Forbidden Territories

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Pierre Rehov, a French journalist, novelist and filmmaker. Visit his new site at

FP: Pierre Rehov, welcome back to Frontpage Interview.

Tell us about your new venture, “Forbidden Territories.”

Rehov: Thank you Jamie, great to be back.

Like every person concerned about the situation in the Middle East, I begin my days by surfing the net, trying to get the latest news. I jump from the Jerusalem Post to Haaretz, from to PMW, from Frontpage Magazine to Jihad Watch, then I read a few blogs, I watch the news, and perhaps read one or two newspapers. When I am finished, I realize that I want to forward my favorite articles or news to some of my friends,  and finally I send a few emails. Only then do I begin my day of work.

Lately, I realized that I was missing a site where all these things could be done at once. That’s how I came up with the idea of

FP: Ok so what is it exactly?

Rehov: Forbidden Territories is a social network, allowing anyone to upload and share news, videos, information, points of view,  as long as they are not anti-Israel.

Since Facebook appears to be sometimes so “neutral” in the wrong way – for instance, it took them almost three months to ban the 3rd intifada page, and they served as a good media to promote “a boat for Gaza” – I wanted to create a new space of communication (and freedom) where we could all interconnect and share the latest news.

“Forbidden Territories” is a tool allowing anyone who wants to communicate in favor of Israel. Within just a few days, Forbidden Territories received about 500 registrations (plus 300 for the French version). Each new member has invited at least 2 of his friends.

Also, and this is more personal, I have been filming for almost ten years in the Middle East. In addition to my films, I own hundreds of hours of dailies that no one has ever seen. Such as a Palestinian, in Kariout (below Eli, in Samaria) trying to make me believe that his house had been destroyed by the IDF, and showing me the rubbles — which happen to be material for his never built house. Forbidden Territories will allow me to put them online.

This network doesn’t aim to replace any existing site or blog, but to make the connection between those easier and more entertaining. Of course, as any project, this one will evolve. But in the right direction. Viral networks spread to neutral people. And “the ones who don’t know” are my ultimate target. I have been educating them with my films for many years. Now, I am trying to educate them even more. We cannot lose the battle against Muslim propaganda. Although they have all the money in the world, while we only have the truth on our side. Sometimes, it is not enough.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Rehov is fantastic…a rare Frenchman to be admired (perhaps he got his gonads from his Jewish heritage). His study of Palestinian suicide bombers was as powerful an expose as I've ever seen. He broke ALL the taboos when he went straight to the heart of the issue: Suicide bombers are not motivated by the fight for territory, national pride, poverty, or any of the other usual suspects the Left parades before us in its endless search for "root causes" to rationalize Islamic terrorism.

    No sir, what motivates these people is one thing and one thing only: RELIGION! They aspire to do Allah's will and go to paradise.

    • StephenD

      Although I have very little to add I did join the group at "" I just hope I can contribute positively in some fashion. Chez, if you're not already a member you may consider joining as well. Minds like yours should be shared as much as possible.

      • Chezwick_mac

        Thanks Stephen. I'll check it out.

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    The Quran commands Muslims to exercise jihad.

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  • tlwinslow

    You surf the Net trying to get the latest news on Islam, jumping from what to what?
    Duh, you can get everything at the free 1-stop shopping Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog daily:

  • potb

    What a good idea! I'm done with Facebook and I'm absolutely done with YouTube removing video's simply because Islamists don't like them. I'm going to sign up.

  • aspacia

    An ad for another blog/newsite?

  • deborah Lurya

    Dar Pierre, I love the whole concept- this is a true endeavor of love, I can see that. A sort of corner place for those of us who want to ensure Israel is not sold under the bus . I do the same routine as you mentioned in the FrontPage piece- I get up, before I brush my teeth or start the coffee I have fired up the computer. First I go to all the major jewish news, Ynet, Post, Commentary, Haaretz, Memri, Barry Rubins, a few think tanks, etc, and then I might post a response or two , or chat with friends about the articles. I had a blog, i kept little over a year but it all became very time consuming, . It was a labor of love, but family matters come first. Facebook and social networks like yours can be the most wonderful tools for organizing groups of people with common interests, and I particularly like how your page is organized. Very neat.
    Mazel tov to you- looking forward to progress and victory in the cause to secure a Jewish homeland. Am Yisroel Chai!

    • Michael Dar

      Dear Lady, the name of the initiator of this site is Pierre Rehov. My name is Michael (Michel) Dar and only a member guest in both of Pierre's English and French site. I supposed you meant to write "Dear Pierre" and not "Dar Pierre" .. not that it really matters for me but breng it up for the sake of accuracy and respect for Pierre.

      • debby

        Michael, it was an obvious error, not a "dis"- any fool can see that, just like your misspelling of the word bring- you spelled breng. A misspell, nothing more or less- my we are oversensitive aren't we?

  • deborah

    it was a obvious misspell as was your "breng"- it should be bring. Just pointing it :)

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