.

  • Mark

    she gets it. Thank You for putting it in black and white.

  • M M

    Everyone should listen to this young lady.

  • Xscilune

    I am going to buy your book.