Congress Hears of the Plight of Egypt’s Christians

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FrontPage Interview’s guest today is Raymond Ibrahim, an Islam expert and author of The Al Qaeda Reader.  A Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum, he writes frequently on all things Islamic, including Muslim persecution of Christians.

On Wednesday, December 7, Raymond testified before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission in the House of Representatives, in a hearing presented by Reps. Frank Wolf and James McDermott, titled “Under Threat: The Worsening Plight of Egypt’s Coptic Christians.”

Videos of Raymond’s testimony are below and then followed by our interview:

Raymond Ibrahim: Shariah, Dhimmitude & the Copts:

Raymond Ibrahim: Whitewashing Jihad, Shariah & Islam:

FP: Welcome Raymond.  Good to interview you again.

Ibrahim: Thank you, Jamie; happy to be back.

FP: The suffering of the Christian Copts of Egypt is getting worse, so it’s a great thing you were asked to testify at that hearing—and it’s a positive thing that they even had a hearing.  For starters, while we know of your professional credentials concerning Islam, can you tell us a bit about your Coptic ancestry?

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  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    Pope Shinoda iii , the Ambas and other Copt personalities fill the Egyptian press with
    songs of praise and hymns of gratitude and vows of servitude to Islam .The Copts
    have served Islamist hate propaganda against Jews and Israel in a series of pseudo-scholarly books published during the last 30 years.

    • ziontruth

      Under duress, the few Jews remaining in Iran are forced to disavow Israel and condemn Zionism.

      Whatever the truth is about the Copts and their relationship to the Jews and their state, the fact is the Copts of Egypt are fast descending into the state the Jews were in 1930s Europe, unarmed, stateless and facing a largely indifferent world more inclined to appease the Arabian oil-sellers than to stand up for an oppressed minority, despite all the rhetoric to that effect.

  • Beth

    Excellent testimony given by Raymond Ibrahim. I love how he pointed out how the education system has white-washed islam. I hope to see more hearings on the subject of islam's brutal teachings put before congress.

  • Brujo Blanco

    I met a Copt woman from Egypt. She had to leave Egypt not only for being Christian but because she taught English in a private school for the children of British national. She put it simply that the Muslims so not like us.

  • jacob

    The US Congress has the solution to the Copts genocide in its hands :____Make the Egyptian rulers an offer they can't refuse :__Either make sure the Copts are respected or else kiss our subsidy goodbye.__Rest assured you will see immediate action, same as the way PAKISTAN backpeddaled….__Now, will our President agree ????

  • jacob

    As to the complacency of the West and specially of good old USA about Islam
    and specially the Muslim Brotherhood, one has just to remember OBAMA's
    apology for American "misdeeds" to the Muslim world at the CAIRO meeting;
    his genuflexing to the Keeper of the Faith, the Saudi King ; his treatment of the
    Israeli PM, his attempts to put Israel into a corner, forcing it to commit suicide;
    his concepts about the Israeli PM as he told SARKOZI and his backing the so called "ARAB SPRING" which is turning instead into a WINTER for all intent
    and purpose

  • StephenD

    Even with winning the entire M.E. for the Caliphate, there would still be need to deal with the balance of the world. What I'm suggesting is the fight hasn't even been engaged in yet from our perspective. The first thing we need to do is expose the truth. Tell everyone what we know. Pull the wrapping off and show the ugly truth about Islam. Pull no punches. I believe the human spirit would choose Personal Liberty and Individual Responsibility over subjugation and tyranny. We must do all we can to prevent another Dark Ages.

  • esperantominoria

    I believe the REAL solution is to get the 15 million Christians OUT of the Muslim countries,Europe needs millions of new immigrants just to NOT DIMINISH its population.

    That is the real solution,my friends.

    VIDEO with SAM HARRIS,ATHEIST critic of Islam.I dont agree with every idea of his in "Letter to a Christian Nation" but he is no dhimmi:


    NAOMI CHAMBERS,another ATHEIST critic of Islam:

  • PAthena

    Since the President of the United States is Barack Hussein Obama, non-Muslims can expect no help from the U.S. Why was he giving a speech in Cairo? to exonerate the Muslims who perpetrated 9/11? His speech was, in any case, filled with falsehoods: the Muslims did not invent the printing press – Gutenberg in Mainz did that; the Muslims did not invent the compass – the Chinese did that; the Muslims did not found the first university – Italians did that in Bologna. And Mohammedanism and followers of Mohammed had nothing to do with the founding of the United States of America.
    Obama even white washes the Muslim outrages in the U.S. – e.g., the murder of soldiers at Fort Hood in the name of Islam – by calling it a "work-place" incident.