From Farrakhan to Limbaugh

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The consequences from all of this was catastrophic for me. I was now in my early 30’s and I felt that I had done nothing to better myself professionally. I was alienated from friends and family. I was no closer to doing the things in life that I knew I was capable of doing. I went into the nation of Islam thinking it was a black self-improvement organization. I started to see that I was still living my life as a victim under the guise of self-improvement. In life everything is a balance, you can’t have one without having the other. There can be no white supremacy without black inferiority. I felt subconsciously that I was a victim so my life reflected what I was living and felt on the inside. I did this to uphold the fallacy of white supremacy that I believed in consciously. I learned that hate has a more corrosive effect on the hater than the hated.  As a result I ended up homeless.

FP: Ok so then what happened? Where are you at now in life? What are your political views and what are your thoughts on the Nation of Islam and on the Left’s vision?

Patrick: When I became homeless I made a life-changing decision. Everything in my life up to that point was wrong. I wiped the slate clean and said that I was going to go with my gut feelings from now on. I pictured myself as a brand new immigrant coming to America. The hate-America and hate-whitey attitude I had held on to for so long was now withering away — I always, deep down, knew it was wrong subconsciously. I had been reading motivational books and listening to Rush Limbaugh for 5 years but I fought it.

The feelings of being a victim and the residue of my Nation of Islam thinking had paralyzed my thinking. I now made a leap of faith and decided that I was going to have faith in what Rush was saying. I knew this was right for me because there was no internal struggle going on inside of me like it was before. I adopted the credo “seeing is not believing but believing is seeing.” I had this picture in my mind of what I wanted. I started driving a cab for the city of Chicago. It was my way of controlling what I made. I set my own hours and it was concurrent with my dream of being an entrepreneur.

I drove for a couple of years and took on another job part-time, it was cleaning toilets on the 3rd shift. I loved it! This was my labor of love which I read about in my books. I had tried a number of things from insurance, real estate and stock broking but I failed at them all. I rose through the ranks at a couple of janitorial companies. I became a regional supervisor in charge of accounts for two states. I started my own janitorial company and again I was very successful. Then in 2008 and 2009 the recession hit and I lost my job and my business. I am now a motivational speaker ( and I’m working two jobs and I’m writing a book which I plan on self publishing (unless I can find an editor and publisher). The name of my book is “From Left 2 Right: My Journey from Farrakhan to Limbaugh.”

FP: What do you consider yourself now politically? How are you seen by your former community?

Patrick: I consider myself to be a constitutional conservative.  I use to be a liberal during my Farrakhan days. Within the black community, I’m considered a sellout. That does not bother me at all, as a matter of fact I laugh at those who try to denigrate me. I’m not burdened by having to carry my blackness around me like an albatross around my neck. That’s one of the main reasons black liberals hate black conservatives.  Black liberals cannot stomach the thought of someone black not embracing the whole black identity. What they fail to take into consideration is that yes I’m black but my mental state is of prosperity and not of poverty. I have far greater power as an individual than I would being a (victim specimen) black man. Black liberals wrap their whole lives around being black. In part, because they are insecure of themselves as individuals. They believe that blacks can gain more power as victims through concessions from whites (government) than by having power as individuals. Some feel as though it is owed to them (reparations). They can’t see that what they have done is replace the chains of slavery from around our ankles to our minds. That runs contrary to the greatness of what America has to offer.

This country was set up as a representative republic to protect and ensure the God given inalienable rights of the individual. It does not matter if that individual was part of a minority or majority.  That way the ordinary individual can accomplish extraordinary things. Frederick Douglass once said “I know of no rights of race greater than rights of humanity.”

The Nation of Islam might seem to some as harmless rhetoric but they inspire a lot of blacks to have negative views of America. The part that bothers me is not that the Nation has done anything different from what they do. What bothers me is that the black community by and large has caught up to the Nation of Islam way of thinking. In 1993, when Ben Chavis took over the NAACP, it signaled to me that the radical left had taken over the black civil rights organizations. The jury nullification verdict in the O J Simpson trial in 1995 was a sign to me that the black community had become a lot more militant.  My fears were confirmed in 1995 when Farrakhan had the Million Man March. Black representatives in Congress were always agitators. After 1995, I think they got more radical and more bolder. A lot of the things Farrakhan championed became proposals for black reps like John Conyers, Maxine Waters and others. Now it seems that to some radicals in the black community the Nation of Islam has gone too mainstream. You have a spin off organization now called the New Black Panther Party, trying to take up the mantel from where they think the Nation dropped it.

FP: Our time is up my friend, let’s finish up with a comment from you on the vision of the Left.

Patrick: The vision of the Left has been hijacked by the radicals. I use to hear that things that happen in the black community are a precursor to what will happen in America in the coming years. This is the case in terms of politics. In the year 2006, and other radical groups became the dominant players in democratic politics. In my opinion, the relationship between blacks and whites on the Left are one of paternalism and irreverence. Blacks on the Left have this obsession with being looked at as victims. Whites on the Left know this instinctively and view blacks through that prism. White conservatives commit a crime in the eyes of the blacks on the Left. The crime they commit is looking at blacks as human beings and not as specimens to be examined. They see blacks as they see themselves, having the God-given gifts and power to do better in your life. Blacks on the Left then say “How dare you not acknowledge me as a victim!”

Years ago I read a quote by Lionel Trilling, a socialist at Columbia during the 1950’s. He said “We who are liberal and progressive know that the poor are our equals in every sense, except that of being equal to us.” This is the attitude that I see on behalf of whites on the left. Just like blacks on the Left are motivated by victimization, whites on the Left are motivated by not being seen as racist. These types of politics have been eclipsed by what I see as the threat to America today. The threat is the Left and the turning of America into a statist and socialist country. Government has more and more control over your daily life. They are on a mission to make transfer payments to people the dominant way to make a living in America. I believe the bigger government gets the smaller the individual becomes. And vice-versa. And that’s the road the Left is tragically succeeding in paving for this great nation.

FP: Charles Patrick, thank you for joining us today. We wish you the best.


Editor’s note: To get the whole story on why the Left derives its blood supply from the mantle of victimhood, read Jamie Glazov’s critically acclaimed, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror.

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  • Fred Dawes

    this guy is still the enemy of this nation and is now a bigger millitant, This guy just found away to get what he wants.

  • Paul Buenafe

    Excellent interview. A good story of how a person’s individualism triumphed against left-wing collectivism.

  • StephenD

    Sorry Fred. I don't see it. How is he still an enemy? Regardless of what he has associated himself with in the past, what he is doing is being self reliant and is saying the right stuff. That is good enough for me.

    • Martin

      StephenD, Obammy said all the right stuff and then ………. BOOM!

      • StephenD

        No he didn't. He never said "all the right stuff." This guy should at least be given the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise. It isn't like we're voting in a Socialist as President or something so tragic.

  • Questions

    I remember about 20 years ago doing a long distance one-hour interview on Chicago's WVON. The audience could tell right away from the sound of my voice that I was white. Reasonable and sympathetic toward blacks as I was, when the interview was done, every other caller phoned in to scream (literally) at me for being a "racist." There was no pleasing this audience.

    Any black who flees the confines of that rotten radio station has my vote.

  • Dennis X

    Yeah now he can worship the god of the slave master, what progress.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Thank you for informing us of the exact level of your understanding.

    • Chezwick_mac

      The Muslims came from the desert into the Sahel and robbed the indigenous Africans of their own culture and religion. Dennis X has obviously embraced the cultural-genocide of his own people.

    • Barb

      Yes, because liberal/leftist policies and programs haven’t enslaved the black community at all. Idiot.

    • StephenD

      Your point includes assumptions worth noting.
      1. He has a CHOICE to worship GOD.
      2. There is a GOD to worship
      3. This GOD is the GOD of both free and slave
      4. being ABLE to worship freely is PROGRESS
      I think you may have got it my dear fellow.

  • just me

    The fact that he listens to good ol' Rush Limbaugh is monumental! Listeners learn a lot from Rush and his facts are not racist!!! (Rush may anger some folks, but he is brilliant!)

  • Supreme_Galooty

    There is no doubt, no doubt at all, that Islam is not a religion in any way, shape, manner or form. It is a cult of death. Its practitioners are consumed with negativity, their activities are motivated by hate, and it's so-called "Paradise" is a place where young women are molested by the depraved, murderous troglodytes who infest the mosques of the world.

    Charles Patrick has happily come to the realization that the individual is important. The individual is born alone, dies alone, and stands alone before the Throne. The "collective" is the work of the hands of men and is without standing before the Almighty.

    • Questions

      Actually, Islam is a religion. It's just not a very edifying one.

    • Charles Patrick

      Thank you for replying and your insight about the power of the individual

  • stosh

    One of my favorite lines "Culture is not absolute". People can break out and live in common sense. The left's logic requires culture to be absolute.

  • 080

    The way I remember it we were in the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. That was a time when the black movement demanded their rights are American citizens and nothing more. White America was moved by these demands. That is how the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965 passed Congress. Slowly but surely after King's asassination under a new leadership the black movement demanded their "fair share". The blacks embraced a black nationalism which persists to this day. King, Si, Sharpton, No.

    • Questions

      Martin Luther King wasn't quite the "conservative" you imagine him to be. He was far more a precursor to Jesse Jackson (whom King hired) and Al Sharpton than a negation of them. King was a man of the far Left and never hesitated to say as much.

      • aspacia

        No, in the beginning King was not a man of the Left, but toward the end of his life he had communist/socialist leanings.

  • ajnn

    1. "things that happen in the black community are a precursor to what will happen in America in the coming years".

    While I hope that you are wrong on this one, I fear that you are correct.

    2. Clearly, you are a strong-willed man. You have accomplished quite a lot. Best wishes for the future.

    3. I will buy your book !!!

  • patti

    I respect your journey. Black anti-Semitism is at an all time high and it seems to me the anger is directed at the most convenient target.. The objectification evident in this 1975 "Process of Islamization" booklet from an MSA convention is chilling on every level.

  • jaxon

    You're full of it. The Honorable Minister Farrakhan has noted in his lectures, that the Lehman Brothers, and The Roschilds were the rich jewish masterminds behind the transatlantic slave trade. Not that, Farrakhan has clearly stated their being a distinction between Jews, and those who are White Gentiles. So he isn't anti-white. He's anti-zionist. And Zionism is against most white gentiles, making NOI allies to many whites. Jewish writers and directors in Hollywood have utilized their power to make propaganda films such as "Amastad," wherein they depict white christian gentiles as the enemy to blacks, while the jew gets off scott free. In actuallity, The jewish people were the ones who ran the slave trade and are the ones who got rich off of cotton that was picked by their black slaves. So there you have it.

    • nunyainct

      Jaxon, you used your computer to type that out, and probably used your cell phone today. Technology for both was invented by Jews. Take your Jew bashing elsewhere, now about to an Islamic country where you can be a "dhimmi" and they do not have the Judeo Christian legal system, women are not treated as equals, and there is next to nothing like human rights, clitoris' are frequently amputated from girls, girls as young as nine are married to men in their 50's, women are considered property, etc. The Judeo Christian culture has done more good for the world than any other, so before you take me on, get your facts straight.