Gay Slurs, Al Sharpton and Double Standards

Director Brett Ratner was recently forced to resign as producer of the Oscars after using a gay slur. He was also forced to make an apology. You can read all about it here.

It is very intriguing in our culture who is held to account and punished for saying certain words and who isn’t. For instance, Rev. Al Sharpton used this same gay slur in an aggressive taunt and put-down to another individual on the Morton Downey Jr. show years back.

With the Ratner incident now staring us in the face, is it not time that the Rev. Al Sharpton is also held to account for using this gay slur? Why shouldn’t he be forced to resign as a civil rights leader and as a spokesman for black people? Why shouldn’t he be forced to apologize?

Why is it ok for Sharpton to use the gay slur and not for Ratner?

See Sharpton using the gay slur below:

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Because………………., it's racial!

  • 1minuteman

    sharpton is just another racist with the title of civil rights leader. he hates gays,whites, and jews and probably himself.

    • !!!

      what about You? to anyone who hates someone that is trying to defend people are victims to racial distrimination is a Racist, well Said idiot!!!!

  • FBastiat

    Al Sharpton:

    Helped incite anti-Jewish riots in Crown Heights, New York in 1991.

    Convicted of libel for his role in the racially charged Tawana Brawley hoax.

    Incited black anti-Semites against a Jewish business establishment in Harlem in 1995.

  • Questions

    I don't like it when we conservatives mimic the Left's obsession with rooting out "racism," "sexism" or "homophobia," so long as we can make the charges stick to the Left. Unknowingly, we ratify the Left's obsessions as we rack up phyrric victories.

    I distinctly remember, by thte way, watching that very segment of the Morton Downey (R.I.P.) show when it aired back in 1988. Sharpton was plug ugly that evening – it aired live on his home turf, the Apollo Theater in Harlem — but it's not our job to punish his "slurs" and drive him out of work — which, in his case, means defending black criminals from imaginary white defendants.

  • guest

    um, nice try but as disgusting as Sharpton's slur was, it was, what, 25 years ago. Not only was it less likely to cause much controversy back then, in the golden age of Reagan, it was on a shlocky talk show, the equivalent of Jerry Springer. Anyone with any sense knows that if the same incident happened today, he would be deep in it. Plus, we all know 99 per cent of conservatives couldn't care less about slurs against gay people. You are lame.

  • mrbean

    The line from the Godfather is the best. "The coloreds are all animals, they deserve to lose their souls" This is typical behavior of the chimpouts and the chimpoutesses. See for yourself. (smacking lips rapidly) matt-matt-matt-matt-matt)

  • mrbean

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  • Larry

    The so called administrator never got to read it. The truth hurts doesn't it.

  • tommy

    al is the a race pimp….and blacks just on paying him.